Penny Willan: Do not taunt the spider!


Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumba$$, moron.

Taunting  spiders?

*shakes head sadly*

Funny GIF Spider










Never a good idea. Ever!



To keep in mind…

Because, if you are weary of spiders, and fear their evils?

Do I have the story for you:

Published on Jul 5, 2014
Book trailer from the upcoming Gothic Novella to be released 2014.
Song credits: Nox Arcana, Night of the Wolf (Purchase music HERE: )

Something to think about…
To consider…

And ponder.

If you dare!

Gothic Novella... Coming soon to Amazon!

Gothic Novella… Coming soon to Amazon!

Anguished Bible CliffNotes: Genesis – Chapter 1


I had an idea for a new posting theme:

The Bible, CliffNotes & You Me



One of the most debated topics of our time.

OK, that should probably read “ANY” time.

And debated by some people? Who just make the topic uncomfortably awkward for all involved…

Or in the near vicinity.

What do I mean by awkward? Oh, I mean that they will often argue their faiths merits to an atheist (i.e. an individual who will NEVER be convinced, so really what is the point other than giving yourself a migraine?) till their last dying breath. While some of these ” true believers”, they are? Uh…Very zealotty at times.

Wait, is that even a word? Hmm.

Sad thing is though, when it comes to some specific types of Christians and their zealotty behavior? Well, the “uncomfortable” part comes in when one realizes EEK! they just haven’t actually, you know, read the bible. Cause that’s crazy talk! I mean, have you seen that thing?

It’s HUGE.

The bible is long, and well, worded kind of weird. Not to mention? Long parts of it are filled with lists and lists of names, and measurements of tabernacles, robes and the placements of potted ferns. Come on, who needs to know that crap?

Seriously? No one does. Not to mention?


What do lists of names and measurements have to do with us—more importantly, ME—getting into heaven?

When it comes to Christians actually reading the bible, fact of the matter is very few people who CLAIM to be Christian, (aside from the quotes taken from what they hear in church on the occasional Sunday, when they can drag their non-devout butts out of bed, after drinking it up in the bar the Saturday before) actually know what is in it.

And boy, let me tell you?

These zealotty, don’t-know-what-the-heck-they-are-talking-about-because-they-failed-to-read-the-one-book-they-just-love-to-preach-about, Christians?

Have no idea what wonders they are missing.

The bible is freaking F A N T A S T I C !!!!

And what we are talking about here, people is, to quote Disney:

‘Phenomenal cosmic powers…itty-bitty living space.’

To say that a lot goes on in this book? Understatement.

I personally love the thing. I have read it? Numerous of times. Darn good book, people…Darn good book!

It covers the beginning of “it all” and goes all the way to the end.

The very end.

As in “close the book, this world is OVA!” type of end.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the bible is also filled with entertaining goodness such as miracles, murder and general mass mayhem.

What’s not to love about that?

But, as a whole, I understand the bible can be a rather imposing, intimidating book. Especially for all of those of you out there who reading is hardhaven’t picked up a book since your graduated high school.


Yeah, it’s hard.

*shakes head sadly*

So, tell you what… We’re going to do this together.

I’ve got a blog, I’ve got the time and heck…Why not?! Like I said, I enjoy the good book. So, breaking it down for you, showing you how I see it? Doesn’t hurt me one bit.

Together, you & I, are going to read the bible.


And we are going to do it in a way that is fun, entertaining and hopefully educational in a way, where, when you go back and go all zealotty on the next atheist you meet? You will hopefully know what you are talking about, a little bit more, instead of just pretending like you do.

How does that sound?



Now, before we get stated just know I am NOT changing anything that can be found in the bible.

In that regard, I am a copy and paste girl. Yes, yes… I fully admit I am about to plagiarize the bible utterly.

So, if the author doesn’t like it, He can sue me to his heart’s content. But, seeing as He already has my soul, not sure what else He can get from me that’s worth diddly, so we are all good there on that score, I think, He & I.

I mention this, only because, for those of you that have not yet read the bible, some of its content may surprise you.

The bible? Yeah, it can get pretty crazy.

It is rife with an abundance of violence & sex, even shockingly to the point where acts of incest, for example, are not only excused…In certain, necessity-to-continue-the-family-line instances? They are celebrated.


See? Craziness.

But let us not get ahead of ourselves.

The way this mutual Biblical journey will go? Consider me Virgil, to your Dante, if you will. (And if you do not know whom I am referring to, thanks to that whole “reading is hard” thing I mentioned above? Shame. On. You!) Along with every section of the bible that you will read, my cliff note comments will be paired to help guide you seamlessly, if not humorously, along the way with a bit of perspective.

And let me be clear…It’s MY perspective. So, if you don’t like it, don’t agree with, thinks it’s stupid? Don’t read it. Simple enough.

Sound like a plan?


Meh…Maybe not a good plan, but right now it’s all we got. Want to get through one complete reading of the bible? No worries, friend, we are going to do it together.

If this posting theme is successful & popular, I will post chapters as I get them finished on a regular basis. A basis which might be awhile, again, cause like I said, the bible is LONG. Very long. Especially the Catholic version, which has a couple of added chapters tossed in for good measure. (Hello, Book of Judith–Looking at you!)


If you are ready, people…We have a long, educational, crazy-fun journey ahead of us.

Without further adieu, lets get to zealotting!

genesis ch 1 part 1

genesis ch 1 part 2

genesis ch 1 part 3

I have always thought that the reason why most people have not read the bible, is because it is not very relatable to them. They see it as an old, very dry read & for some? That makes it just not worth the effort.

