BOSS Gifs – Multitasking, Edition!

When it comes to multitasking…

Science says we are deluding ourselves.


Well I say, “Oh, really Science?!”

Take THIS:

Guy on the phone jumps over crashing dirt bike


This is how you talk-on-the-phone-while-jumping-over-a-crashing-motorcycle multitasking…

Like a BOSS!

Stupid Man Tricks – Way More Painful Than Necessary, Edition!

Let go, guy.

I know it’s hard, and you know the end result will be painful?

But sometimes, before it gets worse, you just gotta learn to…

Let. Freaking. GO!

wheelie FAIL GIF













That was way more painful than necessary.

Stupid Kid Tricks – All On One Bike, Edition!

Quick–Q U I C K!!!

Look how cool we are, all on one bike…

Flipping you the finge–

Oops, too late.

Missed it.


Karma Instant Karma GIF -



I love you.

Sincerely I do…

You’re awesome.

BOSS Gifs – Land Like Spiderman, Edition!

Did he wreck his motorcycle into a moving vehicle?

Yes, absolutely.

But how he ended his accident?

Definitely made up for it in SPADES!

Motorcyclist crashes, flips and sticks a perfect landing on a car's roof


This is how you land, like Spiderman, on the MOVING vehicle you just rammed your motorcycle into…

Like a BOSS!


Stupid Man Tricks – He Had A Nice Motorcycle, Edition!

This bro…

Had a really nice motorcycle he was trying to trick on.

Stress on the words “had a nice motorcycle”…

Funny GIF Sweet Bro








In the end?

Even HE was shocked by his stupidity.

Though, all this considered?

He probably shouldn’t have been.