News Mash: Palometas & African tigerfish make watersports hard & dangerous!

Don’t go into the water.



There are things, in there?

That will freaking eat you…

A lot!

[via YahooNews]Carnivorous fish injure 10 Argentine river bathers in area where 70 were wounded last month ~AP

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – Attacks by a school of carnivorous fish have injured at least 10 people bathing in an Argentine river since Thursday.

The attacks took place in the Parana River in Rosario some 300 kilometres (186 miles) northeast of Buenos Aires. Seventy people who were cooling off from high temperatures were also injured there in late December by the same piranha-like fish. They included seven children who lost parts of their fingers or toes.

The latest attack by the “palometas” was confirmed Saturday. They’ve been described by the local director of lifeguards as “a type of piranha, big, voracious and with sharp teeth that can really bite.”

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For that matter…

Flying ABOVE the water, in certain places?

Not a good idea either.


[via Nature]Video: Fish leaps to catch birds on the wing ~by Daniel Cressey

The waters of the African lake seem calm and peaceful. A few migrant swallows flit near the surface. Suddenly, leaping from the water, a fish grabs one of the famously speedy birds straight out of the air.

“The whole action of jumping and catching the swallow in flight happens so incredibly quickly that after we first saw it, it took all of us a while to really fully comprehend what we had just seen,” says Nico Smit, director of the Unit for Environmental Sciences and Management at North-West University in Potchefstroom, South Africa.

This is the first confirmed record of a freshwater fish preying on birds in flight, the team reports in the Journal of Fish Biology1. Rumours of such behaviour by the African tigerfish (Hydrocynus vittatus), which has been reported as reaching one metre in length, have circulated since the 1940s. But Smit says that his team was “never really convinced by the anecdotal reports”. So, when they set out to study of the migration and habitat use of these animals in a South African lake in the Mapungubwe National Park, near the border with Botswana and Zimbabwe, they were not necessarily looking for fish flying out of the water.

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Who’s up for some watersports!?



Um, just…

no II [Source]

News Mash: Hercules wrestles with global warming…And wins?


What a way to start the new year.

Bad, Hercules…


[via DailyMail]Snowpocalypse 2014: Hercules claims first victim as man is crushed to death by 100ft salt pile and On its way! This graphic shows expected snowfall on the East Coast throughout the day until tomorrowmeteorologists warn it will get so cold exposed skin will freeze in fifteen minutes

  • Cities from New York to Washington, D.C., are bracing for up to 18 inches of snow
  • Plummeting temperatures and wind chills below zero could freeze exposed skin within 15 minutes
  • In New York, Long Island Expressway, I-87 South and I-84 will close at midnight until 5am Friday
  • ‘Ready for whatever hits us’: New NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio remained confidant while facing his first test just a day after taking office
  • In Massachusetts 10-14 inches of snow are predicted, along with moderate coastal flooding
  • Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick announced that state’s government would close completely on Friday
  • 2,000 flights had been canceled before snow even hit the East Coast
  • Meteorologists say three low pressure systems from the south and east have caused the snow storm

By Alex Ward and Michael Zennie and Associated Press

The huge nor’easter dubbed Hercules claimed its first victim as the massive snowstorm began to dump up to 18 inches of snow across the region – affecting 100 million people.

A man died in a tragic industrial accident today at a Philadelphia facility after the heavy machine he was operating was crushed by a huge pile of rock salt – which was being used to keep the roads clear.

The sad incident happened at 3.30 pm at the International Salt Facility in Bucks County, Pennsylvania when the man was transporting the rock salt with a front-end loader when the 100-foot pile toppled over and buried him and his vehicle.

His colleagues and emergency crews frantically used shovels to try and dig him out but when they reached the man he was found dead still sitting in his seat.

Officials have not released the name or age of the victim.

The deadly winter storm is threatening 100 million people with up to 18 inches of snow and bitter cold temperatures tonight as it blasts across the Midwest and bares down on the East Coast.

The evening commute on the first workday of 2014 could become treacherous – or even impossible – as officials urge drivers from Maine to Washington, D.C., to stay off the roads after 7pm.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced this afternoon that three major New York expressways would be closed from midnight until 5am Friday – the Long Island Expressway, Interstate 87 South and Interstate 84.

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Oh, and just so you know…

Climatologists are now saying, that Global Warming thing?

Far WORSE than they previously imagined:

[via NYTimes]World’s climate warming faster than feared, scientists say ~By Jonathan Pearlman, SydneyA satellite image of planet Earth

Scientists say the world’s climate is warming faster than feared because previous predictions were too “optimistic” and overestimated the cooling impact of clouds

As the planet marked its fourth hottest year on record, a study published in the journal Nature found increasing levels of carbon dioxide will lead to thinner ocean clouds and reduce their cooling impact, causing temperature rises of at least 5.6F (3C) over the course of the century.

The team of scientists said the findings show some climate models have been too “optimistic” and previous estimates of a minimum temperature rise of only 2.7F (1.5C) could now be discounted. The optimistic models did not properly assess the impact of water evaporation, which sometimes rises only a short distance into the atmosphere and causes updraughts that reduce cloud cover, the study found.

