News Mash: Is the cannibalism at Jamestown colony another Donner Party?

The news world is “SHOCKED!” by this (below)…

New discovery.

Starving colonials turned to cannibalism!!!!!

Oh em gee.

[via WP]Skeleton of teenage girl confirms cannibalism at Jamestown colony ~by David Brown

The first chops, to the forehead, did not go through the bone and are perhaps evidence of hesitancy about the task. The next set, after the body was rolled over, were more effective. One cut split the skull all the way to the base.

“The person is truly figuring it out as they go,” said Douglas Owsley, a physical anthropologist at the Smithsonian Institution.

In the meantime, someone — perhaps with more experience — was working on a leg. The tibia bone is broken with a single blow, as one might do in butchering a cow.

That’s one possible version of an event that took place sometime during the winter of 1609-1610 in Jamestown. What’s certain is that some members of that desperate colony resorted to cannibalism in order to survive.

That cannibalism occurred during the colony’s “starving time” was never in much doubt. At least a half-dozen accounts, by people who lived through the period or spoke to colonists who did, describe occasional acts of cannibalism that winter. They include reports of corpses being exhumed and eaten, a husband killing his wife and salting her flesh (for which he was executed) and the mysterious disappearance of foraging colonists.

The proof comes in the form of fragments of a skeleton of a girl, about age 14, found in a cellar full of debris in the fort on the James River that sheltered the starving colonists. The skull, lower jaw and leg bone — all that remain — have the telltale marks of an ax or cleaver and a knife.

“Historians have to decide whether this type of thing happened,” said Owsley, who has examined thousands of skeletal remains, both archaeological and forensic. “I think that it did. We didn’t see anybody eat this flesh. But it’s very strong evidence.”

…[Read More]


I must confess?

I am a bit confused as to just WHY they are so “SHOCKED!”

Cause, um, it’s not like are ancestors hadn’t turned to such dark practices, in time of great peril, in the past, which we know about…

And often report on, with such dark, twisted, morbid glee:

Makes for a fascinating history, tis true.

Such tales definitely captures ones fascination and attention, even if one is not historically inclined.

Makes for a good story, on a slow news day.


I bet those who actually were forced to live through it?

See it just a tiny bit differently.

Good story

News Mash: Belief in God, ever controversial with its discoveries, boosts treatment of mental illness!


Though those with a strong scientific foundation, often attribute the belief in God to “crazy people”

It has recently been proven (by Science) that the belief in God actually aids in the treatment of mental illness.

Funny how that works out, eh?

[via LiveScience]Belief in God May Boost Treatment of Mental Illness ~by Denise Chow

Patients who believe in God may experience better short-term treatment outcomes for psychiatric illness, according to a new study.

Individuals who described themselves as having strong faith reported having a better overall response to treatment, said David Rosmarin, a clinician and instructor in the department of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School in Boston.

“We found that patients who had higher levels of belief in God had better treatment outcomes — better well-being, less depression and less anxiety,” Rosmarin told LiveScience.

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Belief in God?

One man’s idea of a higher power DOES NOT have to equate to the common status quo

For the fact is, when it comes to the absolute “truth”?

We might never know:

[via Dailymail] Does this mysterious Hebrew stone reveal a messiah BEFORE Jesus? Controversial ‘Gabriel stone’ tablet goes on show in Jerusalem ~By Mark Prigg

  • Ancient stone with mysterious Hebrew writing and featuring the archangel Gabriel
  • Researchers claim it references a messianic resurrection pre-dating Jesus

An ancient stone with mysterious Hebrew writing and featuring the archangel Gabriel is going on display in Jerusalem The stone inscription is one of the oldest passages featuring the archangelamid an ongoing row over whether it predicts a messiah before Jesus.

The so-called Gabriel Stone, said to have been found 13 years ago in Jordan, features an unknown prophetic text from the time of the Second Jewish Temple.

The tablet made a splash in 2008 when an Israeli scholar theorized the inscription would revolutionize the understanding of early Christianity, claiming it referenced a messianic resurrection pre-dating Jesus.

Scholars say it as a portal into the religious ideas circulating in the Holy Land in the era when was Jesus was born.

Its form is also unique – it is ink written on stone, not carved – and no other such religious text has been found in the region.

Curators at the Israel Museum, where the first exhibit dedicated to the stone opened today, say it is the most important document found in the area since the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

‘The Gabriel Stone is in a way a Dead Sea Scroll written on stone,’ said James Snyder, director of the Israel Museum.