I have ALWAYS seen the good book, as a book much worth the effort. Especially? If it can be made to be a bit more approachable for the overall masses.

For me? Humor does that.

And generally, every time I read the bible? My thoughts (as reflected in the cliffnotes above) on what I am reading, are often nothing if not humorous. So…I make the attempt with this posting theme to share those.

With this theme, thus far…

What do you think of my ABC’s theme, featuring the chapter one of the Book of Genesis?

Worth Continuing?

‘Likes’ hold the future of any ABC’s theme postings in its hands, so please…

If you would like ABC’s to continue?

Like away!


News Mash: Superheroes are fantastic…Unless you are the Superhero!

When it comes to movies…

Unless you’ve been living in cave, or trapped in a relationship where only RomComs will do (which, let’s be honest here, is pretty much WORSE than living in a cave), you know that “Superhero” movies?

It’s where it’s at!

And with so many great superhero movies behind us…

[via BoxOfficerMojo]


Superheromovies[Read More]


In their right mind? Superheroes

Will NOT be looking forward to all the superhero goodness…

About to be laid out before us:

[via Superhero Stuff]Upcoming Superhero Movies – 2013, 2014, and Beyond

The Wolverine (Jul 26)

Based on the celebrated comic book arc, The Wolverine finds Logan, the eternal warrior and outsider, in Japan. There, samurai steel will clash with adamantium claw as Logan confronts a mysterious figure from his past in an epic battle that will leave him forever changed.


Thor: The Dark World (Nov 8)

Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige said “We’re going to take Thor literally to other worlds -It will primarily be the journey of that character, of he and Jane Foster and how the new dynamic with his father is working out, as well as what are the broader stakes for The Nine Worlds.”

47 Ronin (Dec 25 )

Keanu Reeves, Rinko Kikuchi Movie HD “An 18th century set story centered on a band of samurai who set out to avenge the death of their master.”



Apr 4 – Capt America: The Winter Soldier
May 2 – The Amazing Spider-Man 2

May 16 – Ninja Turtles

Jun 27 – Transformers 4

Jul 18 – X-Men: Days of Future Past

Aug 1 – Guardians of the Galaxy


May 1 – The Avengers 2
November 6 – Ant Man



Justice League
Doctor Strange
Black Panther
Hancock 2
Wanted 2
Masters of the Universe
The Runaways
Green Lantern 2
Batman Reboot

…[Read More]

OK, well…

Maybe NOT the superheros themselves.

Because apparently?

being a superhero, with super powers…

Is not all it’s cracked up to be:


In face…

One could safely say?

Some, who have been cursed with these gifts…

Can turn just a tiny bit psychotic:

Definitely something to keep in mind, then next time you are watching the newest superhero movie, squeeing in your seat…

Wishing for your very own super powers, in order to re-enact revenge on all those mean to you in your lifetime.

For, “With power comes great responsibility.”

Not to mention LIABILITY.

But, come on, a little ‘drop-you-on-your-face-from-30-feet-overhead-for-taking-my-milk-money-you-bastard’ revenge?

Definitely worth a little liability…

Don’t you think?


*looks up dreamily*

Me too.

I wanna be [Source]

News Mash – Cockatoo Overlords? Oh, why not?!

We joke a lot here about upcoming human “Overlords”…

Whether robots, rats or ravens?

Any and all things, showing even the slightest propensity of level of intelligence, one possibly surpassing mankind’s (and lets be honest, this includes a HUGE pool, cause a species? Yes, we tend to be pretty darn dumb) can obtain the future “Overlord” moniker.

Though, with that said, I must say…

Never saw THIS (below) one coming:

[via ABCnetau]Galah plague blamed for causing blackouts and stripping trees in Queensland town Boulia ~By Nicole Bond

Thousands of birds have been flocking to a town in Queensland, causing blackouts and stripping trees, according to the local mayor.

Boulia mayor Rick Britton says up to 4,000 galahs and cockatoos have been roosting in the town over the past 10 weeks.

Councillor Britton says the birds perch on powerlines and, when they take flight, can cause the wires to crash together leading to power outages and surges.

It is thought the birds are being attracted to the town in their search for water as the state’s extensive drought continues.

The mayor, whose family has lived in Boulia for five generations, says he has never seen anything like it.

“Now it’s 4:00pm or 3:00pm … there’s not a bird to be seen. But come 5:00pm or 5:30pm, 6:00pm, it’s just a noisy wildlife sanctuary,” he said.

“I think the biggest fact is the galahs and cockatoos, they’ve just impacted in our shire in our township like never before.

…[Read More]

Cockatoos are taking out power grids, people…

It won’t be long?

Before they come for YOU!

One would advise, in this frightening scenario, for you to get inside, and STAY inside…

But thanks to THIS (below) bit of information?

One can pretty accurately demise, locking your doors would be a fairly useless endeavor.

[via NewScientist]Cockatoo cracks lock with no prior training ~by Sandrine Ceurstemontcockatoo overlords

Need a locksmith? Call a cockatoo instead. One of the parrots in an experiment proved capable of picking a series of locks with no prior training.

Alex Kacelnik and colleagues at the University of Oxford set a number of cockatoos a challenge: pick a lock to access a nut visible behind a transparent door. The birds had to remove a pin, followed by a screw and a bolt, before turning a wheel to release a latch (see video, above).

