BOSS Gifs – Shot of a Lifetime, Edition!

THIS (below)…

Will never, never, ever happen again.

But that’s OK…

The fact that this happened even one time?

Cool enough.

15 Of The Most Powerfully Cool Gifs


This is how you make a shot of a lifetime…

Like a BOSS!

BOSS Gifs – A Mid-Flight Change, Edition!

I’m lucky…

If I can stay upright on a bike, and not fall over.

THIS (below) guy?

Changes bikes, mid-flight, during a stunt…

And never bobbles.




This is how you change bikes, mid-flight…

Like a BOSS!

Stupid Man Tricks – Biker Doesn’t Give a %$^#, Edition!

Lamborghini’s can run upwards to about $200K.

That’s a lot of cash.

The fact that THIS (below) biker doesn’t give flying %$^#…

Makes this gif either really stupid (cause what if he was caught?)…

Or pretty darn awesome.

You be the judge.

Biker rides over Lamborghini


Stupid Man Tricks – Kevlar & Bubble Wrap, Edition!

Good thing he was wearing a helmet.

Probably could have used a Kevlar vest as well though…

Or maybe just wrapped his entire body in bubble wrap.

Sure, he would still look like an idiot, with all the FAILING, while being wrapped in bubble wrap…


It would make the crashing so much more enjoyable.


Entertaining to listen to: