News Mash: “Everybody is getting naked” a fact soon that this Tweeting bra will know!

Music pop sensations, movie icons and television stars…

Question: Honestly, is there any female celeb out there NOT trying to exploit their body, by taking their clothes of?

Answer: Yup.

Though apparently just one.

[via The Blaze]‘Everybody’s Getting Naked’: Which Pop Star Is Fed Up With Scantily-Clad Starlets Always Pulling the ‘Sexy Card’? ~

Pop star Katy Perry has been known to don bras made of whipped cream cans, but even she thinks some of her peers need to tone down the “sexy.”

In a new interview with NPR, the 29-year-old singer said she’s becoming an “inspiration out of default” for kids because “everybody (else is) getting naked.”

“I think when you set out to be an artist, first and foremost – a musician, a rock ‘n’ roller – you don’t come with this kind of, like, hey, I also want to be a role model that, obviously, will let you down because I’m a human being,” Perry told NPR’s Scott Simon. “And a lot of people see me as a role model but I’d like to kind of turn that around and say I appreciate that but I’d like to be seen as an inspiration. Because a role model, I think, will fail you.

She continued, “I mean, I couldn’t tell kids when it’s time for them to try things or do things. I mean, that’s not my role. But, you know, it’s funny. I do see myself becoming this, whatever, inspiration out of default right now, ’cause it’s such a strange world. Like females in pop – everybody’s getting naked. I mean, I’ve been naked before but I don’t feel like I have to always get naked to be noticed. But it’s interesting to see…”

Asked whether she was referring to anyone specifically, Perry declined to name names, saying it just seems like every star now is following the “sexy” blueprint.

While she said she wasn’t judging women who go the “sexy” route, it’s “nice to play other cards” too.

…[Read More]

Haven’t been a big fan of hers, but I have to say?

I might be so now.

Love what she is saying here, “You don’t have to use that card.”

Cause she is right, ladies…

You don’t.

And because you don’t?

Thankfully there now exists an ap (even if it IS only in Greek at this time), which will hopefully help keep your ‘taking your clothes off all the freaking time’ issues in check.

[Though, yes, admittedly, that is NOT it’s intent, for it’s intent is actually for good… But you just know people will figure out how to use it for ‘strippery-evil’…Hello, hackers–Looking at YOU!]

Cause yes, unless you want all the Twitter followers to know how strippery you are?

Might wanna keep your clothes on.

Because every time THIS (below) bra comes off?

It sends a Tweet.

[via Brietbart]Tweeting Bra: Sends Tweets Every Time It’s Unclasped ~by Jon David Kahn

A Greek marketing group has created the first “Tweeting Bra” as part of a campaign from Nestle Fitness for October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The social networking bra utilizes a special mechanism hidden under the hook of the bra. When it is unhooked, a signal is sent to a cell phone which in turn notifies a server that generates a tweet.

this exists

A popular Greek TV presenter, Maria Bacodimou, will be wearing the tweeting bra for two weeks. Whenever her bra comes off, a tweet will be sent to her roughly 150 K followers reminding them to perform breast self-exams.  The Tweeting Bra also has it’s own account on Twitter.

Unfortunately, the bra only sends Tweets in Greek at this time.

…[Read More]

Be dignified.

Have a little self-respect.

Cause, no…

You don’t have to take your clothes off?

To have a good time.

Oh. No.

News Mash: Less manly men? Live longer and are better parents!

For men?

It’s a fair trade-off really.

Have smaller testicles?

Be a better parent:

[via ScienceBlog]Testicle size correlates with men’s involvement in toddler care

Smaller testicular volumes also correlate with more nurturing-related brain activity in fathers as they are looking at photos of their own children, the study shows.

“Our data suggest that the biology of human males reflects a trade-off between mating and parenting effort,” says Emory anthropologist James Rilling, whose lab conducted the research.

The goal of the research is to determine why some fathers invest more energy in parenting than others. “It’s an important question,” Rilling says, “because previous studies have shown that children with more involved fathers have better social, psychological and educational outcomes.”

Life History Theory holds that evolution optimizes the allocation of resources toward either mating or parenting to maximize fitness. “Our study is the first to investigate whether human anatomy and brain function explain this variance in parenting effort,” says Jennifer Mascaro, who led the study as a post-doctoral fellow in the Rilling lab.

While many economic, social and cultural factors likely influence a father’s level of caregiving, the researchers wanted to investigate possible biological links.

They knew that lower levels of testosterone in men have been correlated with greater paternal involvement, and that higher levels of the hormone predict divorce as well as polygamy.

…[Read More]

And if that isn’t enough to sway you guys…

That being less manly is really a good thing?


Then how about this:

[via DiscoverMagazine]More “feminine” men are less likely to die from heart disease. ~by Seriously Science

It’s well known that men have higher rates of heart disease than women. But is there a difference between “girlier” and “manlier” men when it comes to heart disease death rates? This study surveyed over 1500 men and women to determine whether femininity vs. masculinity was associated with risk of death from coronary heart disease. They found that men identified as “feminine” or “expressive” had a lower risk of death from heart disease than those who had a more stereotypically masculine self-image, suggesting that differences in heart disease death rates between men and women might not solely be physiological. Maybe the stereotypically masculine men are just too stubborn to go to the doctor?

Decreased risk of death from coronary heart disease amongst men with higher ‘femininity’ scores: a general population cohort study.

…[Read More]

Honestly, guys…

Don’t buck the Science.

Being a bit feminine, and in touch with the softer side of you, these days?

Never a bad thing…


Don't hate me
[Source – Sephora has the spirit of a warrior, which means fighting to always be the best]

In fact?

I think it’s rather beautiful.

So, come on guys…

Embrace the softer side of you.

It can only benefit you.


Inside and out.

News Mash: Men want classy, not trashy? Wow, is modesty making a comeback?!

These days, it is near impossible to turn on your TV for any length of time and NOT stumble across some women partially undressed.

Today’s culture definitely tilts towards indecency in women, as favorable.

Is there anyway for MODESTY to make a comeback?


Don’t answer TOO quickly.

There exists a movement…

For women to reveal their dignity, by respecting their bodies enough to keep SOME of it covered”

[via The Blaze]Is Modesty Making a Comeback? Designer Criticized for Viral Swimsuit Evolution Speech Now Sold Out of Inventory ~by Liz Klimas

There’s a generation that knows her as the white Power Ranger or soap opera character, but actress Jessica Rey has a new crusade that’s getting some recent viral attention — a campaign for modest swimwear.

Rey’s line called Rey Swimwear with the slogan “Who Says It Has to Be Itsy Bitsy” launched in 2008 with vintage-inspired swimsuits manufactured out of Orange County, California.

Q, a Christian group, recently featured a speech by Rey — The Evolution of the Swimsuit: Can Modesty Make a Comeback — that spurred viral discussion in the days that followed.

Rey covers the pre-bikini “bathing costume” era and the origins of the bikini itself. The bikini was invented in 1946 by Frenchman Louis Reard, naming it after the atomic bomb testing site and advertising it as the world’s tiniest swimsuit.

Although many women wear bikinis now, Rey says that historically they didn’t catch on right away in the United States, with some beaches having guards to measure sizes of swimsuits.

“It’s no wonder that the girl in the song was afraid to come out of the water,” Rey said, referencing the lyrics of the 1960 Brian Hyland song “Itsty Bitsy Tinnie Winnie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini.”

It was within this decade though, that the bikini gained popularity.

“Last year alone, spending on the bikini totaled $8 billion,” Rey said. “The popularity of the bikini has been attributed to the power of women, not the power of fashion.”

At this point, Rey examines the “power that wearing the bikini brings.” Rey references studies that found brain scans showing little activity in the part of the brain associated with considering another’s feelings and the most activity in the area of the brain that also lights up when viewing tools.

“A Princeton professor said, ‘it’s as if they are reacting to these women as if they are not fully human. It is consistent with the idea as if they were responding to these woman as objects, not people,’” Rey quoted.

“So, it seems that wearing a bikini does give a woman power — the power to shut down a man’s ability to see her as a person but rather as an object,” Rey said. “This is certainly not the kind of power women were searching for.”

Rey says that based on studies, it seems the goals women are trying to achieve — equality, respect, etc. — are better met when dressed modestly. But the very word “modesty,” she said, is “often met with disdain.”

Rey admits that she too had these thoughts about modesty at first and became especially frustrated when she decided to stop wearing bikinis and couldn’t find an attractive one-piece. That’s when she decided to design her own.

“My goal is to disprove the age-old notion that when it comes to swimsuits ‘less is more,’ and that you can’t dress modestly without sacrificing fashion,” Rey said.

“We need to teach girls that modesty isn’t about covering up our bodies because they’re bad,” Rey added later. “Modesty isn’t about hiding ourselves, it’s about revealing our dignity.”

…[Read More]


When it comes to dignity and revealing women’s bodies?

The truth may surprise you.

And that truth being?

As odd as it may seem…

A majority of men say they actually have more respect for women who practice decorum & modesty.

[via DailyMail]Should Rihanna put away her hotpants? Now men say they are turned OFF by women in revealing clothes ~by Be classyRuth Styles

  • 54 % of men say they prefer a ‘classy’ dresser
  • 45% of British men prefer demure Duchess of Cambridge style dressers
  • 17% said clothes don’t matter – provided the wearer is attractive
  • Just 22% of men would respect a women who wore revealing clothes

She’s famous for stepping out in tiny bottom-baring shorts and is a fan of the crop top too but Rihanna’s ab-baring antics won’t win her many few fans among men.

New research has shown that far from being fans of revealing clothes, men prefer women like the Duchess of Cambridge who plump for feminine, demure styles.

The survey found that 45 per cent of British men preferred elegant dressers, with just 31 per cent saying they liked revealing styles.

Another 17 per cent said they didn’t mind what a potential date wore – provided she was attractive – and, in a finding guaranteed to raise a few feminine hackles, the vast majority said they were more likely to respect a woman who covered up.

More than half claimed they would respect a woman more if she had a reserved style, while a  quarter said it depended on the woman in question.

Just 22 per cent of men said they would respect a woman if she was sporting a revealing outfit.

While demure styles have enjoyed a spike in sales thanks to the Kate effect, Rihanna’s debut collection for River Island was a huge success – proof that not everyone is a fan of the royal dress sense.

Other celebrity women have also chosen to follow Rihanna’s lead, with Miley Cyrus, Cara Delevingne and the entire cast of The Only Way Is Essex among those regularly seen in low cut tops and buttock scraping shorts.

Despite their demand for demure dressing, it appears that looks rather than dress sense are the deciding factor in whether a man approaches a woman in a bar or not.

According to the study, 61 per cent of British men claimed they went out specifically to meet members of the opposite sex, with 67 per cent saying that they would approach an attractive woman if they saw someone they liked in a bar or club.

When asked which sort of woman would be more likely get their phone number, 55 per cent said it would be a woman in a dressed in a ‘classy’ outfit.

…[Read More]

Now, ladies…

If we could have just as must respect for ourselves, by covering up?

We could all take a huge step towards reclaiming our dignity, for the generations that will follow us.

Now that?

Would be progress to be proud of.

News Mash: If the cat revolution has begun in France…Cat ties may be the cause!


They are seen by some…

As boon companions!

“Cats are wonderful pets — they are just so loving, harmless & cute!”

So says you cat lovers.

Oddly enough?

It’s very much the reason why you people seem insistent on putting clothes on them…

To their obvious displeasure:

[via DailyMail] Puss in suits! The neckties for cats that are the purrrfect accessory for fashionable felines ~by Margot PeppersCat neckties

Cats are used to wearing collars, but a growing trend sees them sporting neck accessories that are significantly more formal.

Judging by the number of Etsy retailers selling them, neckties and bowties for cats are officially a craze, and they come in a whole stylish variety of colors, sizes and patterns.

The only thing cuter than the ties themselves – which range in price from $2 to $10 – are the cats modeling them, who strike adorably feline poses in each photo on the website.

Etsy seller Blue Beagle designs three-quarter-inch-wide ties, made out of washable fabric, for $10 each.

Some of the patterns on these kitty accessories are houndstooth, polka dot, argyle and floral.

Made by Etsy seller 2random, the unique necktie is made out of duct tape, and can be purchased on the website for a bargain at $2.

…[Read More]

But France?

Oh yes…

It knows the truth!

Cats have a dark side & it’s one most cats lovers ignore.

A dark side?

Just waiting for the purrfect opportunity?

To come out and “play”!

[via Telegraph] Warning To Tourists in France After Attacks by Feral Catscat attack

Visitors to one of France’s most beautiful tourist areas were today warned to be on their guard after a pack of feral cats launched an attack on a young woman.

About six cats pounced on the unnamed dog owner as she walked her poodle in the city of Belfort, in the popular Franche-Comte region, on the Swiss border, dragging her to the ground and mauling her.

She was bitten repeatedly and left with a torn artery which could have proved fatal, while the dog was also badly hurt.

Josette Galliot, the mother of the 31-year-old victim, said: “They jumped on her and managed to knock her over. “The feral cats bit her on the leg and on her arms. They even pierced an artery,” Mrs Galliot told l’Est Republicain newspaper

He added: “Tourists from countries like Britain should certainly be wary – they should certainly not approach these cats, or try to feed them.”

Colonies of feral cats usually begin with people dumping unwanted, unsterilised pets.

…[Read More]

Then again…

Maybe France’s feral cat problem is just the result of cats getting sick and tired of being outfitted in ridiculous outfits, and striking back.

And, well…

Considering some of the outfits?


If this was the reason?

Oh, no…

I would blame them at all.


News Mash: Furniture design and goats…New alternatives for preventing fires?


Removing wood, which is basically nothing but kindling during a forest fire is a good idea.

And as much as I like natural, wooden furniture as much as the next person:

[via Gizmodo] How a Design Trend Is Helping Prevent Wildfires in the American West ~Kelsey Campbell-DollaghanHow a Design Trend Is Helping Prevent Wildfires in the American West

As wildfires escalate year by year, fire prevention is becoming even more important. And prevention doesn’t always mean Smokey Bear PSAs. In fact, the lumber industry has developed a symbiotic relationship with the very material feeding many of the fires.

It’s called Beetle Kill Wood, and you’ve probably seen it, even if you don’t recognize it. The blue-tinged wood is the result of the Mountain Pine Beetle, which has swarmed forests in Colorado and across the West in recent years, feasting on the pines that make up almost ten percent of many forests. The dead husks of trees that are left behind usually end up toppling over—and often become the dry kindling needed to feed a growing wildfire.

Figuring out a way to remove Beetle Kill Wood has been a huge topic in recent years—but it’s being made a bit easier by the growing demand for the stuff by architects from California to Colorado. According to a story on Archinect, Beetle Kill Wood is officially a trend in the design world, with architects harvesting the stuff from their own backyards and selling it for $250 per linear foot or more. In fact, there are now entire companies that specialize in the look, which is also known as “denim wood.”

It’s fascinating to see demand for a fashionable material develop symbiotically with a real—if perhaps unintentional—benefit to the public. Now how long before IKEA offers a veneer option? [The San Gabriel Valley Tribune; via Archinect]

…[Read More]


It’s not near as much fun as THIS (below) fire prevention modus operandi

And I can sum up this M.O. in one furtastic word:

G O A T S !!!!

[via AP] Here, only goats can prevent airport fires ~by SCOTT MAYEROWITZ

Last month, officials at San Francisco International Airport hired a herd of part-time employees to toil on the west side of the property and engage in an unusual — but environmentally friendly — form of fire prevention.

Anyone looking down from a plane departing the airport may have wondered, What’s with the goats?

preventive fire management

For two weeks in June, Mr. Fuzzy, Cookie, Mable, Alice and nearly 400 other goats chomped on the brush in a remote corner of the airport. The area needs to be cleared each spring to protect nearby homes from potential fires. But machines or humans can’t be used because two endangered species — the San Francisco garter snake and the California red-legged frog — live there.

It’s not exactly the type of job you advertise in the local classifieds. So, for the past five years officials have turned to Goats R Us, a small brush-removal company run by Terri Oyarzun, her husband Egon and their son Zephyr.

The airport paid $14,900 for the service this year.

The goats travel 30 miles each spring from their home in Orinda, Calif. to the airport in a 16-wheel truck that Oyarzun calls her “livestock limo.” They come with a goat herder and a Border Collie named Toddy Lynn. The goats spend two weeks cutting away a 20-foot firebreak on the west side of the airport.

[Non-related video for sure, but I just had to post it, given the topic! ~AR]

“When passengers take off and fly over the goats, I’m sure that’s a thrill,” Oyarzun says.

Whatever the emotion, it isn’t reserved for air travelers. When Oyarzun’s goats aren’t clearing brush at the airport, they’re munching away on the side of California’s freeways, at state parks, under long-distance electric lines and anywhere else with overgrown vegetation. The family has about 4,000 total active goats on its payroll.

Working at an airport does come with its own set of challenges, namely loud, frightening jets constantly taking off.

“There was an adjustment period,” Oyarzun said. “But they have a lot of confidence in their herder.”

The goats did their job. “We’re pleased with our organic process for weed abatement,” said airport spokesman Doug Yakel.

At least one other airport has taken note. Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport has requested bids for goats to clear brush in an out of the way area of the airport’s 7,000-acre property and expects them to be at the airport sometime this summer.

…[Read More]

Yeah, baby…

They too can prevent fires.



What’s not to love about that?

News Mash: Look to Helen Mirren, when it comes to fashion, not agists fashion dictators!

In case you didn’t know it, ladies?

Fashion has age limits.

Or, at least that is what some people (probably big fat men with disgusting looking ‘beer’ bellies) want us to know.


Yeah, those belly baring, midriff shirts and belly rings…

Have to go:

[via Jezebel] Your Wizened 35-Year-Old Crone Ass Is Apparently Unfit For Crop Tops ~by Anna Breslaw

There is what the Daily Mail says, and then there is what the Daily Mail does not say. Based on a survey of about 2,000 women, they made their verdict on what is and is not age appropriate.

Women should ditch belly-baring tops by the age of 34 and avoid showing off midriffs in bikinis as soon as they reach 40, a new study has suggested.

If you have any life experience whatsoever, do not wear crop tops. I repeat: If you have acquired any of the wisdom that comes with age and/or have a good head on your shoulders now that you are out of your twenties, DO NOT WEAR THEM. Also, by “A new study has suggested,” we meant “said Rachel Williams Fein, the horrific popular girl you went to high school with.”

If you wear a belly-baring top or a bikini after the age of 34 and 40, respectively, a team of men in suits will quietly swarm and carry you away from your loved ones, blindfolded, to an undisclosed location.
The belly bashing didn’t stop there as women are also being told to avoid baring their tummy or showing too much skin if they have stretch marks and scars, if they’re pregnant, married or have children. Leggings should also hit the bin by 37 and stilettos are a no-no if you are in the 41-plus age group.

They will drop you at a bus stop where you will meet a mute woman in a red poncho. She will drive you until you turn off the road, into a top-secret and remote housing unit somewhere in the wilds of Montana where women over 35 wearing crop tops and 38 year olds wearing leggings and 42 year old women in stilettos can roam and wear their contraband clothing freely without horrifying the general public by not looking like Miley Cyrus. “This is the place,” you will say as a single tear runs down your withered old 35-year-old cheek.

Belly button piercings should be removed by the time you turn 35 while long hair should be given the chop at 42 to a shorter more ‘mature’ look.

If you do not wish to cut your own hair, we are not afraid to cut it for you, in your bedroom, while you’re sleeping. Remember: Every time a woman over 42 has long hair, a woman under 42 GOES BALD. That’s just science.

…[Read More]

What these people (balding men with moobs) don’t get?

Oh, the magical properties…

Lady adornments very well could relay:

[via LiveScience] Mysterious Toe Rings Found on Ancient Egyptian Skeletons ~by Owen Jarus

Archaeologists have discovered two ancient Egyptian skeletons, dating back more than 3,300 years, which were each buried with a toe ring made of copper alloy, the first time such rings have been found in ancient Egypt.

The toe rings were likely worn while the individuals were still alive, and the discovery leaves open the question of whether they were worn for fashion or magical reasons.

…[Read More]

How else…

Can one explain THIS:


Other than by saying, “Yes, I am one with the magicks!”

The lady definitely laughs in the face of her age.


Defies all of new rules on the age limits of what is ‘acceptable’ in today’s fashion.

Thank you, Helen Mirren

Keep up the good fight against agists fashion dictators!

We should all be so lucky.

So, what am I say here?

Simply this:

Forget what they (idiot men who would be better off if they were dressed by their wives in the morning) tell you is acceptable fashion for your age.

Where what you want and if it makes you feel good, so be it…

Damn all naysayers & flaunt what you got girls & do it with PRIDE!

age is beautiful [Source]

News Mash: Just what is Victoria Secret’s promoting here? Oh, asking the CDC…They know.


Regarding the new lingerie line, Victoria Secret’s is marketing towards your teens and preteens?


Parents are a tad bit concerned.

[via DFWCBSLocal] Victoria’s Secret’s New Lingerie Line Has Parents Outraged ~by Robbie Owens

FORT WORTH (CBS 11 NEWS) – Victoria’s Secret has become a household name by making  ‘sexy’ mainstream.  But as the lingerie retail giant competes for new customers, some parents say they’ve gone too far – and too young – by marketing to teens and tweens.

“I think it’s terrible,” says Stephanie Jobe, a mother of four.

A recent marketing campaign dubbed ‘Bright Young Things’, included a line of thongs bearing slogans like ‘I dare you’, ‘wild’, and ‘feeling lucky’.

“I was alarmed,” says Jobe.  “I’m like no way! No!”  Her husband Dean agrees, adding “it just sends the message that beauty is what’s on the outside and not what’s on the inside, and unfortunately a lot of young ladies fall into that.”

Parents of four, the Jobes say they are Victoria’s Secret customers but say the retailers lingerie is a purchase that’s made for Mom, not their 14-year-old daughter.

“I understand they’re trying to make a dollar, but at the same time you’ve got to understand what is the message that we’re sending,’ says Dean.  “I don’t like my daughters having the message that that’s what makes them beautiful, that’s what makes them attractive.”

Angry parents have taken to Facebook to blast the retailer over the campaign that critics have called too suggestive.

…[Read More]

But honestly, does that mean Victoria Secret’s is trying to make “sexy” and “sex” mainstream, for their own financial benefit, regarding children?

*taps chin, pondering*


And regarding that concern by parents for their children.


Considering the new CDC stats?

They definitely SHOULD be WAY more than merely concerned:

[via CNSNews]CDC: 110,197,000 Venereal Infections in U.S.; Nation Creating New STIs Faster Than New Jobs or College Bright Young ThingsGrads ~By Terence P. Jeffrey

( – According to new data released by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were 19.7 million new venereal infections in the United States in 2008, bringing the total number of existing sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the U.S. at that time to 110,197,000.

The 19.7 million new STIs in 2008 vastly outpaced the new jobs and college graduates created in the United States that year or any other year on record, according to government data. The competition was not close.

The STI study referenced by the CDC estimated that 50 percent of the new infections in 2008 occurred among people in the 15-to-24 age bracket. In fact, of the 19,738,800 total new STIs in the United States in 2008, 9,782,650 were among Americans in the 15-to-24 age bracket.

By contrast, there were 1,524,092 bachelor’s degrees awarded in the United States in the 2007-2008 school year, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. That means the total number of new STIs in 2008 outpaced the total number of new bachelor’s degrees by nearly 13 to 1, and the number of new STIs among Americans in the 15-to-24 age bracket outnumbered new bachelor’s degrees by more than 6 to 1.

…[Read More]

It’s all about mindset, people.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking otherwise.

And once your young one crosses one innocent gateway into stamping her burgeoning sexuality with “feeling lucky”…

It’s just a very small step towards acting on it.

An action, as we all know, with very adult consequences.

Apparently places like Victoria Secret’s don’t take that fact into consideration, while trying to pawn off their wares.

But maybe they should.

News Mash: Killer Style emerging in fashion, just as zombie cells are created by science!



I think not!

When one watches a fashion show?

Sometimes one can’t help but wonder…

Just Where in the heck did they get inspiration for THAT bunch of crazy?!?!

[via io9] Blood is the new black at this deranged horror-themed fashion show ~by Lauren Davis

killer style

Amongst all of the fashions debuting on the runways of New York fashion week, The Blonds’ 2013 fall line was especially Psycho. It was also a bit of The Shining and more than a dash of asylum-chic. It was a fun, if utterly demented show, complete with shower stabbing patterns, a bloody PVC raincoat, and a fur straightjacket.

David and Phillipe Blond are known for their over-the-top collections, and decided to reach for Stanley Kubrick and Alfred Hitchcock as inspirations for their latest. They also added matching nails by CND to make sure no part of their models went unadorned with screaming faces and jeweled blood.

Photos by Mark Van Holden/Getty.

…[Read More]



When it comes to the Blood and Guts fashion show (above)?

Wonder no longer, cause I think I figured it out:

“The zombies are coming…The zombies are coming!”

Oh, yes…

That is no exaggeration.

Science has deemed it so…

[via Geekologie] In news that just makes me want to throw my hands up and tell the lord to take me now, scientists have created “zombie” cells in the laboratory that can outperform living ones. I don’t even know what that means but I just zombie cells createdtaped a knife to a mop handle to fend off whatever hellspawn comes out of this.

A team at Sandia National Laboratories and the University of New Mexico have innovated a technique whereby mammalian cells are coated with silica to form a near-perfect replicas.
The silica replicants can survive greater pressures and temperatures than flesh, and perform many functions better than the original cells did when alive.

By painting the cells with silicic acid in a petri dish, the acid embalms the organic matter in the cell down to the nanometer level.

Heating the silica to around 400C evaporates the protein in the cell, but leaves the silica as a three-dimensional replica of the “formerly living being”, Hess said.

“Our zombie cells bridge chemistry and biology to create forms that not only near-perfectly resemble their past selves, but can do future work,” he said, terrifyingly.

…[Read More]

And Science has deemed it so?

For reasons that utterly escape me.


We are talking that cute bloody PVC raincoat, or that smashing fur straightjacket.

If so?

Then, pffft, YEAH–gotta get me some of those!

News Mash: Should the high price of fashion trends really be fuzzy nails and stinky babies?

Just when I think…

People could NOT come up with anything else stupid?

That we seriously do NOT need:

[via DailyMail] An explosion of fake fur has hit the High Street – hoods, bags and winter boots – and now you can get it on Blake Lively had a velvet manicure for her wedding, but would you try furry nails? After caviar, leather and concrete, soft and fuzzy is 2013's hottest trend in textured fingertipsyour nails, too.

MUA Makeup Academy has just launched a fur-effect nail product in five colours, each £3, which when sprinkled over wet polish makes them look soft and fluffy to touch.

‘Whether you are going for a fun feel or a luxury look, these textured nails are perfect,’ says the marketing spiel. The website shows fingernails that look wrapped in velvet – or if you’re more cynical, fuzzy felt.

Famous fans of textured nail varnish looks – which have previously resembled caviar, leather and even concete – looks include Blake Lively, who wore velvet nails on her wedding day with Ryan Reynolds, Rihanna, Katy Perry and, of course, fashion muse Alexa Chung.

…[Read More]


They surprise me.

Then do.

And in the worse, ‘What in the HELZ were they thinking!?!?” kinda way:

[via Jezebel] Finally: Dolce & Gabbana Releases Baby Perfume for Your Putrid Infant ~by Laura Beckyes, please spray me

How have we, as a people, dealt with the foul aroma of a freshly bathed baby for so long? One intrepid perfumer dares to go where no person has gone before, and finally puts an end the malodorous stench of a newborn.

Dolce & Gabbana teamed up with the Grand High Witch to cover up the abhorrent stink of cherubic infants. In their test kitchens, they conceived of a chemical combination so pungent that it might be able to mask the putrid smell of rotting flesh so normally associated with babies. At long last, they emerged with a baby perfume unlike anything on the market, mainly because it’s so f***ing stupid.

Gabbana says the scent was inspired by baby skin and breath, a mom’s hug (?), and a child’s first smile (???). A bottle of these things your child already possesses will set you back about fifty bucks.

You might question the redundancy of creating a perfume “per I bambini” that smells exactly like bambini, but then you’d Gabbana would have you killed.

Besides, why enjoy the natural smell of your child’s first smile (???) when you can spray possibly toxic chemicals all over them to recreate it? It’s like smiles upon smiles upon a mother’s hug!

…[Read More]

Baby cologne.


We’re going there, Dolce & Gabbana?


I have to say?

There is jut something wrong with you rich people, no really…

Something seriously, SERIOUSLY, wrong.

Freakin’. Jeez.

You make me sick…

And I mean that?

In a non-chemically-poisoning-a-baby kinda way, just so we’re clear.

News Mash: Warped alien skulls are only creepy until? You check out Mr. Jones Watches!

Some eerily warped skulls have been unearthed recently.

And by ‘warped”…

Oh, I mean they have, whet some may say?

Is a decidedly alien bent:

[via LiveScience]Human skulls deliberately warped into strange, alien-like shapes have been unearthed in a 1,000-

Human skulls deliberately warped into strange, alien-like shapes have been unearthed in a 1,000-year-old cemetery in Mexico, researchers say.

The practice of deforming skulls of children as they grew was common in Central America, and these findings suggest the tradition spread farther north than had been thought, scientists added.

The cemetery was discovered by residents of the small Mexican village of Onavas in 1999 as they were building an irrigation canal. It is the first pre-Hispanic cemetery found in the northern Mexican state of Sonora.

The site, referred to as El Cementerio, contained the remains of 25 human burials. Thirteen of them had deformed skulls, which were elongate and pointy at the back, and five had mutilated teeth. [See Photos of the ‘Alien’ Skulls]

year-old cemetery in Mexico, researchers say.

The practice of deforming skulls of children as they grew was common in Central America, and these findings suggest the tradition spread farther north than had been thought, scientists added.

The cemetery was discovered by residents of the small Mexican village of Onavas in 1999 as they were building an irrigation canal. It is the first pre-Hispanic cemetery found in the northern Mexican state of Sonora.

The site, referred to as El Cementerio, contained the remains of 25 human burials. Thirteen of them had deformed skulls, which were elongate and pointy at the back, and five had mutilated teeth. [See Photos of the ‘Alien’ Skulls]

…[Read More]

“Skulls are creepy,” you say. “Why are you talking about stupid skulls?”

Let’s be clear here…

A L I E N skulls.

I mean seriously, do you think Science would come right out and TELL us that’s what they are?

So, no, definitely not stupid. READ BETWEEN THE LINES PEOPLE!

Are for your skulls are “creepy” comment?

The Last Laugh Automatic Mechanical

This watch forgoes the customary hour and minute hands, instead the time is displayed on a skull’s teeth. The upper row of teeth show the hours and the lower show the minutes. The eyes and the nose are mirrored and the overall impression is of a gleefully absurd memento mori – an object intended to remind us that life is brief (and that we should enjoy it while we’re here!)

Mr. Jones Watches

The watch is powered by a 20 jewel automatic mechanical movement. The mechanical movement means that you’ll never need to replace the battery on this watch – the motion of wearing the watch provides all the power needed to wind it up and keep it running. The watch movement has a ‘jump-hour’ feature that means the hour changes over exactly on the 59 to 00 minute transition.

Tell me…

Do you think that now?

*wiggles eyebrows*

Thought you might have a change of heart. I mean, just look at those little wiggling teeth – How cute ARE they!?

Gotta have one.


If Mr. Jones could just make a watch, with a warped alien skull-head?

All will be perfect in my twisted, and dark little world.


A girl can dream!

News Mash: Give a ‘Lovely’ Christmas gift, not one inspired by White Noise or funeral homes!

Science has discovered a new smell.

And it smells…


[via LiveScience]New Smell Discovered

Scientists have discovered a new smell, but you may have to go to a laboratory to experience it yourself.

The smell is dubbed “olfactory white,” because it is the nasal equivalent of white noise, researchers report today (Nov. 19) in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Just as white noise is a mixture of many different sound frequencies and white light is a mixture of many different wavelengths, olfactory white is a mixture of many different smelly compounds.

In fact, the key to olfactory white is not the compounds themselves, researchers found, but the fact that there are a lot of them.

“[T]he more components there were in each of two mixtures, the more similar the smell of those two mixtures became, even though the mixtures had no components in common,” they wrote.

White smell

Almost any given smell in the real world comes from a mixture of compounds. Humans are good at telling these mixtures apart (it’s hard to mix up the smell of coffee with the smell of roses, for example), but we’re bad at picking individual components out of those mixtures. (Quick, sniff your coffee mug and report back all the individual compounds that make that roasted smell. Not so easy, huh?)

Mixing multiple wavelegths that span the human visual range equally makes white light; mixing multiple frequencies that span the range of human hearing equally makes the whooshing hum of white noise.

…[Read More]

How, oh HOW…

Did science know?

That the perfect scent is exactly what I wanted for Christmas!

*shakes head sadly*

[via Jezebel]Funeral Home Cologne Spray This elegant cologne “is a blend of classic white flowers: lilies, carnations, gladiolus, chrysanthemums with stems and leaves, with a hint of mahogany and oriental carpet.” Enjoy it, mean grandma. It also smells like your future. $39.50, Demeter Fragrance.

[Read More]

As perfect scents for Christmas go, however…

Note to Christmas shoppers:

Think more Lovely

Than Funeral Home or White Noise.

Those last two (somehow) far left Christmas cheerful…

Just sayin’.

News Mash: Cashmere goat mocks you with it’s goatpants!


Not sure WHY anyone would want to do this…

“Mingle” with the wildlife in this manner.

Wearing a goat suit?

It’s just weird!

[via Fox13Now] OGDEN, Utah — Utah Division of Wildlife Resources officials are investigating photos that appear to show a person dressed like a mountain goat on Ben Lomond Peak, mingling with the wild animals.

A herd of mountain goats are known by wildlife officials to roam along the rocky cliffs of Ben Lomond. Pictures recently posted on a photo sharing website show what appears to be someone on top of the peak dressed as a furry, white mountain goat.

“I have never heard of anyone wearing a goat suit,” says DWR Conservation Outreach Manager Phil Douglas.

When Douglas was asked by FOX 13 why he thinks anyone would do this, he replied “I’ve been trying to figure that all day.”

Douglas says they are trying to locate the person who took the photos.

“We have seen wildlife photo hoaxes before,” says Douglas. “So the very first thing I usually do when I get these kind of reports, I want to talk to the photographer; I want to find out who took the picture.”

Dougas says the photos appear to be on Ben Lomond and confirms there are goats that frequent the area.

DWR says that mountain goats are territorial and both male and female animals have horns that could seriously injure someone. They say that hunting season, too, is a concern for safety in case a hunter cannot distinguish the individual from an actual mountain goat and opens fire. [Read More]

Even scientifically manufactured cashmere goats think so…

And they mock you…

With their awesome cloned-goatpants!

[via Physorg] Scientists in Indian-controlled Kashmir have cloned a rare Himalayan goat in hopes of boosting the number of animals famed for their coats of pashmina wool, used to make cashmere. Lead project scientist Riaz Ahmad Shah says the March 9 birth of a cloned female kid could lead to breeding programs for cashmere-producing goats in other Himalayan regions and mass production of the silky soft wool.

Cashmere goats take their name from the Kashmir region and are found in parts of the Himalayas and the Tibetan plateau. In Kashmir they are concentrated in remote, barren areas of the Ladakh region, bordering China. Shah’s team at Sher-i-Kashmir University took two years to clone the kid.

[Read More]

Though I must admit…

Cloned cashmere goatpants?

Sounds pretty awesome, don’t they?

Can I have some?

News Mash: “Does this make my butt look big?”

What is it with the obsession lately…

Men have with their butts.

Have they always had this and I just didn’t know?

[via Gizmodo]This Underwear Makes Man Butts Look Perfectly Tight ~by Casey Chan


Like a Spanx for men, these Italian undies by D.HEDRAL uses “angle fit” technology to enhance your butt’s roundness and make it appear perfectly taut and tight. Think of it like a Wonderbra but for men and for butts.

So how does this model’s butt look so delectably rumptious? Well, aside from the fact that he probably already has a desirable posterior, the D.HEDRAL underwear enhances it by adding support at three specific angles (depending on your size). The different angles change the support of the tight fabric allowing the underwear to better adapt to your body. It’s like wearing tailored clothes, you look better wearing stuff that actually fits you. The tensile strength of testicular support is an added bonus. [Read More]

Cause these underwear?

They about nothing more than showing off what the Lord gave them.

Come to think of it…

This shirt is too.

[via ideamium]This very clever idea from a plumbing company in Germany turns your plumber’s butt crack into a model’s cleavage. Sure some might consider this low brow or just down right weird but I think it is a clever use of marketing playing on a stereotype.

So whatever your opinion, hilarious or bizarre or a bit of both; I think everyone can agree that it is at least a very unique idea for a t-shirt. Just don’t get caught staring. [Read More]


Yes, they have butt fixations.

We all knew this.

Who knew such a fixation carried on over to their own.

News Mash: If you buy the new Nike Air Yeezy II, you will need the Miguel Caballero Men’s Polo!

And there is a general sense of wonder, by some, who do NOT understand what is wrong with the economy…

Why it continues to just FAIL!

One word can sum up the problem easily enough:


With people today?

It’s just screwed!

Case in point…

[via USAToday]ROYAL OAK, Mich. – Outside Burn Rubber, a sneaker boutique that plans to sell Kanye West‘s highly anticipated Nike Air Yeezy II Saturday morning at a 400% markup, a secondary economy flourishes amid the colorful camping chairs lined up on the sidewalk. The two dozen people — mostly young men — sell their spots in line or pay others to hold their place.

Some have been there since last Friday, waiting for the chance to pay $1,000 for $245 kicks.

Dariante Dubose, 21, a student who lives on Detroit’s west side, arrived Tuesday and is fourth in line because he bought someone’s spot for $400 to ensure he’ll be able to buy his size, 9.

“My mom stays in my spot when I go home to shower for an hour,” said the expert sneaker-waiter, who came equipped with his computer, iPhone and headphones, along with a zebra-print Snuggie, gummy bears and the book “A Feast for Crows.” “I decrease my water intake. I’ve been here three times before, so I know what to do.”

If people don’t have proxies to stand in for them during a needed break, the group will often simply make note of the departure and hold the spot. For example, a man was allowed to leave to administer anti-seizure medication to his nephew. But others, like Keenan Hastings, who ironically works at Footlocker, weren’t taking any chances; the 21-year-old Auburn Hills resident took the week off work to wait in line — and is No. 3 in the queue.

“It’s a democracy,” said store co-owner Roland Coit.

And it’s capitalism. On eBay, a pair was pre-sold for $90,300. [Read More]

$1000 dollars, for some ugly assed shoes…

Just so you can say you paid $1000 for some ugly assed shoes.

Well, oh my gawd–Really?

Shoes are this much a priority?

No wonder our economy is flailing if people put this much of an importance on a pair of freaking shoes.

And I guess it leaves one to wonder to what degree a priority is placed.

I mean, who does not remember the issues caused by the re-issue Michael Jordan shoes just months back.

I foresee so many problems with this next ‘must have’ shoe fad, other than just the obvious freaking WASTE!

And because I do…

Might I suggest THIS (Below) for anyone who thinks buying these shoes?

Is a good idea.

Cause you are gonna need SOME form of protection.


[via SmartMoney]For the man who lives dangerously — but still wants to look devil-may-care — Colombian designer Miguel Caballero offers a polo shirt with a little something extra up its sleeve: It’s bulletproof. The 4-pound shirt’s antiballistic panels promise to shield the wearer from a range of weaponry, though a version designed to withstand an Uzi costs a bit more than the one made to fend off a 9mm (prices range from $3,000 to $4,000 a shirt).

The company, which calls itself the “Armani of bulletproof clothing,” says its clothes are proven to work. In fact, most of its employees have been shot at while wearing the garments — it’s part of the orientation process. Don’t worry. A spokesperson assures us there have been no work-related casualties.[Read More]

THIS is what America has become…

A slave to screwed-up priorities.

Hey, I’m all for capitalism as much as the next person, but honestly?

Buying these ugly assed shoes…

Not a good idea, no matter how you look at it.

They are not good for your pocketbook, and mark my words, they won’t be good for your health either.