Southern etiquette is adhered to on Repose!

Anguished Repose has grown so amazingly well of late. I cannot express how thrilled I am with its progress and the joy I have in seeing my efforts flourish through popularity.

AR has a few faithful posters who pop in regularly and keep this place a wonderful place to visit and for them, I am so grateful because they know me, and my often very Southern ways so very well.

I am also grateful for the newbies who pop in to post comments from time to time  and I urge all who have fun here, to do so as well and as much as they like…

However, please be advised I consider this blog a family friendly environment. I am Texan born and raised and as a result, my ‘ways’ tend to fall in line with more traditional standards of Southern manners.

As this is my blog, a certain degree of Southern etiquette will be required for those who care to take part in the discussions.  Generally most blogs on the internet allows one to be as abrasive, crass and as rude as one would like without threat of censorship…

But this is not one of those places, hence the key word ‘my‘ from the words ‘my blog’.

Want to go to a blog that does not require one to utilize the manners all mature adults should use? Go there. Please.


  1. Cursing is frowned upon…Because it generally makes you look like an idiot with nothing to any conversation. as I am not a fan of idiots, don’t do it. Or rather, if you must? Don’t do it here. Or your replies will be edited.
  2. Be humble – Always put others first and yourself last (“after you…”).
  3. Be courteous – This stems from the Golden Rule (“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you).
  4. No trolling – In other words? Don’t act like a jerk just because (only) thanks to internet anonymity? You can be braver than you are in real-life. Much like your mother, when you were a kid and had friends over…I will not tolerate boorish behavior towards others.
  5. Be friendly – Act this way towards everyone whether you know them or not.
  6. Welcome new posters.
  7. Ask yourself, ‘How would Disney edit my post?’ before you hit the reply key.

If you would be so kinda as to follow these basic tenets, it would be very much appreciated. However please know that if you do not, do not be surprised if your posts are handled accordingly.

Thank you for your consideration and again…


Anguished Repose

20 comments on “Southern etiquette is adhered to on Repose!

  1. I mean this with all sincerity: The American South’s nightmare history of unapologetic racism disqualifies it from claiming any moral high ground. Slavery, of course; clinging to it and instigating a war that cost more American lives than any other; the horrors of the Reconstruction era; a century of institutionalized racism, including the proud tradition of Jim Crow, segregation, lynching…it’s a place with next to nothing to be proud of, and so much of which to be ashamed that it should bow its collective head for about three centuries.

    Also, why would you want the discourse on your site to toe a G-Rated, *Disney*-approved line? Doesn’t that exclude a million important topics and ways to comment on them?

    • ‘History’ is the key word here, not the now. Big difference, I know. Hard for some people to separate due to the fact they don’t actually LIVE in the South, but try. As for nothing to be proud of? Well, I live in Texas, and right now (See? P R E S E N T!) the state ( Texas is definitely in the South) has the has the lowest unemployment rate in all the US, and when compared to liberal run states? Well, it’s probably best that you don’t. It would just embarrass. It also has a growing economy, repeated names/rated one of the best places to live and has had a population boom because it is just about the best place ever. (<<< Definitely worthy of 'proud' points…But that could just be me.)

      As for why I want to keep my site Disney Edited when I can, and your statement that it could possible exclude 'million' of topics? Haven't looked around much have you? 😉 I don't need smut, vulgarity or downright trash to help me out topic wise, but your concern for me and my inability to find topics in so sweet. Thank you. [Notice I am being polite, despite your obvious attempt to demean with your self righteousness of perceived liberal betterment. THIS: The very definition of your disdained Southern Etiquette.]


    • Andy H – I don’t know where you are From – But I grew up in the NOrth. You apparently are not aware of the fact that Racism is alive and well in the North, they just do it in a more quiet manner that does not attract media attention (usually). Hence the ghettos of New York and other large northern cities. While the South is and has been racist, not all southerners are. I remember my Kentucky grandfather crying softly at an unspoken memory – maybe of an incident he was not able to stop?
      The South has a history of racism but the north is racist,too. Just in a less visible manner.

  2. Hi Y’all (that’s definitely “southern”) I came across your blog looking for southern etiquette information. I too and from Texas and I think we are a little of a “different” kind of southern. You see, after being born and raised in Texas, I moved to L.A as they call it (Lower Alabama). I lived there 5 years. The culture is a little different. Texans tend to be a little more straight-forward and a more out spoken.

    I have some friends who just moved here from Colorado and they are the nicest bunch but they are killing me with their less than southern ways. 1st of all they come to my house and take their shoes off…why, that’s like coming to my house and undressing. And they put those stinky feet on my coffee table. And just the other day, after eating the dinner I prepared, a girl began packing up the left over dessert she brought. I told her I wanted my dinner back. 😀

    I want to write a blog about it but like all southern women, I don’t want to offend anyone.

    • Texas? Haha, yes…We are definitely a little different kind of south. And for those not OF Texas? No, they don’t get basic etiquette at all. It drives me NUTS! So I sympathize with your plight. Greatly. 😕

      I say shoot for it, write the blog. Will you offend people? Yep. Definitely. Of course those who you will most likely offend have no clue when it comes to etiquette, so I say…They don’t count. 😉 Shoot for it, write you blog! I bet you will have a blast, I know I have with my AR. If you do start one, drop me a note and I will be happy to come check it out regularly. After all, being a Southern woman, more importantly a Texan…I am a HUGE fan of etiquette. 😉

  3. Since I could only assume (and I say ‘assume’ because you were not specific) you were talking about a copperhead pic, I checked my posts for any copperhead pic used, I removed them all. I do apologize for any credit not given when pic was used. When I started the blog, there were a lot of little details such as ‘proper credit’ when it comes to pics, which was not thought about. Now, AR is much better about making sure proper credit is given via links (as well as props) to proper sites. Again, I apologize for any oversight on my part. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  4. PS I thought this was supposed to be a non-political web site ? Kick those people off that start —-! : ) On that note I saw a beautiful armadillo in my yard this AM – a huge thing with a white face – has anyone else seen one of these ?

  5. Southern, hunh? Does that mean I have to tease my hair so high it takes out a ceiling fan or can we wait until the New Year’s Eve party?

    And Disney ain’t so pure anymore, you know. Two words: Miley Cyrus.

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