Five birds were successful after some guidance, or with practice, but one of the cockatoos – called Pipin – broke in unassisted in under 2 hours. It was also the only bird to remove the screw with its foot instead of its beak.

“Some birds excel at different tasks,” says Kacelnik. “Pipin is an ace at solving locks whereas another bird at the lab is good at making tools.”

To test whether the birds had simply memorised a sequence of tasks, or whether they had a physical understanding of each device, the team altered the set-up by breaking, removing or re-ordering some of the locks, as shown in the video.

This did not stump the birds, suggesting that they are aware of how objects act on each other, says Kacelnik. It also shows that the parrots do not need to be rewarded every step of the way to solve a problem.

Secrets of success

The secret to the cockatoos’ success seems to be the way in which they tackled the task, by using touch extensively to explore the working of the locks. Rather than simply using vision, physical manipulation involving tongue and beak, characteristic of parrots, was a great advantage. “It allows them to discover the effect of their actions which you can’t do with sight alone,” says Kacelnik.

…[Read More]

Cockatoo Overlords are coming for you.

And there is nothing–Absolutely NOTHING!–You will be able to do about it…

Though surprisingly, for some odd reason?

This Cuckoo Bird Has Been Watching Videos About Carnival [Source]


I’m pretty OK with that.

After all, cockatoos are nothing…

If not humorously quirky.

Almost guaranteeing our future enslavement?

Utterly entertaining.

Very much like watch a parade in Brazil.

What’s not to love about that?

News Mash: Today, parapsychology is largely ignored… Will ‘The Conjuring’ change that?

LiveScience wants to know…

What ever happened to parapsychology?

Cause, uh…

NO ONE is talking about it any more:

[via LiveScience]Whatever Happened to Parapsychology? ~by Glenn McDonald

It seems that stories of the paranormal sprout up every day, and everywhere, in pop culture and the media. Weird news websites number in the hundreds, and there are entire television series dedicated to psychic abilities, hauntings and paranormal investigation.

But that’s all showbiz, really. The actual academic study of parapsychology — the established term for phenomena such as clairvoyance, psychokinesis, telepathy and precognition — has seemingly disappeared since its heyday in the mid-20th century. So what happened to parapsychology?

It hasn’t gone anywhere, said John Kruth, executive director of the Rhine Research Center in Durham, N.C. It’s just become disorganized, underfunded and — in the realm of traditional science — largely ignored.

…[Read More]

Well, I am not sure I would say “no one”…

As parapsychology features prominently in the new MUST SEE movie, The Conjuring.

A movie which is based on the TRUE accounts of clairvoyant, Lorraine Warren.

Check out this amazing interview with the cast, talking in-depth about their beliefs and their new film:

Not sure how this film will affect parapsychology as it is presently viewed…

But I think it would be pretty safe to safe, that if the film is as successful as we here at AR think it will be?

Science may very well see a resurgence of interest in this topic.

And if that happens?

How p*ssed do you think “real” scientists will be, considering all the hard work they have put into, over the years, of snuffing parapsychological studies out.

I tell ya…

The prospect?

Almost too darn fun to contemplate.

all hail [Source]

News Mash: When it geeks vs jocks, comparing summer fun? Geeks definitely WIN!

Though many of you “cool, super-fit” people may doubt it?

In comparison…

Geeks can have just as much fun at the beach as jocks & cool kids.

If not more-so.

Jock/Cool Kids Example of Summer Fun:

Muscle-bulging jock wrestles shark onto the beach, while his compatriots cheer him on!

[via Independent]Man wrestles 7ft long shark on beach ~by Rob Williams

A nice relaxing day at the beach is just what’s needed as the temperatures continue to soar.

However, rather than simply laying in the sun and soaking up the rays Massachusetts man Elliot Sudal prefers to wrestle sharks.

Video footage has emerged showing the 21-year-old pulling the shark out of the water and wrangling with it after it became caught on his line.

The keen fly-fisher fought for 45 minutes with the shark on the rod until it became tired.

He then handed the rod to his cousin a bravely waded into the water.

The video has now gone viral after being picked up by US network news.

Writing on his Facebook page Mr Sudal, who is thought to have caught over 100 sharks in the last eight months said: “I can’t keep up with all these calls and voicemails and FB stuff.

“Let alone leave my house to get to Boston… This got so wild!”

…[Read More]

And now?

Geek Example of Summer Fun:

Geeky Game of Throne fans build sandcastles on the beach, with the skulls…

Of Dragons!!!!!

[via The Blaze]Absolutely Enormous ‘Dragon Skull’ Discovered on British Beach – So What’s the Story? ~by 

Beach-goers at the fossil-rich Jurassic Coast in Dorset, England were recently alarmed to discover what appeared to be an absolutely enormous dragon skull in the sand.

It is said to be about 40 feet long, 8 feet wide and 9 feet tall.

So what’s the story?

It seems the U.K. streaming service blinkbox spent nearly two months engineering the structure, then installed it overnight as a way to promote the arrival of the third season of the HBO hit “Game of Thrones.”

“We’re here to celebrate the fact that blinkbox has Game of Thrones,” Ben Ayers from blinkbox remarked.  “As dragons are such a key theme within the series, we thought we’d create a giant dragon skull, plunk it on the beach down here…and see what kind of reactions we got in the morning.”

According to a statement released by the company: “The installation is inspired by the scene where Arya Stark discovers the dragon skull in the dungeons of Kings Landing.”

The promotion didn’t disappoint, with the “fossil” both fascinating visitors and grabbing international media headlines.

