Stupid Man Tricks – Might Need That Motorcycle, Edition!

An average man runs 8 – 15 mph.

Whereas elephants?

Clock up to 25 mph.

A fact, which makes me wonder if THIS (below) guy?

Doesn’t fully grasp the benefit of his motorcycle, considering:

Stop, Drop, And Run


Stupid Man Tricks – Enjoying Halloween, Edition!

It’s Halloween, y’all…

And the tricksters are out.


Run for your lives!

Zombie Prank GIF











Friday The 13th Prank GIF








Scare Prank Mom GIF










GIF Awesome scare prank












Have a fun, safe and wonderful Halloween!

Stupid WoMAN Tricks – “Stay Focused, Ladies” Edition!

For women…

When it comes to weddings?

Sometimes it is more about the wedding dress than it is the union.

Because it is, they lose focus on everything that matters…

You know, like glass:

Woman walks into a window GIF










Stay focused, ladies…

F O C U S.