The writing dates to the same period, and uses the same tidy calligraphic Hebrew script, as some of the Dead Sea Scrolls, a collection of documents that include the earliest known surviving manuscripts of Hebrew Bible texts.

The Gabriel Stone made a splash in 2008 when Israeli Bible scholar Israel Knohl offered a daring theory that the stone’s faded writing would revolutionize the understanding of early Christianity, claiming it included a concept of messianic resurrection that predated Jesus.

He based his theory on one hazy line, translating it as ‘in three days you shall live.’

…[Read More]

The trick is?

To faith…

In Something.

Your beliefs do not have to equate your neighbors.

Yet still believe?

There ARE physical, health benefits you will receive from it.

So never let it be said, from those who find it convenient to say otherwise, convince you otherwise.

Just belive

Why not…

Besides being fun and good for you?

The debate of faith never fails to fascinate and inspire, even with all of its continuous controversies.

News Mash: Need an accurate, juicy evolutionary mystery, M. Night Shyamalan? Try THIS one!

Despite the fact…

That M. Night Shyamalan obviously has NO idea how evolution works?

It still looks like a pretty interesting movie:

[via io9] New After Earth trailer shows M. Night has no idea how evolution works ~by Rob Bricken

I wouldn’t say I was at all optimistic that M. Night Shyamalan would ever make a decent movie again after the Airbender debacle, but I did assume he knew the theory of evolution. I guess not, though.

Seriously, watch this new After Earth TV spot. So… every animal on Earth has evolved specifically to kill humans over the course of a mere 1,000 years… the 1,000 years that no human beings were actually on the planet? Right. Got it. And you say Earth Day didn’t save the planet? Someone grab me a monocole, so it can fly off my face in total shock!

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Next time, dude?

Might wanna try a little research first.

My suggestion?

Start here, with one of histories own evolutionary mystery!

[via ScienceNBCNews]Ancient Europeans mysteriously vanished 4,500 years ago By Tia Ghose; LiveScienceNOTE do not blame evolved animals for my demise

The genetic lineage of Europe mysteriously transformed about 4,500 years ago, new research suggests.

The findings, detailed Tuesday in the journal Nature Communications, were drawn from several skeletons unearthed in central Europe that were up to 7,500 years old.

“What is intriguing is that the genetic markers of this first pan-European culture, which was clearly very successful, were then suddenly replaced around 4,500 years ago, and we don’t know why,” study co-author Alan Cooper of the University of Adelaide Australian Center for Ancient DNA said in a statement. “Something major happened, and the hunt is now on to find out what that was.”

The new study also confirms that people sweeping out from Turkey colonized Europe, likely as a part of the agricultural revolution, reaching Germany about 7,500 years ago.

For decades, researchers have wondered whether people, or just ideas, spread from the Middle East during the agricultural revolution that occurred after the Mesolithic period.

To find out, Cooper and his colleagues analyzed mitochondrial DNA, which resides in the cells’ energy-making structures and is passed on through the maternal line, from 37 skeletal remains from Germany and two from Italy; the skeletons belonged to humans who lived in several different cultures that flourished between 7,500 and 2,500 years ago. The team looked at DNA specifically from a certain genetic group, called haplogroup h, which is found widely throughout Europe but is less common in East and Central Asia.

The researchers found that the earliest farmers in Germany were closely related to Near Eastern and Anatolian people, suggesting that the agricultural revolution did indeed bring migrations of people into Europe who replaced early hunter-gatherers.

But that initial influx isn’t a major part of Europe’s genetic heritage today.

Instead, about 5,000 to 4,000 years ago, the genetic profile changes radically, suggesting that some mysterious event led to a huge turnover in the population that made up Europe.

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Working from actual historical knowledge?

Never a bad thing.

Especially if you want you movie to be believable.


Just a suggestion.

News Mash: “Gates of hell” and cursed rings…We bring the very “devil” to the details of our lives!

Have you ever heard the saying…

The devil is in the details

Because honestly?

He’s not.


He’s in the history:

[via The Blaze]Archeologists Uncover Deadly ‘Gate to Hell’ in TurkeyArcheologists Uncover Deadly Gate to Hell in Turkey | Plutos Gate

Italian archeologists have found the “gate to hell”

Naturally, you’re likely wondering what, exactly, this means. Located in Pamukkale, Turkey, the newly-discovered cave was known in ancient times as Pluto’s Gate. And, as Fox News reports, it is a so-called doorway to hell — one that was discussed and revered in Greco-Roman mythology (at that time Pumakkale was known as Hierapolis).