Blinkbox has more on the story, including how they managed to build the monstrous structure:

…[Read More]

Eat your heart out Jocks/Cool kids.

Oh, yes…

You many be able to look super cool wrestling your sharks…

But beach-time fun with dragon skulls you will NEVER have.


Geeks for the WIN [Source]

News Mash: Treasure your books with ex libris, Voynich Manuscript or no!

Read more…

See more!

But if you are like me, when it comes to your books?

Be sure to ‘ex libris’ them!

[via io9]Einstein’s ex libris was characteristically badass ~Robert T. Gonzalez

Way back before computers and e-readers there were these lovely things called books, and one of the best ways to indicate that a book was your book and not someone else’s book was to stamp it with a decorative label commonly known as an ex libris (Latin for “from the books of…”), followed by your name.

Einstein's ex libris was characteristically badass

Albert Einstein’s ex libris is reportedly based on a doodle he drew up (probably in the margins of a paper describing the photoelectric effect, or something), and according to Ron Miller below, was designed by German painter Erich Büttner circa 1917. It depicts a solitary stargazer, perched atop a mountain with arms spread wide, soaking in the celestial dreamscape that is the Universe. It is, in a word, awesome. Typical Einstein.


…[Read More]


THIS (below) person didn’t.

And look how much trouble he stirred up by failing to do that:

[via LiveScience] Mysterious Voynich Manuscript Wasn’t a Hoax, Study Suggests ~by Megan GannonVoynich Manuscript ex libris

The unreadable Voynich manuscript has eluded linguists and cryptographers since it was discovered by an antique book dealer in 1912.

Carbon-dated to the early 15th century, the book is written in an unknown language that has never been found anywhere else and it is full of equally puzzling drawings; besides depictions of the Zodiac signs, none of the illustrations are immediately recognizable as symbols or objects from the real world (much to the excitement of ancient alien conspiracy theorists).

The text’s nonsensical nature has led some to dismiss the Voynich manuscript as a Renaissance-era hoax. But researchers who revisited the book say the words in its folios are organized with the telltale characteristics of a real language.

Marcelo Montemurro, a physicist at the University of Manchester, and his colleague Damián Zanette didn’t exactly crack the Voynich code in their recent study published in the journal PLOS One. They did however find that “Voynichese” statistically adheres to linguistic rules.

Mainly, Montemurro and Zanette say the manuscript follows Zipf’s law, which holds that the most frequently occurring word in natural languages will appear about twice as much as the second most common word and three times as much as the third most common word and so on. Random symbolic sequences don’t show the same pattern as strongly, the researchers say.

“While the mystery of origins and meaning of the text still remain to be solved, the accumulated evidence about organization at different levels, limits severely the scope of the hoax hypothesis and suggests the presence of a genuine linguistic structure,” Montemurro and Zanette concluded.

…[Read More]

Treasure your books…

For what they give you, every time you open them?

Are bounties beyond measure!

News Mash: Company makes tiny device that will detect…Your beer drone?

Yeah, right!

This security firm claims that it has developed a tiny device that will detect domestic drones…

In order to secure your privacy:

[via USNews]Tiny Device Will Detect Domestic Drones ~

Worried about drones spying on you? Soon, a device might be able to send you text and email alerts that let you know when a drone is nearby.

[ALSO: Domestic Drone Arrest Database Being Built by Defense Lawyers Group]

A Washington, D.C.-based engineer is working on the “Drone Shield,” a small, Wi-Fi-connected device that uses a microphone to detect a drone’s “acoustic signatures” (sound frequency and spectrum) when it’s within range.

The company’s founder, John Franklin, who has been working in aerospace engineering for seven years, says he hopes to start selling the device sometime this year. He is using the Kickstarter-like Indiegogo to finance the project.

The device will cost $69 and will be about the size of a USB thumb drive. It will use Raspberry Pi – a tiny, $25 computer – and commercially available microphones to detect drones. He says he imagines that people will attach the Drone Shield to their fences or roofs to protect their home from surveillance.

“People will get the alert and then close their blinds,” Franklin says.

…[Read More]

But we know what this is about…

Don’t we?

Considering there is now such a thing…

As a–Hello!!!–Beer Drone!


[via PopSci]Duuude, Finally: Drones That Deliver Beer ~Kelsey D. Atherton

This August, drones will drop payloads all over South Africa’s OppiKoppi music festival, and there’s a good chance no one will mind. Probably because the payload is beer.

Customers thirsty for beer will order beer with their phones, then someone will attach a parachute to a beer, load that beer into an octorotor, and the octorotor will fly overhead, release the beer, and the beer parachutes to the person who ordered it (hopefully).

For test flights, the drone is remotely piloted, but the goal is to make the process far more autonomous, with drones flying themselves to coordinates on a GPS delivery grid.

This isn’t the first attempt at delivering concessions via robot: the sadly-a-hoax Taco Copter first captured the stomachs of a hungry and tech-savvy public, before the Burrito Bomber offered a hopefully more real future of stuffed tortilla delivery. There’s still a chance for the OppiKoppi beer drone to win hearts and minds (and the ire of livers) by actually delivering on its promises.

In doing so, it offers a good idea of what commercial drones will look like in action. Come the FAA’s new rules for unmanned aircraft in 2015, we might even see beer drones stateside.

Watch of video of the glorious beer-robot future below:

…[Read More]

What this security firm really wants…

And we all know it? [*insert sever paranoia here*]

It wants to steal my your beer.

