Stupid Man Tricks – Snowplow Perfection, Edition!

Wasn’t sure what to put THIS (below) one under…

Reporter FAIL (SMT)
Snowplow Driver WIN! (BOSS Gifs)

Since it made me laugh…

Decided to go with SMT, cause well?

Just watch it and not smile, I dare you!

Reporter GIF



BOSS Gifs – People In Texas (Right Now) Are Jealous of You, Edition!

It’s meltingly hot here in Texas.

And because it is?

AWESOME snowboard gifs makes me happy.



This is how you make people in Texas jealous, by being so cool…

Like a BOSS!

Stupid Man Tricks – A Brilliant Plan, Edition!


I’m curious, just how did the initial planning for THIS (below) stupid stunt go?

Maybe, uh…

Something like this:

Bob: “OK. I got this brilliant idea. Why don’t we get a dune buggy, attach enough hotair balloons to it, so it will go airborne, then, um… *taps chin* When it flies up in the air, while propelling forward at a high rate of speed, I will attempt a matrix flip out of the flying dune buggy, to land ninja style, on top of Mark’s van.”
Mark: “Cooool, idea bra.”
*fist bump*


That’s probably pretty close.

Just add in copious amounts of alcohol and I think that probably pretty much nails the planning process…

Don’t you?

Antarctica jumping fail animated gif