BOSS Gifs – Not Scary At All, Edition!

A drone that shoots a gun…

By REMOTE control.



Cause, nope…

That’s not scary at all.



This is how you make scary things with technology available today…

Like a BOSS!

[An E V I L one. Just sayin’.]


BOSS Gifs – Science Creates the T1000, Edition!


It’s a liquid metal, which can form complex shapes once electricity has been added.



I think I saw this movie.

[I did. And, hint… It doesn’t end well for us.]



This is how you create the warriors for our they-will-be-here-before-you-know-it Robot Overlords…

Like a BOSS!


BOS Gifs – Awesome Bit of Driving Distraction, Edition!

Would THIS (below) be a driving distraction?



But it would also be awesome.

There’s something to be said for balance in all things.

A Transparent Car


This is one awesome bit of driving distraction…

Like a BOSS

BOSS Gifs – Our Future Is A Little Bit Disconcerting, Edition!

Even as we speak…

Technology is being devised to see to our EVERY need.

And I must say?

‘Tis a fact that is a little bit disconcerting…

Don’t you think?

fail animated GIF


This is how technology will see to our every need…

Like a BOSS!

BOSS Gifs – Man Merges With Machine, Edition!

Wearable drone?

Anyone else get the feeling…

The Singularity is approaching much faster than we all realize:

Camera Drone GIF -


This is the beginning, in the form a seemingly innocent step (*shakes head sadly*), of merging man with machine…

Like a BOSS!


BOSS Gifs – This Is How You Know the Game Is Over, Edition!

Ever heard someone say…

They were going to “take their ball and go home?”

Well, no need with THIS (below) ball…

It goes home all on its own:

Ball-shaped hexapod robot[Source]

When your ball goes home on its own?

THIS is how you know the game is over…

Like a BOSS!