The Anguished Repose blog is going on a brief hiatus…Going to Chicago!

Hello, gif fans…

Just a heads-up, the Anguished Repose blog will be going a brief hiatus. My nephew will be graduating Navy Boot Camp next week, in Chicago.

It’s a wonderful time – Cannot wait to see him!

As a result, I will be away from my computer, and this blog, for about two weeks. I am looking at this trip, like a long, overdue vacation and I am more excited about it than you can imagine.

This blog will return with its regularly scheduled program, with all its gif glory, on the 13th of October.

I look forward to seeing you all then…

But until then?

Football player scores goal bouncing off referee's head


Keep gif’ing, folks…

But, always, gif safely.


As safely as possible.

See you October 13th!

BOSS Gifs Russell Wilson’s Crazy Accuracy, Edition!

Russell Wilson, quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks…

Is awesome for many reasons.

THIS (below)…

Being just one of them:

Throwing Arm GIF 2015 -


This is how you throw with some crazy accuracy…

Like a BOSS!

Stupid Man Tricks – Making Him Work For Something, Edition!


Peyton Manning made breaking the touchdown pass record look easy.


Not everyone on his team decided to make it easy on him.

Gif of the Day: Denver Bronco Receivers Playing Keep Away With Peyton Manning's Record Setting Ball


And good for them.

After all…

He should have to WORK for something.