BOSS Gifs – Without A Care In the World, Edition!

If a cat, rat or small dog…

Ran out in front of him?

If his tire hit a hole, a rock or a twig?

This might be a little LESS cool.

Hover, for now?


I can appreciate it.

Sitting on bike


This is how you drive without a care in the world…

Like a BOSS!

Stupid Man Tricks – They Will Chase You Down, Edition!

Steal a motorcycle from a biker?

Not a good idea, dude.

They. Will. Chase. You. DOWN!


Pit you off.



And, if you thought that was bad?

Just wait till you meet some of their biker pals in prison.


Seriously, dude…

Don’t steal a biker’s bike.

Never a good idea.


Stupid WoMAN Tricks – Thinking Out Loud, Edition!

I hate to be a backseat driver…


Before she ran over the lady in the wheelchair?

Probably should have taken her hand off the throttle.

Just thinking out loud.

Grandma On Motorcycle


Stupid Man Tricks – It Is Not These Guys, Edition!

When it comes to motorsports?

There are certain individuals who stand on the sidelines…

In case those who are participating in said motorsports?

Need their help and assistance when it comes to safety, or personal injury.

Note: It is not THESE (below) guys.

God damnit GIF and FAIL GIFS -


Stupid Man Tricks – A Trip Into the Country, Edition!

A trip into the country…

Into the forest?

Should be a nice, relaxing, peaceful event, which promotes a sense of personal betterment and a centering of physical/mental well-being.


I said “should”.

Biker loses control of bike and crashes



Stupid Man Tricks – Might Need That Motorcycle, Edition!

An average man runs 8 – 15 mph.

Whereas elephants?

Clock up to 25 mph.

A fact, which makes me wonder if THIS (below) guy?

Doesn’t fully grasp the benefit of his motorcycle, considering:

Stop, Drop, And Run