”These models have been predicting a lower climate sensitivity but we believe they’re incorrect,” Professor Steven Sherwood, from the University of New South Wales, told The Sydney Morning Herald.

”The net effect of [climate change] is you have less cloud cover.”

The study comes amid a controversy in Australia over claims by Maurice Newman, Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s top business adviser, who said the world had been taken “hostage to climate change madness”

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Maddness you say, Tony?


Cause just check out our crazy warm weather lately (see article above)…

I mean, obviously the climatologists are correct.

Pffft, yeah…


seriously stop it [Source]

News Mash: Was 2013 the year of too much shame…Or not enough?


Was it, like some claim…

A year WITHOUT shame:

[via NationalReview]2013: The Year of Shamelessness : America reached new depths of depravity this year — but just wait for 2014 to outdo it. ~By Rich Lowry

All things considered, it was a year without shame.

It was the year that Miley Cyrus French-kissed a sledgehammer in the music video for her song “Wrecking Ball,” and cavorted naked on said wrecking ball. The former Disney star popularized the act of twerking in a performance at the MTV Video Music Awards that was so luridly infantile, it wasn’t outrageous so much as pathetic. Yet it worked. It gained her at least another 15 minutes of fame and probably more, to have people pay attention to other insipid things she might do, usually half-clothed. Cyrus made us yearn for the good taste and restraint of the era of Lady Gaga, not to mention the golden age of classic Britney Spears.

It was the year the president of the United States posed in a selfie with other foreign leaders at a memorial service for Nelson Mandela. He evidently had a grand time, but made us nostalgic for the period before our presidents posed in selfies with other heads of state, i.e., the long stretch of American history ending on December 9, 2013.

It was the year Anthony Weiner admitted in the midst of his New York City mayoral campaign that he had continued to sext after resigning from Congress for sexting. Under the delightfully absurd alias “Carlos Danger,” he had sent pictures of his private parts to a 22-year-old woman, whose notoriety instantly launched her career in adult film and as a spokesmodel for an adultery-facilitating website. Weiner made us fondly recall the self-effacing modesty of past New York City politicians like Ed Koch and Rudy Giuliani.

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Was it a year?

With possibly far too MUCH shaming:

[via Jezebel]2013: The Year in Shaming ~Madeleine Davies

2013 was The Year of a lot of things. It was the year of Beyoncé (again). It was the year of royal babies, Jennifer Lawrence, white girls twerking, teens sending dick picks and Robin Thicke’s emergence as a feminist scholar (again). It was — as concluded by Rembert Browne’s sprawling and thorough “Who Won 2013” bracket — the year of cultural appropriation. But there’s another not-so-silent-yet-often-ignored star of 2013 that deserves its due —- and that star is shame.


2013 was the year when everyone felt shamed no matter what they did and yet somehow, despite all that shame, never managed to shut up about how shamed they were feeling. Now, it goes without saying that some types of shaming are very real and damaging. Shaming someone for the shape of their body, the color of their skin, their gender, the number of people they’ve slept with or their sexual orientation is both fucked up and — most unfortunately — a deeply institutionalized part of our culture. Those specific types of shaming deserve addressing because they degrade people over arbitrary bullshit that they cannot (and/or should not be expected to) control.

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When it comes to ‘shame’ and 2013…

Riddle me this:

What was it for YOU?

Because honestly…

I think the question is answered quite differently, all depending on which side of the microphone you happen to be on.

Just sayin’.

News Mash: The future of ‘healthy’ meals? Not lovin’ it!

McDonald’s food?

Is NOT good for you.


Even McDonald’s knows this:

[via]McDonald’s employee website warns workers away from its fast food ~By Deborah Kotz

In a strange bit of hypocrisy, McDonald’s internal employee website advises workers not to eat a fast-food cheeseburger and fries—pointing out that a subway sandwich is a healthier choice when eating out. The content was provided by a third-party vendor, according to CNBC which first reported on the site.

The McResource Line site—which can be accessed by the public after registering online—appears to steer McDonald’s employees away from eating where they work, though it doesn’t name the actual establishment.

“In general, avoiding items that are deep fried are your best bet,” the site advises on a page devoted to fast food tips. “Healthier choices include sandwiches that can be loaded with vegetables. Limit the extras such as cheese, bacon, and mayonnaise. Eat at places that offer a variety of salads, soups and vegetables to help maintain your best health.”

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Ironically enough?

What will be the ‘good for you’ food of the future?

Looks, and sounds…

A whole lot LESS appetizing:

[via DailyMail]Insect burgers, diabetes-treating lettuce and reinforced bread: How the burger of the future could be a HEALTH food

  • Purple tomatoes with anti-inflammatory properties have been developed, says Dr Emma Davies, writing in the magazine Science Uncovered
  • They can slow the development of some cancerous tumours
  • There is now lettuce that boosts the body’s production of insulin
  • Insects, which are very nutritious, are increasingly popular in restaurants

By Dr Emma Davies

The word schmeat – a form of meat produced synthetically from biological tissue – made it on to the shortlist for the Oxford Dictionaries’ word of the year.


The word is rarely used, but its very inclusion in the shortlist reflects the long-term significance of the events that occurred in London in August, when the world’s first lab-grown hamburger – developed by a team at Maastricht University in the Netherlands – was cooked and served.

It’s a vital development, because current meat production methods are not sustainable and meeting global demand is becoming become increasingly difficult.

The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organisation estimates that demand for meat will increase by more than two-thirds over the next 40 years.

The Dutch scientists responsible for the first schmeat predict ‘cultured’ meats (ones grown artificially) could be commercially available within 10 to 20 years.

‘With the current technology, we can make the meat at a reasonable price and that will only come down as we improve the production process,’ says lead scientist Professor Mark Post. ‘There are still a few technical hurdles, but they require just work and time, and the outcome is reasonably predictable.’

Although the team say synthetic meat is biologically the same, it will need to replicate its appearance closely to tempt doubters.

Cultured beef is currently white, and coloured using beetroot. Professor Post’s team are now working on cultivating fat tissue and increasing levels of the pigment myoglobin, which gives meat its colour. This would offer a more authentic flavour and appearance.

But beef patties aren’t the only part of our diet to attract the attention of food scientists.

In the future, every aspect of a burger – from the bun to the relish – could be modified to make it more sustainable.

What’s more, it could even become something of a health food. The science is tantalisingly close to delivering, but any new GM foods would have to overcome a raft of regulations, particularly in Europe.

Creepy-crawly cuisine is coming

Insects are highly nutritious and heading to a dinner plate near you.

The idea of eating tangles of muscle from a Petri dish may be unpalatable to some. Even less appealing, however, may be the idea of devouring insects, deep-fried or otherwise.

Yet in restaurants from London to Sydney, insects are proving quite a hit with a niche audience keen to eat delights such as grasshoppers, locusts, crickets and scorpions (heat-treated, of course, to remove the toxins).

Insects actually form part of the traditional diets of at least two billion people worldwide, according to The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations.

There’s no escaping the fact that they are good for you. A recent FAO report points to the benefits of eating insects.

…[Read More]

And since we are talking about McDonald’s food here…

And the “healthy” stuff above being a lot LESS appetizing?


That’s saying something.


News Mash: The robot uprising is coming! Jeez…Thanks Google.

Internet traffic?

Mainly driven by robots.

And by ‘mainly’…

I mean OVER 50%.

[via Gizmodo]Over 60 Percent of Internet Traffic Is Now Driven By Bots ~Jamie Condliffe

Chances are that, if you’re visiting this page, you’re not a human. A new study reveals that 61.5 percent of all website traffic is generated by automated bots. Hi, robot!

The research, carried out by researchers Incapsula, shows that bot-produced traffic has jumped by 21 percent in the last year alone. But while it might sound weird, all this automated traffic might not be a bad thing.

While plenty of those bots will be malicious—trying to steal data or post dodgy ads—the researchers point out that the biggest jump in growth is for good bots, which are now 55 percent more active.

Typically, they index content, help perform analytics or preserve web pages for the future. In fact, there seems to have been a drop in the levels of some malicious activity—with a 75 percent drop in the frequency of spam links being automatically posted, for instance.

The results were generated over 90 days, observing 1.45 billion bot visits on more than 20,000 sites. By no means a complete analysis, but almost certainly broadly indicative of what’s happening out there on the wild, wild web. [BBC]

…[Read More]

See, you scoff.

I know you do.

“This isn’t a big deal.” You say.


Do you know just who it is YOU are talking to:

[via io9]Freakishly realistic telemarketing robots are denying they’re robots ~George DvorskyFreakishly realistic telemarketing robots are denying they're robots

This is how it starts, people. First we get our chatbots to sound and act realistic — and then we get them to convince everyone they’re actually human. Listen to this crazy conversation between Time‘s Michael Scherer and a telemarketing robot who refuses to admit her true artificial nature.

Recently, Time Washington Bureau Chief Michael Scherer received a phone call from an apparently bright and engaging woman asking him if he wanted a deal on his health insurance. But he soon got the feeling something wasn’t quite right.

After asking the telemarketer point blank if she was a real person or a computer-operated robot, she chuckled charmingly and insisted she was real. Looking to press the issue, Scherer asked her a series of questions, which she promptly failed. Such as, “What vegetable is found in tomato soup?” To which she responded by saying she didn’t understand the question. When asked what day of the week it was yesterday, she complained of a bad connection (ah, the oldest trick in the book).

[CLICK LINK] Here, listen for yourself:

…[Read More]



Thanks to Google?

Is just the beginning of the ‘scary’.

[via NYTimes]Google Adds to Its Menagerie of Robots

SAN FRANCISCO — BigDog, Cheetah, WildCat and Atlas have joined Google’s growing robot menagerie.

Google confirmed on Friday that it had completed the acquisition of Boston Dynamics, an engineering company that has designed mobile research robots for the Pentagon. The company, based in Waltham, Mass., has gained an international reputation for machines that walk with an uncanny sense of balance and even — cheetahlike — run faster than the fastest humans.

It is the eighth robotics company that Google has acquired in the last half-year. Executives at the Internet giant are circumspect about what exactly they plan to do with their robot collection. But Boston Dynamics and its animal kingdom-themed machines bring significant cachet to Google’s robotic efforts, which are being led by Andy Rubin, the Google executive who spearheaded the development of Android, the world’s most widely used smartphone software.

The deal is also the clearest indication yet that Google is intent on building a new class of autonomous systems that might do anything from warehouse work to package delivery and even elder care.

…[Read More]

…As well as?

Take. Over. The. WORLD!

The robot invasion is coming.

Sooner than you think.

Prepare yourself, people…


what its all good [Source]

News Mash: Get married, or ‘do what you want’ & staying single? Listen to your gut!

You know.

The person that you’re with?


You’re gut knows, very much, if they are the ONE.

Or, quite simply?

The one you should do without:

[via Medical Daily] Newlyweds Gut Feelings Predict Whether A Marriage Will Remain Happy ~By

Trusting your gut may be the key to avoiding a divorce. A new study in the journal Science shows that gut feelings can forecast whether a newlywed couple will remain happy. In contrast, outward displays or exclamations of affection were a poor predictor of ultimate marital bliss.

“Everyone wants to be in a good marriage. And in the beginning, many people are able to convince themselves of that at a conscious level,” said psychologist and lead author James McNulty of Florida State University. “But these automatic, gut-level responses are less influenced by what people want to think. You can’t make yourself have a positive response through a lot of wishful thinking.”

Despite marriage being woven into the fabric of society since the dawn of modern civilization, people remain somewhat clueless when it comes to picking a partner “to have and to hold until death do thee part.” The divorce rate for first marriages has floated around 40-50 percent for the last 20 years. There are some indications that the divorce rate is dropping, but those trends may be due to a greater reluctance toward getting married in the first place.

…[Read More]

Listen to it.

And should your gut convince you that, when it comes to you and the person that you are currently dating, whether your days would be best spent apart?


There are worst things that could happen.

Being single?

Not so bad.

[via YourTango]100 Best Things About Being Single

Having just one schedule to plan fun weekends around.i do what I want

Lingerie shopping that depends on what *I* love, not someone else’s taste in what I should wear.

I get to rock out to “Ridin’ Solo” by Jason DeRulo AND “Single Ladies” By Beyonce — the single ladies anthems!

I feel no guilt when I kick you out early in the morning. It’s my place, dude, I do what I want.

I can watch Sex and The City every single weeknight at 8 p.m.

Eight hours of delicious, uninterrupted sleep.

Morning workouts that aren’t derailed.

Having the funniest/most fun pics on Facebook when everyone else is posting pics of their kids.

I can order takeout, and the leftovers will last me all week.

#91 I can hog the remote.

I can skip a day (or — dare I say it — two) of shaving my legs.

…[Read More – See All 100 HERE!]


Don’t let all those unhappily married people convince you otherwise.


Being single IS the answer…

Not the question.

News Mash: Must kiss puppies! Bacteria or no.

Do you have a thing for puppies?

If you do, you’re very much like me…

And gifs like THIS (below):

[Click HERE to see video of Chow Puppy (above) stuck in a bowl!]

Just make you want to kiss one…

Right on the mouth.

But SHOULD you?

Now there’s a question

[via CesarsWay]Should You Kiss Your Dog? ~By Nicole Pajer

We all do it — come home and find our dogs at the door, tails wagging, and looking longingly at us. We swoop down, give them a hug and plant a juicy kiss on their faces, often allowing them to reciprocate with a lick on the nose, cheek, or mouth. But is this sanitary? Can you get sick from kissing your dog? A new study may have you thinking twice about letting your dog lick your face.

The Study

In 2011, a team of Japanese researchers collected dental plaque from 66 dogs and 81 humans who visited dog training schools and animal clinics in Okayama, Japan. The plaque was placed under the microscope and analyzed for signs of bacteria. As theorized, the research results — as published in the journal Archives of Oral Biology — determined that both humans and dogs contain bacteria in their mouths, which could potentially be transferred to each other through “kissing.”

Kissing Your Dog Can Lead to Gum Disease

Researchers found disease-causing “peridontopathic” bacteria present in plaque of both the dogs and humans tested. This bacteria is linked to periodontis, a severe form of gum disease which, according to the Pacific Northwest Veterinary Dentist & Oral Surgery Center, causes the destruction of the supporting tissues of the tooth and can lead to heart disease, kidney disease, and diabetes.

Types of Bacteria Found in the Samples

The study revealed that three kinds of disease-causing oral bacteria: Porphyromonas gulae, Tannerella forsythia, and Campylobacter rectus “were frequently found in the dogs, whereas the detection rates of those species in humans were less frequent.” There goes the myth that “your dog’s mouth is cleaner than yours.

…[Read More]


Oh, come on…

How can you resist this face?

just try to resist me [Source]


What’s a little possible gum disease between friends, eh?

So, yeah…


Still loving those puppy kisses.

Bacteria or no.

News Mash: Robot apocalypse…Brought to you by Amazon!

*shakes head sadly*

Amazon, Amazon…

What are you doing?!

Now, see…

Just look.

LOOK (below) what you have done!

[via Wired]Google Builds Robot Army for Battle With Amazon ~By Marcus Wohlsen

Google grows more and more like Amazon with each passing month, transforming itself into an honest-to-goodness online shopping company, and this evolution is increasingly overt. But things got really cool today with the news that the web giant is posed to challenge Amazon with an army of robots.

In an excellent piece of reporting, The New York Times’ John Markoff reveals that, led by the former head of its Android mobile operating system, Google is quietly buying up robotics startups for a project that appears more than just experimental.

“If Amazon can imagine delivering books by drones,” Markoff writes, “is it too much to think that Google might be planning to one day have one of the robots hop off an automated Google Car and race to your doorstep to deliver a package?”

The difference between Amazon’s drone stunt and Google’s retail robot skunkworks, run by Andy Rubin, is that it seems far more serious. While Amazon released an unrealistic marketing video that had little to do with how its operations really work, Markoff’s sources say that Google is taking incremental steps to automate steps all along the consumer-product supply chain, from manufacturing to shipping.

Delivery would seem to be the process where Google has made the strongest advances, though its self-driving cars predate Rubin’s project. Speculation that autonomous vehicles would someday power Google’s new same-day delivery online shopping service arose almost simultaneously with the announcement of the service itself. But delivery — the so-called “last mile” — is only one piece of the process that gets products from manufacturer to consumer.

All along the way, from factory to fulfillment center, technologies attempt to optimize the actions of human workers according to calculations made by computers. In other words, companies believe that the cent-shaving efficiencies they crave come the more they can get people to act like robots.

…[Read More]


Freaking robots are gonna be buzzing everywhere…

All up in our business?

The first step to a Robot Apocalypse (not to be confused with the Zombie Apocalypse, which comes later), by the way.

And it’s gonna be…

All. Your. Fault.

Shame on you!

brought to you by Amazon

News Mash: Panic button for your smartphone? Yeah…This will end well. *shakes head sadly*

Do you feel…

Like danger lurks around every turn?

If you do…

Then boy, does THIS (below) company have the app for YOU:

[via DailyMail] New personal safety app allows smartphone users to tell friends and family when they are in danger

  • PanicMe sends out red, amber or green alerts to up to 30 contacts if user feels at risk
  • Location is pinpointed by GPRS and shows respondents who is the closest
  • Developers worked alongside local police forces to help public feel safer

By Daily Mail Reporter

Smartphone users can now set off a personal panic button to alert family and friends that they are in danger.

PanicMe fires off alerts of differing levels of importance to a chosen network of contacts if the user feels threatened or vulnerable.


The sender’s location is then pinpointed using GPRS and potential responders can see how close they are so they can put a plan of action in place.

Offering a traffic light of options, a red alert tells contacts the sender is in imminent danger of being attacked or hurt, amber suggests you will need help soon, while green means you are in a low risk situation, such as being lost or breaking down.

The alerts can be sent to up to 30 contacts and can be accessed by police, who are able to login when notified at their control room.

Contacts are notified by pop-messages on their smartphones at regular intervals, with the space between the alerts depending on the panic button option. The alerts only stop once the alarm is deactivated by the sender.

The app, which launches this week, was developed by experts at DataMe, who worked alongside local police forces to come up with a program to help people feel safer in their daily lives.

…[Read More]

Oh, I can just see it now.

As someone who deals with alarm calls (99.9% of them false) on a daily basis, let me assure you…

No matter how this app above SEEMS like a good idea?

Little good will come of it.

For example…

You receive this urgent alert:  “Help–HELP!”

Immediately followed by this one: “I’m in sever danger of passing out from all the cuteness!”

Then THIS:

Come on…

You can’t tell me you don’t know an idiot who, if they got this app?

Would think it was funny to pull some crap just LIKE that.

idiots [Source]

We all know at least one.

and that ONE?

All it would take to make this pretty promising app?

A nightmare in disguise.

News Mash: Making robots kill & read our minds? Not a good idea, people!

The thought of…

Mind-reading robots?


In and of itself, pretty darn terrifying:

[via ScienceDaily] Mind-Reading Robots Coming Ever Closer

Nov. 14, 2013 — If you think with the release of every new i-device the world is getting closer to thought-controlled smart tech and robotic personal assistants, you might be right.

And thanks in part to work led by the University of Cincinnati’s Anca Ralescu, we may be even closer than you realize.

Professor Ralescu of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computing Systems will discuss her team’s research aims and current progress on brain-computer interface at the International Human-Centered Robotics Symposium (HuCeRo). The University of Cincinnati’s College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS) will host the symposium on Nov. 14-17 at UC’s Kingsgate Marriott Conference Center. The symposium aims to bring together leading researchers and engineers in the fields of robotics, computer science, material science and brain-computer interaction. Ralescu’s presentation will be Nov. 17.

“The idea of human-centered systems in general, and human-centered robotics in particular, is not new. But to some extent things were just not in place. Some technology or other was either missing or too expensive,” Ralescu says. “To my knowledge, there is no formal curriculum in this area in any university. If UC moves forward with creating such a curriculum, it could be among the first of its kind. So UC would be a pioneer in establishing such a curriculum.”

…[Read More]


Add in the fact…

That in ten short years?

There will be MORE Robot soldiers that U.S. human soldiers:

[via Gizmodo]US Army robots will outnumber human soldiers 10 to 1 by 2023

Talking at a US Army demonstration of autonomous weaponized robots at Fort Benning, Georgia, experts said that “ten years from now, there will probably be one soldier for every 10 robots. Each soldier could have one or five robots flanking him, looking for enemies, scanning for land mines.”

Those are the words of Scott Hartley, co-founder of 5D Robotics, who demonstrated his companies’ machines along with Northrop Grumman, QinetiQ, HDT Robotics and other robotics corporations catering to the US military. Harley also added that “robots can save lives.” And indeed they can, helping soldiers survive in a hostile environment and making their lives easier. But, obviously, they are also making them to kill.

According to the organizers, the main core of the event were the live fire demonstrations:

The Armed UGV Live Fire Demonstration will provide selected technologies an opportunity to demonstrate their ability to remotely fire a M240 accurately at stationary targets. These are highly anticipated demonstrations which will draw significant interest from Soldiers and within the U.S. Army Research communities.

…[Read More]

And toss in a couple of Terminator movies?


It’s enough to haunt one’s dreams.


Feed one’s sci-fi fantasies?


just depends on how you roll [Source]

Of course, in NO way are these two technologies connected to one another…


It’s just me, you lowly blogger, making the scary connection.

But it’s the “yet” that concerns me…

Cause you just know there is some wacko (i.e. evil genius) out there, curious enough to want to see what would happen if these two technologies were EVER paired.

And we all know what THAT would result in:

End of the World as we know it in…

News Mash: Pop stars Bieber and Gaga deflating!

It is far harder to be a celebrity…

Than it is to be a musician.

A sad fact these two (below) “stars” are just beginning to figure out:

[via ShowBiz411]Justin Bieber Releases 5 New Singles in 5 Weeks: No Airplay, No Sales ~by Roger Friedman

The screaming girls in stadiums are one thing. But teen popster Justin Bieber has no actual hits. In the last five weeks he’s released 5 new singles, each on a Monday. Only one of them is on the iTunes top 50. Not one of them is being played on the country’s number 1 pop station, Z100. It’s as if they don’t exist.

Indeed, what’s happening to Bieber looks a lot like the fate of the Jonas Brothers and other teen pop idols. The appeal is all in person. But the songs are non existent and so are the hits. Everyone knows Bieber’s antics abroad, brothels, smoking pot, racing cars in his suburban neighborhood.

But can you hum any of his songs? Probably not.

The recent singles are called “Bad Day,” “All Bad,” “Heartbreaker,” “Hold Tight,” and “Recovery.” On each of the last five Mondays, the newest one has appeared briefly on the iTunes chart, then vanished. Only “All Bad” is still hanging around this week, at number 17.

It’s not like they’ve gotten any airplay on radio. On Z100, Bieber isn’t even listed on a roster of artists and songs for listeners to request.

…[Read More]

And sadly?

They are figuring it out…

To their very peril:

[via NYPost] Gaga should focus less on stunts, more on music ~By Hardeep Phullart pop deflated

Feeling tired? Irritable? Does the mere mention of words like “art” or “pop” give you a migraine? There’s no need to call your doctor, because Dr. Phull (music critic and in-house physician at The Post) can diagnose you right now. You’ve got a severe case of Gaga-itis. I should know. I’ve got a pretty strong dose of it myself. And man, it’s a killer.

The promotional campaign for Lady Gaga’s fourth album has been relentless. In the past two weeks alone, she’s cried at the YouTube Awards, been seen wearing a flying dress at her “Art Rave,” announced she’ll be singing in space and talked endlessly about an app that very few people are going to use. It’s been like an increasingly annoying Banksy residency — but with no end in sight.

…So what is the cure for Gaga-itis? Well, Dr. Phull is sad to inform you that medical science has nothing to offer. Gaga herself is the only person who can make things better by cutting back on the stunts and the promotional appearances, and actually write some good songs. She’s working too hard on being a celebrity but not hard enough on being a musician.

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The lesson to be learned here?

Historically, famous musicians/artists over the years are remembered for the MUSIC they make.

Rather than for the spectacle they present.

Music, people…

It lives LONG after all of fun of the spectacle is gone.

News Mash: Forget the need for ‘movie ninjas’, just give me my movie in gif form, please!

Is it just me?

Or is it getting harder and harder to brave the idiot, inconsiderate masses

To watch a movie.

No matter HOW good the movie may be:

Don’t know about you…

But, me?

Because nothing makes me madder than inconsiderate, rude people ruining my movie-going experience…

And that of course after I fork over an arm, leg and kidney for a bucket of popcorn and a drink at the cinema.

It all just makes me wanna skip going to the movies altogether, and just just rent a movie out of Redbox.


Thanks to THESE (below) geniuses…

Watching full movies via gif, is now an option:



Fair warning?


Some of them might be fairly seizure inducing.


Though, suffering idiots at the movies in comparison?


The seizures might just be work it.

Movie ninjas are watching you [Movie Ninjas Source]

News Mash: Forget the ‘thigh gap’ trend. You’re beautiful, just the way you are!

It is an unfortunate fact that as women…

What we are exposed to?

Shapes how we often see ourselves.


Sadly, how OTHERS see us:

[via The Daily Beast] Robyn Lawley: Why The Dangerous “Thigh Gap” Trend Makes Me Mad ~by Robyn Lawley131028-robyn-lawley-embed

“Thinspiration” has always been a scary subject online — when unhealty images and messages proliferated on social networks such as Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram are used to encourage users to be unhealthily thin.

There is now a disturbing breed of thinspiration that pressures women and girls to pursue a “thigh gap,” which is defined as the space between one’s thighs. Everywhere online, users are posting aspirational pictures of thigh gaps, used as inspiration for weight loss and dieting. “I want the thigh gap. Right now, I could start a fire b/t my thighs,” one user laments on Pinterest. “No goal was ever achieved without thigh gap.”

The sad reality is that I’ve known about the “thigh gap” since I was 12—and there is nothing about this trend that’s new to me. Watching countless fashion shows as a teenager, I was unfortunately inundated with images of women and girls who had pronounced space between their thighs. The models’ legs would never come close to touching, even as they stomped down the runway. Staring down at my own thighs, I can safely say that has never been the case for me. I’m now classified as a “plus size” model in the fashion industry.

You can image my surprise when, a year ago, I was featured on a pro “thigh gap” Facebook page. The page displayed an un-retouched photo of me in lingerie. From the photograph, there appeared to be a gap between my thighs. Degrading and humiliating comments followed. I was called too “hefty” to be featured. The word “PIG” was often used to describe my appearance and my thigh gap was said to be not big enough. In the end I couldn’t keep silent, and after 900 or so comments about my body, I decided to chime in.

After thanking those who defended my curves, I addressed those who thought it was OK to comment negatively on a girl in her lingerie. I wrote: “You sit behind a computer screen objectifying my body, judging it and insulting it, without even knowing it.” Fortunately for me, thousands of people respect my body, which means I get to travel the world advancing the ideal that healthy is beautiful and true acceptance comes from within, not from comments on a Facebook page.

The truth is I couldn’t care less about needing a supposed “thigh gap.” It’s just another tool of manipulation that other people are trying to use to keep me from loving my body. Why would I want to starve and weaken my natural body size? I’m not saying women who have it naturally are unattractive. But I would have to change my entire frame just to achieve something that seems so trivial.

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And, to the point?

Where we suffer for it…

Via an impossible, and often harmful, objective:

[via CBSNews]Women’s desire for a “thigh gap” may be fueling eating disorders ~APomg i need a bigger thigh gap

Experts in eating disorders are concerned about an Internet-fueled trend in which teenage girls and young women pursue an elusive and possibly dangerous weight-loss goal: to become so slender that their thighs don’t touch even when their feet are together.

Specialists say achieving a so-called “thigh gap” is risky and virtually impossible. But some exceptionally thin models have the gap, which is upheld as a beauty achievement on countless Tumblr pages, blogs and other social media sites.

“The issue of focusing on a particular body part is very common,” said Claire Mysko, who oversees teen outreach and digital media for the National Eating Disorders Association, an advocacy group. “What is new is these things have taken on a life of their own because of the Internet and social media.”

When the vast majority of people stand with their feet together, their thighs touch. A tiny percentage of people have thighs so slim that they don’t come together. The “thigh gap” refers to this space.

Studies suggest that peer pressure from social media plays a significant role in eating disorders. A 2011 study at the University of Haifa found that adolescent girls who spent the most time using Facebook had a greater chance of developing a negative body image and an eating disorder.

“The intrusion and presence of social media in our lives really does make it very difficult,” said Nancy Albus, chief executive officer of Castlewood Treatment Center, a suburban St. Louis facility that focuses on eating disorders. “The important distinction about thigh gap is it gives you an actual visual to achieve, this visual comparison of how your body does or doesn’t stack up.”

Vonda Wright, a Pittsburgh-based orthopedic surgeon and fitness expert, said the spacing between a person’s legs is based mostly on genetics. And even extraordinarily thin people may not have a body type that can achieve a gap. You have to be both skinny and wide-hipped, she said.

Besides, Wright said, it isn’t a goal worth chasing. Most fit people won’t have a thigh gap because their thighs are muscular enough that they touch, she said.

“Skinny does not mean fit or muscular,” said Wright, who works with Division I athletes. “I cannot think of one athlete I deal with” who has a thigh gap.

…[Read More]


When it comes to thinspiration and and ‘thigh gap’, ladies?

Never forget…

Trivial is exactly what it is.

Do not do irreparable harm to yourself and all in the attempt to obtain something, which fundamentally changes your complete body shape into something abnormal for YOU.

See, and love yourself, for who you are…

Not for what the media, and the idiot trolls who live their lives via the social networks?

Tell you who you are suppose to be.

For you’re beautiful…

Just the way you are.

News Mash: Whereas men are ‘fuller’ women are ‘fat’…How is this fair?

Although most in the media, popular culture, and generally your average, normal everyday people who-should-know-better, will deny it…

There exists a huge stigma for women who look normal.

And by “normal”?

I mean women who are of an average, non-scary, non-anorexic-like weight.