The historic sources who discussed Pluto’s Gate noted that its opening had lethal vapors. For those living in ancient times, this was very naturally a heralded location. Consider Greek geographer Strabo, who lived between 64 or 63 B.C. and 24 A.D, and the descriptives he used to frame the purported “gate to hell.”

“This space is full of a vapor so misty and dense that one can scarcely see the ground. Any animal that passes inside meets instant death,” he once wrote. “I threw in sparrows and they immediately breathed their last and fell.”

Archeologists made the recent discovery while excavating in the area and announced their findings earlier this month in Istanbul, Turkey. The team, as Fox News notes, was led by Professor Francesco D’Andria of the University of Salento.

…[Read More]

And maybe even…


In that pretty, dainty little gold ring.

So precious!

[via DailyMail] A ‘cursed’ Roman ring that was dug up by a farmer is believed to have been the inspiration behind JRR Tolkein's inspiration? The tale of this 'cursed' Roman ring discovered in a field by a farmer in Silchester, Hampshire, in 1785, may have inspired JRR Tolkien to write The HobbitTolkien’s The Hobbit.

The piece of gold jewellery was discovered close to the Roman town of Silchester, Hampshire, in 1785.

The celebrated author was called in to investigate the incredible story of the ring’s past just two years before his famous novel was published.

The story of the jewellery’s unlikely link to the 20th century author is told in a new exhibition opening today at The Vyne, a National Trust-owned property in Hampshire.

It is thought it was unearthed by a farmer ploughing his field close to the Roman town in the 18th century.

Historians believe the large 12g gold ring once belonged to a Roman called Silvianus but he put a curse on it after it was stolen.

It is so large that it will only fit on the finger of a gloved hand. It has a Latin inscription which says ‘Senicianus live well in God’.

JRR Tolkien, who was an Oxford University professor with expertise in Anglo-Saxon history, is thought to have drawn inspiration from the tale when he started work on The Hobbit.

The book, which has a ring at the centre of the plot, was published in 1937 and was well-received by critics. The novel, which was turned into a film last year, was the precursor for the Lord of the Ring trilogy.

After the ring was discovered in a field it is thought to have been sold to the Chute family who owned The Vyne for centuries before it passed into the hands of The National Trust in the 1930s.

It was several decades after the farmer found it before the curse was discovered on a tablet in Lydney, Gloucestershire, more than 100 miles away.

The victim, Silvianus, knew the thief responsible and called on the god Nodens to strike him down.

The great archaeologist Sir Mortimer Wheeler, the director of later excavations at Lydney, realised the connection between the ring and the curse tablet, and in 1929 asked JRR Tolkien to work on the etymology of the name Nodens.

The tablet says: ‘Among those who bear the name of Senicianus to none grant health until he bring back the ring to the temple of Nodens.’

Senicianus apparently only got as far as the field in Silchester when he abandoned the ring.

For many years, the ring, with an image of the goddess Venus, lay almost forgotten in a corner of the Library at The Vyne.

…[Read More]

But truth of the matter is?

We live in an amazing world of heavenly things…

And because we do?

We supply the “devils” to the details of our lives…

Not because they belong there?

But because, sadly, a dark, inner part of us cannot imagine our lives without them.

Are you a devil [Source]

News Mash: Bunny…He will destroy you, your car, then feast on your soul!

People face a lot of terrible problems today, problems which I hope our children’s children will NEVER had to deal with: Catastrophic economic times, threats of war with Iran, crazy weather patterns which make NO sense, biblical plagues of locusts & …

Justin Bieber.

And now?


Is THIS (below) one problem that is a must for that horrible list.


That’s right, I said…


[via io9] Did adorable little bunnies kill the Neanderthals? ~by Alasdair Wilkins

Or, to put that somewhat more accurately, did not being able to kill adorable little bunnies in turn kill the Neanderthals? When all that stood between extinction and survival was figuring out how to hunt rabbits, it seems Neanderthals chose extinction.

There are lots of hypotheses as to why the Neanderthals went extinct, most focusing on some combination of environmental change and encroachment by our human ancestors. But, on a basic level, Neanderthals should have been able to survive for as long as there was food available for them to eat. A lot of previous thinking has suggested that Neanderthals weren’t able to hunt some of the more complicated prey that their human counterparts feasted on, but recent research at Neanderthal sites have revealed that they were apparently perfectly capable of hunting fish, birds, and marine mammals.

