Poetic Celebrity Parody – Love Full Of Sparks, Edition!

Our love was one of kind
At the first sight of you
I lost my vampire’s mind
When our eyes first met
My heart and soul totally melt
My love for you
Made me sparkle day and night
Honey, after all this time
My love
I need to know
Do you sparkle for me too


Poetic Celebrity Parody – Doesn’t She Look All Dark & Wise?

Do you like her made-up eyes
Don’t they look all dark and wise
So mature for someone so young?

Or do they match her dumb gaze
Which stares back at you in a haze
Like a mean ol’ cat got her tongue

News Mash: Believing in Hollywood make-believe is very bad for your relationship reality!

Researchers have figured out?

That whole investment thing you have going your TV couple?

Probably not the best thing…

For you.

[via DailyMail] Why believing in TV Romances (like Ross and Rachel) can hurt your real-life relationships

Sometimes we all like a break from reality – and plonking down in front of the television for half an hour can offer that escape.

But researchers warn that getting too invested in on-screen relationships, such as the back-and-forth of Ross and Rachel in hit TV show Friends, could be bad for your real-life relationships.

A study of 392 married individuals by psychologist Jeremy Osborn, of Albion College in Michigan, showed that the more people believe in unrealistic portrayals of romance on TV, the less likely they were to be committed to real-life partners.

The couples were questioned on their relationship, including their feelings of satisfaction, expectations and commitment, as well as how much they watched and invested in soap opera and sitcom relationships.

Those with a higher ‘belief’ in TV romances were more likely to be drawn to alternatives than their current partner – including a preference for being single.

Those with a higher investment also felt their real relationships ‘cost’ them more in personal freedom and time alone, and also made them more aware of their partner’s flaws. Osborn said: ‘In this study I found that people who believe the unrealistic portrayals on TV are actually less committed to their spouses and think their alternatives to their spouse are relatively attractive.

‘My hope would be that people would read this article and take a look at their own relationships and the relationships of those around them.

‘How realistic are your expectations for your partner and where did those expectations come from?'[Read More]

If that’s the case?

Oh, and I am of a mind it is indeed…

I can’t help but wonder what these same researches would make when it comes to the investment people have in big screen couples.

You know, such as THESE guys:

[via Gawker]People Magazine Confirms: Robsten is Back On ~ by Neetzan Zimmerman

It seems Kristen Stewart’s cheating is sparkling water under the bridge for Robert Pattinson because the two have reportedly been enjoying each other’s company in secret for the past few days.

Following a British rumor that the pair met recently to bury the proverbial wooden stake, People magazine says it has confirmed that Stewart and Pattinson did indeed reunite in Los Angeles over the weekend.

A source who spoke with People says Pattinson’s friends “think they’ll be a couple again.”

E! News says its own insiders have similarly reported sightings of the two together in at least two different places, though could not say whether they had officially re-coupled.

The press tour for the final installment in the Twilight Saga — Breaking Dawn: Part 2 — is expected to start in November. “We’re going to be fine,” Stewart told red-carpet reporters when asked about the potential for awkwardness. “We’re totally fine.” [Read More]

Because honestly?

I cannot see how any investment, at ALL, in these two…

Can be good for anyone.

Poetic Celebrity Parody – Show White Not So Pure, Edition!

Rumor has it
Show White is not so pure anymore
She cheated on her sparkling boyfriend
When nobody was looking
Except the army of paparazzi
She and her imprinted partner in cheating
Broke the sparkling boy’s heart
Publicly he removed all his glitter and sparkling confetti
From the little house of vampires
She cried I love him, I love him
The brooding boy looked depressed
Very well played