BOSS Gifs – Coming From the Back, Edition!


THIS (below) cop?

Came from the back…

WAY in the back, to catch the perp.

Someone get this man a bonus…


A new pair of running shoes.

W O W !



This is how you always catch your (suspected/fleeing) bad guy…

Like a BOSS!

Stupid Man Tricks – They Will Chase You Down, Edition!

Steal a motorcycle from a biker?

Not a good idea, dude.

They. Will. Chase. You. DOWN!


Pit you off.



And, if you thought that was bad?

Just wait till you meet some of their biker pals in prison.


Seriously, dude…

Don’t steal a biker’s bike.

Never a good idea.


BOSS Gifs – Loving Your Job and OWNING It, Edition!

He saw the oncoming threat…

And Owned it.


Did this bailiff did a darn good job!

Who needs a weapon when you can SLAM somebody, right?

Bailiff Fight Owns it -


This is how you OWN while executing your job…

Like a BOSS!

Stupid Man Tricks – A Little Donkey Stole Him, Edition!

Watching THIS (below) gif…

Do you wonder what it was the remaining Russian officer told his superiors regarding his partners disappearance?

Cause “A little donkey stole him” just doesn’t seem like a believable enough excuse.





Stupid Man Tricks – Try the Doorbell, Edition!


By the looks of their lackluster entry skills, these Turkish Special (not so) Forces?

Probably should have just tried the doorbell first.


Turkish Special Forces forced entry fail animated gif


Love how the guy answered the door in the end, all:

“Yessss? You rang?”

Too funny!