The one species that might have outwitted them — or at least proved too difficult to hunt — was the rabbit. As New Scientist reports, John Fa and his research team at the UK’s Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust examined cave sites belonging to both humans and Neanderthals in France and Spain. Judging by animal remains found in the caves, both groups appeared to subsist on large animals like deer until about 30,000 years ago, at which point humans switched over to eating smaller prey like rabbits.

There’s no evidence that Neanderthals made a similar move, and that coincides with when their populations went into irrevocable decline. It could be a sudden scarcity of large prey meant Europe”s hominins had to adapt quickly and eat smaller prey, with rabbits serving as a new backbone of the human diet (although, it should be pointed out that humans weren’t eating only rabbit, as that’s a very, very bad idea). Fa and his team speculate that large-scale rabbit-hunting required the use of fire or dogs to chase rabbits out of their warrens, which might have proved too complex a strategy for Neanderthals to master.

…[Read More]

Not only are we just now discovering their TRUE nefarious natures…

And that they are very likely the reason for the extinction of the Neanderthals?

But, oh…

They are destructive little vandals.

Vandals who are out to destroy that which you hold so dear.


[via Jezebel] Hungry Monster Rabbits Are Destroying Cars Parked at the Denver International Airport ~by Doug Barry

Unfortunately, it seems like the authorities patrolling the rabbit-infested parking lots at the Denver International Airport will be forced to call on Brother Maynard to deploy the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch. It’s either that or motorists will have to start buying massive quantities of coyote urine to keep hordes of destructive rabbits from nibbling all the tasty wires under car hoods.

According to the Los Angeles Times, rabbits have laid siege to the airport’s parking lots. Despite the increased vigilance of officials from Denver’s U.S. Agriculture Department’s Wildlife Services (they’ve been removing upward of 100 rabbits a week from the prairie around the airport), the problem doesn’t seem to be getting any better. The rabbits are causing hundreds, sometimes even thousands in damage to idle vehicles, since the recently-driven cars at the airport offer excellent refuge from the harsh Colorado winter. Rabbits cuddle up for naps next to car engines, wake up hungry, and devour all the delicious electrical wires in sight. It seems pretty reasonable to assume that the rabbits are all smoking reefer, too, which only compounds the problem.

…[Read More]

It’s just a matter of time?

Before they come for you next.

Forewarned, my friends.

F O R E W A R N E D.


News Mash: Warped alien skulls are only creepy until? You check out Mr. Jones Watches!

Some eerily warped skulls have been unearthed recently.

And by ‘warped”…

Oh, I mean they have, whet some may say?

Is a decidedly alien bent:

[via LiveScience]Human skulls deliberately warped into strange, alien-like shapes have been unearthed in a 1,000-

Human skulls deliberately warped into strange, alien-like shapes have been unearthed in a 1,000-year-old cemetery in Mexico, researchers say.

The practice of deforming skulls of children as they grew was common in Central America, and these findings suggest the tradition spread farther north than had been thought, scientists added.

The cemetery was discovered by residents of the small Mexican village of Onavas in 1999 as they were building an irrigation canal. It is the first pre-Hispanic cemetery found in the northern Mexican state of Sonora.

The site, referred to as El Cementerio, contained the remains of 25 human burials. Thirteen of them had deformed skulls, which were elongate and pointy at the back, and five had mutilated teeth. [See Photos of the ‘Alien’ Skulls]

year-old cemetery in Mexico, researchers say.

The practice of deforming skulls of children as they grew was common in Central America, and these findings suggest the tradition spread farther north than had been thought, scientists added.

The cemetery was discovered by residents of the small Mexican village of Onavas in 1999 as they were building an irrigation canal. It is the first pre-Hispanic cemetery found in the northern Mexican state of Sonora.

The site, referred to as El Cementerio, contained the remains of 25 human burials. Thirteen of them had deformed skulls, which were elongate and pointy at the back, and five had mutilated teeth. [See Photos of the ‘Alien’ Skulls]

…[Read More]

“Skulls are creepy,” you say. “Why are you talking about stupid skulls?”

Let’s be clear here…

A L I E N skulls.

I mean seriously, do you think Science would come right out and TELL us that’s what they are?

So, no, definitely not stupid. READ BETWEEN THE LINES PEOPLE!

Are for your skulls are “creepy” comment?