What a blasphemous travesty!


It’s so sad that we live in a time where your beer cannot fly our skies freely?

And not be intercepted by petty, albeit inventive, beer thieves, who yes, I know, have not enacted this devious little stealing my your beer plans just yet…

But just you wait!

What a country this is!

What is happening to our liberty, I ask you?

Because these days…

It is very much in decline.

*shakes head sadly, opens beer and chugs…while suspiciously watching the nights skies*

Spying eye?

Oh, yes people…They. Are. Everywhere!

don't let them steal yours

News Mash: So, how is your reaction time? Better than this baby duck’s, I imagine!


Isn’t probably the best day for this…

But come on, why not?

Test yourself!

How fast is YOUR reaction time?

[via Human Benchmark]Reaction Time Test[Read More – Take The Test HERE!]


Despite the fact that it IS Monday?

I still bet your reaction time is better than this little baby duck’s:




Not nearly as cute!

News Mash: Some old wives’ tales are far more wise than others!

It’s true…

When it comes to “old wives’ tales”?

Our ancestors often believed in the darnedest things!

And by “darnedest things”?

I mean things, which definitely makes us question THEIR sanity:

[via io9]The Weird but True History of Sin Eaters ~by Keith Veronese

In 18th and 19th Century Scotland, families placed a piece of bread on the breasts of their dying loved ones. That’s not the strange part — the families then hired someone to eat the bread, believing that the practice would somehow absolve the sins of the deceased. Where did this strange ritual come from? And what sort of people worked as Sin Eaters?

Death and Dine

Eating food at a funeral (or shortly thereafter) is not uncommon — large family dinners often follow the death of a loved one, while drinking has been a cornerstone of wakes for the past couple of centuries.

But Sin Eaters were different — because they had a very singular role within some segments of Christianity. Sin Eaters performed a ceremony wherein they took on the sins that the deceased performed — sins that went unforgiven or without confession prior to death. People typically hired a Sin Eater in situations where the deceased died unexpectedly.

By consuming bread and a drink (usually wine or beer) placed on, or ritually waved over, the dead body, onlookers believed the dead person’s sins were digested by the eater after he or she consumed this beggar’s feast. The act appears to be confined to 18th and 19th Century Europe, with no accounts of necro-cannibalism noted.

In time, the practice expanded in popularity, so that Sin Eaters also attended to people who had just died of natural causes — because people believed the ritual could help prevent the dead from wandering the countryside after death.

This wasn’t an especially well-paid job — the Sin Eater would receive a half-shilling or more, in addition to the scant meal. A half-shilling amounts to no more than a couple of US dollars when inflation is accounted for.

No amount of money paid, however, could overcome the social stigma stemming from a Sin Eaters’s line of work, or ameliorate the poverty and solitude most officiates lived amidst. Each village typically had its “own” Sin Eater, and the villagers believed this individual would become more and more horrible, with each and every ceremony.

Religious Implications

Sin eaters often came under church scrutiny, since the sin eater did not have an affiliation with a local church. The eaters willfully carried the sins of the deceased for the rest of their mortal lives, going against the teachings of many sects of Christianity that were active in 18th and 19th Century Europe.

The practice of sin eating could be seen as a very macabre and misguided take on a Jewish tradition. Jewish priests would use a goat as a physical manifestation of the sins of the Jewish people, releasing the goat into the wilderness during Yom Kippur.

…[Read More]

But did you know…

That some of the craziest “old wives’ tales”?


Are absolutely true!

[via ListVerse]10 Old Wives’ Tales That Are True ~ by Morris M.

Most old wives’ tales are just that: tales. Nobody really believes money spiders bring money, or pulling a face when the wind changes direction will curse you to a life of looking like Carrot Top. Trouble is, we’ve gotten so used to being skeptical we now dismiss the handful of tales that are demonstrably true.



Old Wives’ Tale: The Cold Causes Colds

As anyone who’s ever heard of science knows, the common cold is nothing more than a bunch of viruses living it up in your snot glands. Since low temperatures can’t cause viruses to spontaneously appear, being cold can’t cause colds, right?

Maybe not, but it can definitely cause the symptoms. As far back as 2005, researchers at Cardiff University were testing the correlation between temperature and illness. By making a bunch of people stand in icy water while a control group waited in the warm, they found that those exposed to the cold were more likely to catch one than those who weren’t. Specifically, twenty-nine percent of the ‘cold feet’ group developed a cold in the next few days, compared to nine percent for the control. So what gives?

Well, according to the study director, most of us spend the winter months with mild infections we don’t even notice. But lower our body temperature and our defense system takes five, allowing the virus to go supernova. It’s one of those weird situations where both science and your Gran managed to be simultaneously right and wrong.



Old Wives’ Tale: An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Nobody seriously believes apples are a magic illness-fighting wonder fruit. Good for you, maybe; delicious in a pie, absolutely—but life saver? Come on.

Not so fast. According to researchers at Ohio State University, apples may help fight off everything from cancer to strokes. Thanks to something called phytochemicals, eating a whole bunch allows your body to break down cholesterol twenty percent faster, freeing up your arteries to do important stuff like keeping you alive. This in turn decreases your chance of taking a fatal nosedive into your morning pizza; while increasing your lung capacity to Brian Blessed proportions. And while we’re on the subject of fruit . . .


Going Bananas

Old Wives’ Tale: Bananas Make Boys

Let’s say you and your partner are trying for a boy. You don’t fancy IVF, but are willing to play loose with nature’s rules. What do you do?