[via Dailymail]Body-confident Danielle Fishel sheds her inhibitions as she slips into a bikini on Hawaiian honeymoon a week Body-confident: Newlywed Danielle Fishel proved she wasn't going to let cyber bullies get to her as she hit the beach in Maui, Hawaii on Saturday in a bikini - a week after being called fat on her wedding dayafter facing cruel weight taunts ~By Juliet Paylor

After battling online body bullies just last week, it’s good to see that newlywed Danielle Fishel hasn’t let her haters get the best of her.

The actress looked trim, tanned and terrific as she hit the beach in Maui, Hawaii on Saturday with new husband Tim Belusko as the pair enjoyed their romantic honeymoon.

The 32-year-old slipped into a tiny mismatched bikini, consisting of black halterneck top and blue and white striped bottoms with green waist accents as she frolicked in the surf and soaked up the rays.

‘Ppl saying I was FAT @ my wedding: u r the worst kind of ppl on the PLANET. I weigh 107 pounds & am 5’1″. YOU are the reason anorexia exists,’ she hit back at critics on October 22.

‘I hope you’ll look at your own miserable lives and learn to stop judging others on their weight and looks. Love and happiness wins again.’

Despite the hatred, she insisted she wasn’t going to let the unkind words of complete strangers ruin her honeymoon.

She wrote: ‘Side note, I plan on coming home from this honeymoon weighing 299 pounds. #love #goodfood #adultbeverages #allday.’

The new Mrs Belusko then proved she’s strong in the face of adversity as she shed her inhibitions and her clothes to enjoy every aspect of her vacation.

…[Read More]

When it comes to weight, and men vs women?

Women are definitely held to an unhealthy, near unaccomplishable standard…

Whereas men?


Not so much.

[via]Weight Bias: Does it Affect Men and Women Differently?
by Kelly King, MPH, and Rebecca Puhl, PhD

Weight bias is extremely prevalent in the United States. Individuals who are affected by excess weight or obesity experience discrimination across a wide variety of settings, including healthcare, employment, schools, and interpersonal relationships.

Weight Bias in Life
In employment settings, employees who are affected by excess weight or obesity are less likely to get hired or be recommended for promotions compared to thinner employees. They are also faced with lower wages and increased risk of job termination based on their weight alone. In healthcare settings, patients affected by obesity often experience prejudice, apathy and lower quality of care from medical professionals, which may result in patients choosing to delay or forgo crucial preventative care to avoid additional humiliation. Students also face weight-based victimization in educational settings from peers, teachers and even parents, which may interfere with social support and educational attainment. Weight stigma is even present in interpersonal relationships with friends, family and romantic partners, such that negative judgment invades almost all areas of the lives of people affected by obesity.

Gender Differences in Experiences of Weight Stigma
Although both men and women are vulnerable to weight discrimination, their experiences may differ with respect to how much discrimination they are exposed to and the forms that it takes. Most notably, women seem to experience higher levels of weight stigmatization than men, even at lower levels of excess weight.

How is this fair

Research suggests that women, especially those who are middle aged or with lower levels of education, experience weight discrimination at significantly higher rates than male peers. Moreover, women report weight discrimination at lower levels of excess weight than men. For example, men tend to report considerable stigmatization at a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 35 or higher, whereas women report experiencing notable increases in weight discrimination at a lower BMI of only 27.

…[Read More]

Note to Media:

Women have curves. Figures.

They. Are. Suppose. To.

Now get over it.

News Mash: The Craziest Multi-Tool ever made needed for the Poecilotheria rajaei? Yup.

Alight, Mother Nature…

I see how you are.

Create a “face-sized” (and yes, it’s described EXACTLY that way) spider?

Not funny at ALL:

[via Listverse]10 Awesome Species We Just Discovered ~by Michael Stoke

For the squeamish, or even remotely arachnophobic, the jungles of Sri Lanka are most likely already on your list of places to avoid. Recently, another large addition was added to the list of reasons why. A newly discovered tarantula species, Poecilotheria rajaei, is described as “face-sized,” measuring about 20 centimeters (8 in) across.


Redefining creepy, the tarantula is remarkable for the grey and yellow stripes along its legs and body. The giant spiders prefer established old trees, but have recently moved into old and abandoned buildings because of deforestation. During the effort to identify the new species, a police detective was employed to locate the creatures, many of which were found inside a local hospital.

[Read More – See All 10 awesome Species We Just Discovered HERE!]

But that’s OK…

Luckily humans are a scary species.

And we can often create things just as pocket-sized…

And lethal:

[via Wired]The Craziest Multi-Tool Ever Made Kills in 100 Different Ways ~By Liz Stinson

This multi-bladed folding knife was made in Germany around 1880. Image: Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History

can kill the Poecilotheria rajaei

Most Swiss Army knives could be pressed into service as a weapon. They have a pocket knife and a corkscrew with a decently sharp end. Even that nail file could do some damage if you really wanted it to. But all of that stuff starts to look pretty innocent—cute even!—when placed next to the multi-tool gadget you see above. Just take a moment to appreciate its absurd complexity. This amped-up Swiss Army-style knife has 100 functions, which is a demure way to say there are 100 very scary looking blades of different varieties packed into its 10-inch handle. Oh, and did you notice the fully-functioning .22-caliber pin-shot revolver tucked in between the shears and dagger? This is, simply put, the most badass Swiss Army knife ever created.

…[Read More]




Definitely not as scary.