The Last Laugh Automatic Mechanical

This watch forgoes the customary hour and minute hands, instead the time is displayed on a skull’s teeth. The upper row of teeth show the hours and the lower show the minutes. The eyes and the nose are mirrored and the overall impression is of a gleefully absurd memento mori – an object intended to remind us that life is brief (and that we should enjoy it while we’re here!)

Mr. Jones Watches

The watch is powered by a 20 jewel automatic mechanical movement. The mechanical movement means that you’ll never need to replace the battery on this watch – the motion of wearing the watch provides all the power needed to wind it up and keep it running. The watch movement has a ‘jump-hour’ feature that means the hour changes over exactly on the 59 to 00 minute transition.

Tell me…

Do you think that now?

*wiggles eyebrows*

Thought you might have a change of heart. I mean, just look at those little wiggling teeth – How cute ARE they!?

Gotta have one.


If Mr. Jones could just make a watch, with a warped alien skull-head?

All will be perfect in my twisted, and dark little world.


A girl can dream!

News Mash: You can control your brain..And if you can’t? Egyptian Mummification Option!

Do YOU rule your brain…

Or does your brain rule you?

Think you are in control?

Pffft, my friends, think again:

[via LifeHacker] Ten Ways Your Mind is Smacking You Around ~by David DiSalvo

Brains—can’t live with them, can’t live without them. We’d be nowhere without the marvel of evolution in our skulls, but sometimes our brains act in ways not in our best interests, and that’s when we have to remember that not every message coming from the control center is accurate or beneficial. Here are 10 examples with suggestions on what to do about them.

Telling you that you have more impulse control than you really do

Our brains have a bad habit of tricking us into thinking that if we’ve had some success (let’s say with a diet, for example), then it’s a foregone conclusion that we’ll have more success. Psychologists call this brain foible “restraint bias,” and it’s especially pernicious because it tends to hit us when we feel like we’re on top of our game. Notice how many successful diets turn into complete catastrophes, with more weight gained than lost.

What to do: When you’re doing well, enjoy the success, but always beware the backslide.

Producing more automatic thoughts than you can possibly manage

All of our brains are perpetually busy producing what some cognitive scientists have dubbed “automatic thoughts.” And since every thought is a physical event—an electrical signal coursing through your brain—they have physical consequences; namely, that you are momentarily captivated by whatever the thought is about, no matter how trivial. It takes discipline to block out this chorus of chaos and focus on what matters.

What to do: Remind yourself that automatic thoughts are just that: automatic. You can’t control them, but you can control what to focus on.

Pulling you into rumination about your worst fears…

…[Read More – Click HERE To Read all 10!]

There are ways to wrestle away this control however.

And thanks to LifeHacker?

They give you some pretty good ideas (Click above link to see them all!)


If all else fails, ?

There is always the extreme Egyptian Mummification Option

Which can be seen HERE:

[via LiveScience]Oops! Brain-Removal Tool Left in Mummy’s SkullI'll teach you

A brain-removal tool used by ancient Egyptian embalmers has been discovered lodged in the skull of a female mummy that dates back around 2,400 years.

Removal of the brain was an Egyptian mummification procedure that became popular around 3,500 years ago and remained in use in later periods.

Identifying the ancient tools embalmers used for brain removal is difficult, and researchers note this is only the second time that such a tool has been reported within a mummy’s skull.

…[Read More]

But given the outcome?

Brain = Yanked out of nostril.


Survival rate is probably pretty low.

*clicks on LifeHacker link to read more likely not-to-kill me, brain control options*

News Mash: Labrador retriever sized dinosaur discover…Big Sis cat not pleased!

The oldest dinosaur EVA! has been discovered

And is compared, by science,  to being the size of a Labrador.

Cats everywhere?

Seethe with jealously.

[via Physorg] Researchers have discovered what may be the earliest dinosaur, a creature the size of a Labrador retriever, Scientists find oldest dinosaur – or closest relative yetbut with a five foot-long tail, that walked the Earth about 10 million years before more familiar dinosaurs like the small, swift-footed Eoraptor and Herrerasaurus.