You could try eating all the bananas. A comprehensive study by Oxford University found a high potassium intake around breakfast time increases your chance of having a boy. And guess what? Bananas are the kings of potassium. From a sample of 740 mothers, the researchers found that those on the banana diet had a fifty-six percent chance of having a boy, compared to forty-five percent on a separate diet. An eleven percent difference may not sound like much, but holy hell, when you consider the amount of children born each year, that’s potentially quite significant.


Full Moon

Old Wives’ Tale: Seizures Increase during a Full Moon

The ‘Transylvania Hypothesis’ is a theory that states weird stuff happens around a full moon. Since the dawn of time people have reported dogs going mad, cats getting their love on and seizure rates shooting through the roof. So in 2004, a bunch of researchers got together to measure the phenomenon and found . . . nothing.

So much for Dracula theory, right? Wrong. Five years later, Dr Sallie Baxendale decided her colleague’s research sucked so she started her own study. By correlating for cloud cover, she found that seizures really did increase during a full moon—but only so long as sufferers could see it. The theory is that the seizures are triggered by the super-luminosity of a full moon, rather than moon magic or vampires. Which is kinda disappointing, come to think about it.

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In turn?

due to our disbelief, makes me question OUR sanity.


When it comes to what we THINK we know…

In direct comparison to what IS.


there are more things

So seldom, I think…

Are we near as smart as we like to think we are.

News Mash: MacGyver was full of useful lifehacks…Not to be outdone? So is this cat!

It’s stumbling across useful MacGyver hacks like THESE (below)?

Which makes my often depressing internet experience

All more bearable on a day-to-day basis.

Cause, yeah…

Hello there, Awesome!!!

[via LifeHacker] Top 10 Awesome MacGyver Tricks That Speak For Themselves by ~Whitson Gordon

Some life hacks require a complete how-to guide just to understand. Others are so genius in their simplicity that they speak for themselves. Here are ten of our favorite self-explanatory MacGyver tricks.

10. Make Perfect Pancakes with a Squeeze Bottle

It doesn’t have to be a ketchup bottle, any kind of squeeze bottle will work—including the kind you buy empty from the store.

9. Use a Post-It Note to Avoid a Drilling Mess

8. Seal Plastic Bags with Old Bottle Caps

7. Remove a Stripped Screw with a Rubber Band

Then fix the hole with toothpicks.

6. Organize Anything with an Over-the-Door Shoe Holder

This works with anything from pantry items to cleaning products to gadgets, game controllers, and even cables.

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But I must say…

It is validating to know that MacGyver?

Not the only one capable of pulling off AWESOME! hacks.

THIS (below) cat?

Yeah, pretty capable as well.

Muck to the disgust (not to mention the possible demise), of his box-loving friend:

I Just Got Comfortable![Source]

Though, I must admit?

It’s not quite as scary when MacGyver does it.

*pokes cat in the bottom of the box*

“You alive down there, buddy?”


*shakes head sadly*

I don’t think it’s moving.

Warning number of cats in box

News Mash: Know when to pick your battles, and as well? Your curses.

No one likes to loses.

But just as important as NOT losing should be to you?

Knowing how to pick the battles…

That are WORTH battling over.

[via LifeHacker] How Do You Pick Your Battles? ~by Adam Dachis

Whether you’re highly opinionated or not, you can’t fight every battle you encounter in life—at least, you can’t if you want to keep your sanity. Sometimes you have to let things go, but how do you decide which battles are worth fighting? We want to know.

The Consumerist offers an example of a battle not worth fighting:

Back in 2008, a couple in Olde Fairhaven, Virginia put up a sign in their lawn showing their support for a presidential candidate. This simple action led to a feud that has raged for years and cost the neighborhood homeowners association hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now the HOA is broke, and the central “town square” that turns a clump of townhouses into something resembling a community is up for sale.

This all happened because the homeowners association decided to enact a little revenge against the couple and their lawn sign. This offers at least one good piece of advice: don’t choose to fight a battle if you’re simply feeling bitter.

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For everything else?


That’s where curses come it.

[via io9] Curse Me Like You Mean It: Using Psychology to Make Your Curses Actually Work ~by Esther Inglis-ArkellOh curses

Perhaps you have been crossed by a friend or loved one. Perhaps you’ve burned to see justice dealt out to the wicked. Perhaps you’ve just decided to start a small business in cursing people and you’re having trouble getting off the ground. Don’t worry. We’re here for you. And we’re going to show you how to use the power of psychology to convince people that your curses are effective. Always remember that you don’t need to destroy someone if you convince them to destroy themselves. Now let’s get down to some good, old-fashioned gaslighting.

A traditional way of really putting an edge to a curse is using the “nocebo” effect. You’ve heard of the placebo effect, and how people who down sugar pills will experience relief from their symptoms despite not getting anything they couldn’t have gotten from pixie stix. The nocebo effect is the opposite. People who have been told that a pill will cause them stomach pains will experience stomach pains. People who have been told that a medical procedure will be painful will experience pain.

So we’ll use the nocebo effect to create your basic “fix it and forget it” kind of curse. Dress up, pick a dark and stormy night for your encounter, and follow someone down the street telling them their bowels will revolt like French peasants, or every step they take will feel like a mile, or that they’ll never get another good night’s sleep, and you’re pretty much done with the curse. Their minds will do the rest. If you really want to get nasty, tell them that they’re going to die during their next medical procedure. It works on groups, too! It’s been suggested as a cause for the dancing plagues – when people literally danced themselves to death – in the 1500s in Europe. Clearly this thing has some juice.

If you want to be a little gentler on someone by just making them screw up their lives, curse them to destroy everything they touch. It won’t take long until they do. This curse involves more work than most. It requires weighing in on what they do in order to make sure they ruin it. Here’s the twist – you don’t have to offer them bad advice or even be mean about things. Just giving them too much information is enough.

A study at Queen Mary University of London gave people the task of either predicting or maintaining the health of a baby (fortunately not a real baby). People who were given constant advice and updates, even if those updates were praise, tended to do worse than people who were left alone. The idea is that, in order to do a good job at anything, people need to focus and make the right decision. Listening to other people’s opinions made them lose focus and screw up. The more complex the task, the more warm and loving encouragement seems to ruin people.

…[Read More – See the whole, amazingly informative article HERE!] [Plus, play with this fun ‘Biblical Curse Generator’ HERE!]


Cursing someone be a little over the top…

But so is my, err…um…I mean, YOUR need to win your every battle.

Tough way to live, that.

But you know satisfying too, especially when it all works out my…uh…I mean, YOUR way.

News Mash: Impulse control is important. Especially? When it comes to buying babies lightsabers!

Impulse control.

We all have issues with it…


To varying degrees:

[via ScienceDaily]Apr. 3, 2013 — Why is it so hard for some people to resist the least little temptation, while others seem to possess incredible patience, passing up immediate gratification for a greater long-term good?

The answer, suggests a new brain imaging study from Washington University in St. Louis, lies in how effective people are at feeling good right now about all the future benefits that may come from passing up a smaller immediate reward. Researchers found that activity in two regions of the brain distinguished impulsive and patient people.

“Activity in one part of the brain, the anterior prefrontal cortex , seems to show whether you’re getting pleasure from thinking about the future reward you are about to receive,” explains study co-author Todd Braver, PhD, professor of psychology in Arts & Sciences. “People can relate to this idea that when you know something good is coming, just that waiting can feel pleasurable.”

The study, which was published in the first issue of the Journal of Neuroscience this year, was designed to examine what happens in the brain as people wait for a reward, especially whether people characterized as “impulsive” would show different brain responses than those considered “patient.”

The lead author of the study was Koji Jimura, then a postdoctoral researcher in Braver’s Cognitive Control and Psychopathology Laboratory, and now a research associate professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, in Japan.

Unlike previous research on delayed gratification that had people choose between hypothetical rewards of money over long delays (e.g, $500 now or $1,000 a year from now), this Washington University study presented their participants with real rewards of squirts of juice that they chose to receive either immediately or after a delay of up to a minute.

“It’s kind of funny because we treated the people in our study like researchers that work with animals do, and we actually squirted juice into their mouths,” Braver says.

Results show that a brain region called the ventral striatum (VS) ramped up its activity in impulsive people as they got closer and closer to receiving their delayed reward. The VS activity of patient people, on the other hand, stayed more constant.

The researchers interpreted these different brain responses to mean that impulsive people initially did not find the prospect of waiting for a reward very appealing. However, as they approached the time they’d receive that reward, they became more excited and their VS reflected that excitement.

“This gradual increase may reflect impatience or excessive anticipation of the upcoming reward in impulsive individuals,” says Jimura. This was unlike patient people, who were likely content with waiting for the reward from the start, as no changes in VS activity were observed for them.

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For example?

Giving babies cool but dangerous gifts.

after all, I am sure the purchase of such gifts sounds like a good idea at the time?

Just know, caving to such impulses can have disastrous consequences.

Published on Apr 2, 2013

Just try and get a lightsaber out of a toddler’s hands. It’s easier said than done when you’re unarmed.

This was shot using various iphones and android phones.
We used After Effects for the lightsaber, finger, and railing shots.

Created by: Joel and Jared Erickson
Unwilling participants: Coen Erickson, Sawyer Erickson, Sage Lewis, Hunter Lewis, Brandan Lewis, Anthony Richards

Lesson to be learned here:

No matter how much you MIGHT wanna buy your baby the newest lightsaber? (Cause we both know you are really just buying it so YOU can play with it later *raises eyebrow*)

Practice a little impulse control.

Trust me…

All of you fingers and toes will thank you later.

A good rule to know and learn [Source]

News Mash: Old Fairy Tales Were Scary & Now Thanks To Granny O’Grimm, They are Once More!


For those of you who have grown up during the Disney era of fairy tales

You see, fairy tales were not originally intended to be happy-go-lucky tales of cheer, with neat animal sing-a-longs.



They were dark…

And kinda scary:

[via ListVerse] 10 Unusual Little-Known Fairy Tales ~by Melita Linaker

Here are ten lesser-known but fascinating stories which I hope will illustrate the many different aspects of the twisted little land of Fairy Tales—a world full of impossible situations, mythical creatures, bizarre happenings, violence, vengeance and greed. Originally fairy tales were designed to entertain and to teach morals and reflected the spiritual and cultural beliefs of the time but some of these stories—like The Red Shoes—are all too clearly designed to put the fear of god into little children and many of them emphasize the fact that it is okay to react with violence when violence is done unto you. Though many of these ideas are outdated in today’s society, there is no doubt that these are still wonderfully entertaining little yarns.


Verde Prato
Giambattista Basile


A stunningly beautiful young princess, whose name is Nella, is having a secret affair with a handsome prince who lives many miles away. The two lovers build a glass tunnel that runs under the ground—from the prince’s castle into the princess’s bedroom. Every night the prince runs through the tunnel butt-naked at top-speed to ‘spend time’ with his young princess.

Nella’s two sisters, who are ugly and evil, learn of the affair and smash the glass tunnel. That night, the prince is running so fast to reach his young lover that he doesn’t see the broken glass, and because he is butt naked, the skin all over his body is sliced to ribbons. Because the glass that cut him was enchanted his wounds will not heal. The prince’s father vows that the woman who can find a remedy for the enchanted wounds will be the prince’s wife.

Nella is heartbroken upon hearing of her mortally wounded prince, and goes out into the wild to find a remedy that will heal him. Luckily, she overhears two ogres telling each other that the only thing in the whole world that will heal the prince is to smear the fat from their own bodies all over the prince. Nella, pretending to be lost in the woods, begs the ogres to let her into their house. The ogre husband, fancying a bit of human flesh, lets her in eagerly but sadly he drinks so much alcohol that he passes out before he gets to eat her.

Nella quickly gets to work and slaughters him then collects all the fat from his body in a bucket. She then rubs dirt all over her face to disguise herself and makes her way to the princes palace. She smears the fat into the prince’s wounds and he is healed as if by magic, then she reveals her identity and the marriage is swiftly arranged. And her sisters? They are burned alive of course.

You can read the first volume of Il Pentamerone here.


The Flea
Giambattista Basile

Torneman The Troll

A King feeds a flea on his own blood until it is the size of a sheep, then he slaughters it, skins it and promises his daughter to the man who can guess what animal the skin came from. Suitors come from far and wide, but none can guess the origins of the pelt. Then a hideously ugly old ogre decides to try his luck—he sniffs the pelt and identifies it immediately as that of a flea.

The king, true to his word, hands over his daughter. She begs and pleads with him, but he sends her away calling her names like ‘‘breath of my arse’’ and threatening that he will “leave her not a whole bone in her body” if she refuses to marry the ogre.

The princess is horrified to find that her new home is made from human skeletons, and more horrified still when her new hubby prepares her a feast made from human carcasses. She begins to vomit repeatedly and the ogre promises to catch her some pigs to eat until she can stomach human flesh. While the ogre is hunting, an old woman hears the maiden wailing and sends her seven sons (who are all endowed with magical powers) to rescue the princess. They eventually defeat the ogre, by shooting out his eyeball and beheading him, and the princess returns home to her father who is (surprisingly) overjoyed to see her returned home safe to him.


The Wonderful Birch
Andrew Lang

…[Read More – See All ’10 Unusual Little-Known Fairy Tales’ HERE!]

And because they were?

Does it make me a weird person, today…

If I find this Oscar animated short?

Just what my childhood nightmares ordered!

[via Kuriositas]Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty

Once upon a time there was a sweet old lady, who used to tell her grand daughter charming, sweet fairy tales with happy endings every evening.  Then, there was Granny O’Grimm, an embittered old Irish woman who would tell her own version of fairy tales. Dark, wickedly funny and beautifully made, this six minute animation was nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Short in 2009 – as well as winning a number of prestigious prizes in its own right. If you like the idea of a lovely bedside story becoming a hilarious rant against the unfairness of old age in general, then you will love this.

…[Read More]

Forget the HEA (happily ever after) of the tired Disney yarns!

Give me darkness, in my fairy tales…

It is, after all, what my old soul craves.

How about yours?

every fairy tale [Source]

Cause honestly?

What’s not to love about ‘teeth and claws’…


News Mash: This brain scan knows your thoughts…And this potion? Recalls them!

Brain researches can now tell…

Just from a brain scan?

Just WHO it is you are thinking about:

[via Scientific American]Brain Researchers Can Detect Who We Are Thinking About ~By Charles Q. Choi and Txchnologist

FMRI scans of volunteers’ media prefrontal cortexes revealed unique brain activity patterns associated with individual characters or personalities as subjects thought about them

“The scope of this is incredible when you think of all the people you meet over the course of your life and are able to remember. Each one probably has its own unique representation in the brain,” Spreng says. “This representation can be modified as we share experiences and learn more about each other, and plays into how we imagine future events with others unfolding.”

The anterior medial prefrontal cortex is also linked to autism and other disorders were people have problems with social interactions. These findings suggest people with such disorders may suffer from an inability to build accurate personality models of others. Further research could not only help diagnose these diseases, but also help treat such disorders, researchers say.

The scientists detailed their findings online March 5 in the journal Cerebral Cortex.

…[Read More]

And if that wasn’t cool enough?

This amazingly inventive art writing project…

Creates potions in order to tailor just what exactly it is?

That you remember:

[via io9] Concept Art Writing Prompt: Potions that let you relive life’s most bittersweet moments

Sometimes things become possible if we want them bad enough [Source]

If we could experience our favorite or most distressing emotions and memories by drinking a potion, what would the consequences be? Would we lose ourselves in a fog of our past? Or would this ability prove comforting and even useful? Would you want to live someone else’s emotional memories? Tell us your tale of these memory potions.

This image comes to us from Happiness Brewery, which makes these labels based on user suggestions. Their goal is to create a catalogue of human experience. (Via Ian Brooks)

…[Read More]


Well, sure it’s just pretend potions of human experiences.


When it comes to your memories, and representations of them?

Still, pretty neat.

Not as neat as a brain scan, which can tell who you are thinking about, of course, but in an inventive artistic way?

Substantially cool all its own.