News Mash: And the Parent of the Year is…NOT these two idiots!


Possible nominees for Parent of the Year?

Are taking part in a fierce competition.

[via DailyMail] A mother leaves her young daughter tethered all alone on the other side of a door outside a betting shop on a busy street before going in to place a bet.

This was the shocking scene in Bognor Regis, West Sussex, captured by office workers who couldn’t believe their eyes yesterday afternoon.

They saw the curly-haired girl, aged around four, being left tied by her reins outside a branch of Ladbrokes opposite their place of work for two to three minutes. She appeared to struggle to free herself before the woman, believed to be her mother, came out.

The woman had fed the reins underneath the door and gone in, still attached to the child who would not be allowed in because she’s under 18.

On her way out she untangled the girl and carried on her way as if leaving a young child on her own in a busy street as cars drove by was normal.

In a video taken of the incident from the window of a building across the road, one of the insurance company workers exclaims: ‘She’s like a dog, oh my god she’s like a dog!’

The woman, who has not been named, wore a light brown coat, black trousers and was carrying a black bag over her shoulders. Her child was dressed in a white hooded raincoat with what appears to be a pink flowery design on the bottom.

Describing what happened afterwards, witness Ollie Brough told MailOnline: ‘I noticed the mother bending down to the bottom of the door with a cord out of the corner of my eye.

‘At first I thought the child was just caught, but then she went in and left her and I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to see how long she would leave her and it was about two or three minutes.’

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And all to see?

Who can garner…

That much sought after award.


Anthony Perry, 35, of Springfield, Massachusetts was arrested for leaving the child unattended and he faces potential child neglect charges. Authorities found the child sleeping in Perry’s Nissan Venza in the Kmart parking lot and broke into the vehicle to get him out. The vehicle was towed and the child was taken to a hospital for a check-up. Video footage shows an officer carrying the child in a car seat from Perry’s car to the ambulance.

Perry left the boy in his car around 1:30 a.m., as he went inside Kmart to buy a 51-inch flat screen television. When Perry left the Kmart, he saw that his car – with the child inside – was missing and he later told authorities that he phoned a friend to give him a ride home.

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Two bad…

The two losers above?

Pretty sure, don’t have a chance in HELL of ever getting it.

Frekin’ jeez, people – Stay WITH your kids!

Why is that so hard?