The findings mean that the dinosaur lineage appeared 10 million to 15 million years earlier than fossils previously showed, originating in the Middle Triassic rather than in the Late Triassic period. “If the newly named Nyasasaurus parringtoni is not the earliest dinosaur, then it is the closest relative found so far,” according to Sterling Nesbitt, a University of Washington postdoctoral researcher in biology and lead author of a paper published online Dec. 5 in Biology Letters, a journal of the United Kingdom’s Royal Society. “For 150 years, people have been suggesting that there should be Middle Triassic dinosaurs, but all the evidence is ambiguous,” he said. “Some scientists used fossilized footprints, but we now know that other animals from that time have a very similar foot. Other scientists pointed to a single dinosaur-like characteristic in a single bone, but that can be misleading because some characteristics evolved in a number of reptile groups and are not a result of a shared ancestry.” The researchers had one humerus – or upper arm bone – and six vertebrae to work with. They determined that the animal likely stood upright, measured 7 to 10 feet in length (2 to 3 meters), was as tall as 3 feet at the hip (1 meter) and may have weighed between 45 and 135 pounds (20 to 60 kilograms). The fossilized bones were collected in the 1930s from Tanzania, but it may not be correct to say dinosaurs originated in that country. When Nyasasaurus parringtoni lived, the world’s continents were joined in the landmass called Pangaea. Tanzania would have been part of Southern Pangaea that included Africa, South America, Antarctica and Australia. “The new findings place the early evolution of dinosaurs and dinosaur-like reptiles firmly in the southern continents,” said co-author Paul Barrett at the Natural History Museum, London.

…[Read More]

And the fact that cats are indeed seething with jealously?

Make me wonder if they might have had their nefarious little paws in THIS (below) deal.

Cause you see, for some odd reason…

Big Sis is now seizing dinosaur skeletons.

[via InvestmentWatchBlog] Big Sis Seizes Dinosaur Skeletonbig sis cat

NEW YORK – A New York judge’s approval has cleared the way for a dinosaur skeleton held by an auction house to be moved to U.S. control on Friday.

Authorities said Wednesday the skeleton will be carefully transferred in boxes so no damage is done to the 70 million-year-old bones.

Department of Homeland Security spokesman Luis Martinez says the skeleton will be moved to a government warehouse. He says the government cannot disclose the name or address of the storage site because other priceless antiquities are there.

Read more:

…[Read More]

Mere coincidence, my friends?

Oh, no…

I. Think. Not.

Ayy Gurl

News Mash: Nope, not talking about “dangerous dead” things, when talking about “Warm Bodies”

A thousand plus years ago or so…

The “dangerous dead” were treated very much like one would THINK “dangerous dead” things should be treated.

And before you go all, “Wait–Wha?! There are dangerous dead things?”


Apparently THEY thank so

[via Discovery] Details of one of the few “vampire” burials in Britain have emerged as a new archaeological report details the long forgotten discovery of a skeleton found buried with metal spikes through shoulders, heart area and ankles.

Dating from 550-700 A.D., the skeleton was unearthed in 1959 in the minster town of Southwell, Nottinghamshire, during excavations in preparation for a new school. The dig also turned up Roman remains.

Archaeologist Charles Daniels immediately recognized the skeletal remains as being out of the ordinary, but no further investigation was carried out at that time.

“Daniels did jokingly comment he had ‘checked the eye teeth,’ clearly associating the skeleton with the vampire being,” Matthew Beresford, of Southwell Archaeology told Discovery News.

“However, the skeleton had largely been forgotten about since then,” Beresford said.

The author of a detailed report on the Southwell skeleton, as well as other two books on the subject of the “vampire” being, Beresford looked at the wider context for the burial, including excavations that occurred in the past decades near the “deviant” burial.

He learned 225 skeletons were discovered in the area in 1971.

“We can only ponder as to whether any of those skeletons had a similar practice bestowed upon them,” he said.

Only a handful of deviant burials have been recognized in the UK. “Dangerous dead” such as vampires were interred with particular rituals to prevent them rising from their graves and attacking the living.

…[Read More]


When it comes to being properly afraid of dead things…

It’s nice to know SOMEONE thinks so.

Freakin’ jeez this looks stupid.

A funny new twist on a classic love story, WARM BODIES is a poignant tale about the power of human connection. After a zombie epidemic, R (a highly unusual zombie) encounters Julie (a human survivor), and rescues her from a zombie attack. Julie sees that R is different from the other zombies, and as the two form a special relationship in their struggle for survival, R becomes increasingly more human — setting off an exciting, romantic, and often comical chain of events that begins to transform the other zombies and maybe even the whole lifeless world.


If this stupid rombie (romantic ZOMBIE) movie finds success?

I will have utterly…

Lost ALL faith in mankind.

And considering the phenomenal success of the Twilight franchise…

My faith in mankind?

Already pretty darn iffy.

