BOSS Gifs – Oldie But A Goodie, Edition!

It’s an oldie…

But a goodie.

It definitely…

Bears repeating!

Kareem Abdul Jabbar Hook Shot Game Winner










This is howKareem Abdul-Jabbar scores on the Celtics, to win with a 102-101 victory over the Boston  in the 1974 NBA Championship…

Like a BOSS!

BOSS Gifs – Shot of a Lifetime, Edition!

THIS (below)…

Will never, never, ever happen again.

But that’s OK…

The fact that this happened even one time?

Cool enough.

15 Of The Most Powerfully Cool Gifs


This is how you make a shot of a lifetime…

Like a BOSS!

BOSS Gifs – I Do This, Edition!

I do THIS (below)…

When I am pulling out of my driveway, trying to toss out an old drink, that I left in my truck overnight, into the trashcan as I pass.


I miss…

But still, I’m counting it.

I do this.

Just badly.


This is how you make a shot from a moving vehicle…

Like a BOSS!


BOSS Gifs – Pull Off The Unexpected, Edition!

Something tells maybe…

(Maybe due to their surprised reactions)

That although planned, this result?

Not expected.

Like a boss GIF















Nevertheless, this is how you pull of the unexpected…

Like a BOSS!

BOSS Gifs – High-Five In Your Face, Edition!


Amazing effort put into executing an awesome high-five.


That wasn’t the original intent.

But hey, seeing as how your spectacular FAIL just got slammed in your face…

Gotta take the little wins where you can get them.

Best High Five GIF -


This is how you accidentally become awesome, despite the execution of your roaring FAIL…

Like a BOSS!

BOSS Gifs – Three Sport Combo Trick Shot, Edition!

What happens when you combine…

BMX bikes, skateboards and basketball?

You get one HECK of a trick shot!

BMX skateboard basketball trick shot


This is how you combine three different sports to make an amazing shot…

Like a BOSS!