BOSS Gifs – Coming From the Back, Edition!


THIS (below) cop?

Came from the back…

WAY in the back, to catch the perp.

Someone get this man a bonus…


A new pair of running shoes.

W O W !



This is how you always catch your (suspected/fleeing) bad guy…

Like a BOSS!

Stupid Man Tricks – Either Option Works, Edition!


Understand I have no proof, whatsoever, but I’m guessing?

THIS (below) person might be attempting drive while under the influence of something.

Wild guess.

Either that?

Or they are like four years old, and can’t see over the steering wheel.

I suppose, given the result, either is a viable option.



Stupid Man Tricks – Only One Answer Is the Right One, Edition!


They don’t make garage doors as big as they used to, and your SUV just won’t fit?

Or, you’re drunk.

Only one answer is the right one.

Any guess as to which one applies HERE (below)?

Anyone… Anyone?



Stupid Man Tricks – Lucky In So Many Ways, Edition!

THIS (below) driver…

Is lucky–L U C K Y–in so many ways.


Just count them!



How this driver made it out of this horrible situation without having ONE accident with one of the other four drivers on the road?

Beyond me.

Great driving, and a cool head, in the face of an idiot decision by a motorcycle driver that could have gotten a lot of people killed…

Nice job, dude!


Stupid Man Tricks – They Will Chase You Down, Edition!

Steal a motorcycle from a biker?

Not a good idea, dude.

They. Will. Chase. You. DOWN!


Pit you off.



And, if you thought that was bad?

Just wait till you meet some of their biker pals in prison.


Seriously, dude…

Don’t steal a biker’s bike.

Never a good idea.


Stupid WoMAN Tricks – Smart Lady, Edition!

Some people?

Just put a sense of importance on all the wrong things…

Holding it at higher value than what SHOULD be held as far more important.

You know…

Like say a piece of paper being stuck your window, over the vale of your car.

The same car?

You left running, with the door WIDE open.

Smart, lady…

*shakes head sadly*

Really smart.



Stupid WoMAN Tricks – Sane Response, Edition!

He refused to give her a cigarette…


She set his car on fire.

That seems like a sane response.

*shakes head sadly*

Woman at gas station sets mans car on fire for refusing to give her a cigarette


Published on Apr 30, 2015

Video shows woman setting gas pump on fire. CCTV footage shows an Israeli woman exchange words with a man filling his car at a Jerusalem gas station before she sets the pump on fire
JERUSALEM, Israel – Police said a woman wanted to light up a cigarette and when a man refused, she lit up his car instead.

According to KTLA, the woman was arrested Wednesday after setting fire to the man’s gas pump.

And the fiery exchange was all caught on video.

You can see the woman approach the man filling up his car at the gas station.

Police said the woman approached him and asked for a cigarette and when he refused, she pulled a lighter from her pocket and ignited the gas pump in his car, according to KTTV.
In the video, the man quickly pulled the flaming hose from his car and ran.

The Telegraph said gas station workers had to put out the flames.

It reported no one was injured in the incident and the woman has been sent for a physiological evaluation.

Stupid Man Tricks – Parking Squabble, Edition!


Somebody lost their temper.

And over a parking squabble?


Wonder if he thought it was worth it, sitting in his jail cell, once the cops picked him up on multiple charges, including two counts of attempted murder?


Bet not.




BOSS Gifs – Loving Your Job and OWNING It, Edition!

He saw the oncoming threat…

And Owned it.


Did this bailiff did a darn good job!

Who needs a weapon when you can SLAM somebody, right?

Bailiff Fight Owns it -


This is how you OWN while executing your job…

Like a BOSS!

Stupid Man Tricks – Scary Stern Stuff, Edition!


How did he even…
He didn’t even have a seat belt on and…
And he just crawls out?

I tell ya…

Russians are of stern stuff.

SCARY, stern stuff.









Stupid Man Tricks – Never Kick a Soccer Mom’s Ride, Edition!

Something tells me?

The guy on the bike probably ended up pretty surprised.


And yeah, pretty surprised.

Note to ‘cool guy’ on bike: Never kick a soccer mom’s ride, dude.



Angry Soccer Mom -