What I post here, I love, respect and adore.

I love learning new things, and the range of things I am interested in?

Oh, pretty safe to say it varies wildly.

With that said, please be aware that the only things posted on my blog that are mine, are my thoughts about the posts that I comment on and all of my original fiction.

Everything else?

Borrowed with respect and admiration.

I hope I have been overly vigilant in my attempt to make sure that all articles, news items, stories and pictures that are posted on Anguished Repose are linked back to their original source from whence they came. That way, for me and hopefully for you, proper credit is given where credit is due.

If however the originators of any of the items posted on my blog wish me to link back to them in another fashion?

Please let me know.

My intent here is to never to take credit for anything created by others as my own, but to appreciate everything that I find interesting on the internet, and in my way by posting your items here…

Show so very much, how I truly treasure them.

Thank you,
Anguished Repose

8 comments on “Disclaimer

    • Thank you, I try to keep what I post interesting and look for stuff that isn’t all over the news as it is. Some days I have better success than others, but for the most part? I’m pretty happy with with I sometimes manage to dig up.

  1. Hi! i would like to use a picture from your blog for our forensic digest (issued to members without cost). is it ok to just give credit or should i ask permission from your source?

    thanks, maria mills

  2. Hello,

    My name is Susan. I am a content writer & webmaster. Today, I have visited your site (https://anguishedrepose.com/) and must say that it is awesome in terms of information provided in the content. Your site is exactly the sort that I’d love to write for.

    I would like to contribute one guest post to your site. I wonder if you would permit me to write for you?

    My post will be written on your site niche and I assure you that the post will be unique and informative for your readers. Let me know if this is something to your liking and I’ll get started on it right away.

    I am also more than happy to send you some examples of recent work if you would like to see some examples.

    With Warm Regards,

    Susan Varano

    • Hello, Susan.

      I thank you for your interest in the blog & your desire to possibly write guest posts. I would be inclined to possibly consider the generous offer, so yes, please send samples of your work to the blogs email address anguishedrepose@gmx.com. Please be advised that I will be off work for the next few days, so it might take me a bit to review the samples submitted, but I promise once I review them, I will get back to you ASAP. Again, I thank you for your interest in writing for the blog and I hope to be hearing from you soon.


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