BOSS Gifs – A Perfect Hoccer (hockey + soccer) Shot, Edition!

This goal?

A result of a combination of hockey & soccer skills.

Amazing header!

We shall call it…

Um, a hoccer shot.

Hockey player scores with header


This is how you perform a perfect hoccer shot…

Like a BOSS!


Stupid Man Tricks – “Oops” Face Does Not Help, Edition!

Trick shots…

When you screw them up?

Just walk away…

There is no way you can apologize for that with your “Oops” face.

It doesn’t help at all.

Priceless GIF










Stupid Man Trick – The Goalie Sealed It, Edition!

So much WONDERFUL! in this gif:

First, it was a FAIL! Stupid Man Trick gif…

Then it was a BOSS gif…

Then, OMG, back to a FAIL! Stupid Man Trick gif again.

No idea how this over all gif rates for you…

But for me?

The goalie sealed it:

Soccer player falls before scoring penalty kick




Cause, yeah…

How dumb was he, eh?