News Mash: African ingenuity knows no bounds.

And by ‘no bound’ I mean none!

Looking back 71,000 years…

The accomplishments were mind-blowingly impressive by today’s standards:

[via ScienceNews] Archery may be an ancient pastime. Humans started making the components for arrows at least 71,000 years ago, archaeologists report online November 7 in Nature.

This reproduction demonstrates how Stone Age people might have hafted small stone blades to a wooden shaft to make arrows.
Benjamin Schoville

Kyle Brown of the University of Cape Town in South Africa and his colleagues unearthed thin stone blades at South Africa’s Pinnacle Point cave that appear to be arrow tips. The tiny artifacts were made from a type of stone called silcrete that had first been heated to make the rock easier to chip. Blunt edges indicate that people had hafted the blades onto wooden shafts to use with a bow or spear-thrower.

The team found the arrow points — which predate the next oldest evidence of arrows by several thousand years — throughout cave sediments spanning 11,000 years. The timing not only reveals that humans had the intellect to make bows and arrows back then, but also that they could pass on complicated instructions to build multipart tools over hundreds of generations, the researchers say.

[Read More]

And let me just say…

That today’s standards, when it comes in ingenuity?

Pretty darn high.

[via io9] Oh, this? Just some teenage girls from Africa who invented a urine-powered generator. ~by Robert T. Gonzalez

How’s this for an innovative startup: four African girls — the eldest of which is just fifteen years old — have worked together to invent a generator that’s powered by urine. The group presented their creation at this year’s Maker Faire Africa, and it’s so freaking brilliant it makes me want travel back in time and punch 15-year-old me right in the solar plexus.

The Next Web lays out how it works:

  • Urine is put into an electrolytic cell, which cracks the urea into nitrogen, water, and hydrogen.
  • The hydrogen goes into a water filter for purification, which then gets pushed into the gas cylinder.
  • The gas cylinder pushes hydrogen into a cylinder of liquid borax, which is used to remove the moisture from the hydrogen gas.
  • This purified hydrogen gas is pushed into the generator.
  • 1 Liter of urine gives you 6 hours of electricity.

Here’s hoping these girls can get the funding they need to take this idea to new heights. Even if they don’t, we’ve got a feeling they’re going places.

Read more over at The Next Web.

[Read More]

And to think…

Largely, most of Africa is considered ‘third world’, very undeveloped.


I tell you, its articles like the two above that, highlighting the amazing accomplishments they developed, which I hope should inspire people to look at it a bit differently.


In fact, in instance such as these (see above)…

They are far ahead of the curve.

News Mash: New Mayan text discovered, and the 13 bak’tun weather report is looking bad!

When it comes to the 2012 Mayan prophecy…

Science is filled with people saying, “Eh, there’s nothing to worry about!”

Despite the fact that a second ancient text confirming the ancient calendar end date.


I’m not bothered at all!

[via LiveScience] A newly discovered Mayan text reveals the “end date” for the Mayan calendar, becoming only the second known document to do so. But unlike some modern people, ancient Maya did not expect the world to end on that date, researchers said.

“This text talks about ancient political history rather than prophecy,” Marcello Canuto, the director of Tulane University Middle America Research Institute, said in a statement. “This new evidence suggests that the 13 bak’tun date was an important calendrical event that would have been celebrated by the ancient Maya; however, they make no apocalyptic prophecies whatsoever regarding the date.”

The Mayan Long Count calendar is divided into bak’tuns, or 144,000-day cycles that begin at the Maya creation date. The winter solstice of 2012 (Dec. 21) is the last day of the 13th bak’tun, marking what the Maya people would have seen as a full cycle of creation.

New Age believers and doomsday types have attributed great meaning to the Dec. 21, 2012 date, with some predicting an apocalypse and others some sort of profound global spiritual event. But only one archaeological reference to the 2012 date had ever been found, as an inscription on a monument dating back to around A.D. 669 in Tortuguero, Mexico. [End of the World? Top Doomsday Fears]

Now, researchers exploring the Mayan ruins of La Corona in Guatemala have unearthed a second reference. On a stairway block carved with hieroglyphs, archaeologists found a commemoration of a visit by Yuknoom Yich’aak K’ahk’ of Calakmul, the most powerful Mayan ruler in his day. The king, also known as Jaguar Paw, suffered a terrible defeat in battle by the Kingdom of Tikal in 695.

Historians have long assumed that Jaguar Paw died or was captured in this battle. But the carvings proved them wrong. [Read More]

And if they were wrong here, couldn’t they be be wrong elsewhere? I’m just sayin’!

And because I am…

The end of the world is all about mindset, really.

I mean, honestly, how bad can it be?



That Godzilla day looks rough. Was he on the Mayan calender?  *sighs* Figured he would be.

News Mash: What is this–An ancient zombie bunker?

THIS (below)…

Could be so many different things!

Mysterious, ancient island structure?

[via LiveScience] Archaeologists have unearthed the foundation of what appears to have been a massive, ancient structure, possibly a bridge leading to an artificial island, in what is now southeast Wales.

The strange ruin, its discoverers say, is unlike anything found before in the United Kingdom and possibly all of Europe.

“It’s a real mystery,” said Steve Clarke, chairman and founding member of the Monmouth Archaeological Society, who discovered the structural remains earlier this month in Monmouth, Wales — a town known for its rich archaeological features.

“Whatever it is, there’s nothing else like it. It may well be unique.”

[Read More]

Or not?

You know what it looks like to be?


Zombie bunker!


They could have had zombies back then…

You don’t know!


News Mash: Practical mathematics can be made cool, thanks to the discoveries of Archaeologists!

As long as there has been man…

There has been math.

If you are no fan of math, sucks right?

Well, it would…

Unless that is you take in the Archaeologist perspective, which gives you a unique view into math’s history?


Ah, yes…

Even math can be awesome.

[via]Ancient jugs hold the secret to practical mathematics in Biblical times

Archaeologists in the eastern Mediterranean region have been unearthing spherical jugs, used by the ancients for storing and trading oil, wine, and other valuable commodities. Because we’re used to the metric system, which defines units of volume based on the cube, modern archaeologists believed that the merchants of antiquity could only approximately assess the capacity of these round jugs, says Prof. Itzhak Benenson of Tel Aviv University’s Department of Geography.

Now an between Prof. Benenson and Prof. Israel Finkelstein of TAU’s Department of and Ancient Near Eastern Cultures has revealed that, far from relying on approximations, would have had of their wares — and therefore known exactly what to charge their clients.

The researchers discovered that the ancients devised convenient mathematical systems in order to determine the volume of each jug. They theorize that the original owners and users of the jugs measured their contents through a system that linked units of length to units of volume, possibly by using a string to measure the circumference of the spherical container to determine the precise quantity of liquid within.

The system, which the researchers believe was developed by the ancient Egyptians and used in the Eastern Mediterranean from about 1,500 to 700 BCE, was recently reported in the journal PLoS ONE. Its discovery was part of the Reconstruction of Ancient Israel project supported by the European Union. [Read More]

Still not convinced…

That math can be anything BUT a pain in your backside.

“There is no way math can be cool.” At least that is what you say now.


Read THIS (below) then tell me that again.

[via io9] This well-known Egyptian symbol is actually an early math problem

Chances are you’ve seen this symbol before, because it’s one of the most well-known Egyptian symbols. It’s called the Eye of Horus. It’s been in the background of plenty of mummy movies, and been turned into a lot of necklace charms.

Some people think it’s writing. Actually, it’s math.

The Eye of Horus is, from a design standpoint, both beautiful and iconic. And whoever created it might have been thinking of exactly that while dreaming it up. But it’s not just a stylish symbol. It has a deeper meaning: The Egyptians used it to express fractions of volume. Each stroke counts for a subdivided piece of the whole.

The inner corner of the eye indicates one half, the iris is one fourth, the eyebrow is one eighth, the outer corner of the eye is one sixteenth, and the decorations below the eye are one thirty-second and one sixty-fourth respectively. They were combined, in various ways, to measure the unit capacity for grains. [Read More]



Surprisingly far more cool than you ever gave it credit for.

Shame. On. You!

News Mash: Archaeologists are scientific superheroes, battling the terrors of history!


Is the physical embodiment of an investigative adventure through history.

And more often than not?

Its a scary one.

[via LiveScience] What may have been an exorcism of a vampire in Venice is now drawing bad blood among scientists arguing over whether gravediggers were attempting to defeat an undead monster.

The controversy begins with a mass grave of 16th-century plague victims on the Venetian island of Nuovo Lazzaretto. The remains of a woman there apparently had a brick shoved in her mouth, perhaps to exorcise the corpse in what may have been the first vampire burial known in archaeology, said forensic anthropologist Matteo Borrini of the University of Florence in Italy.

Vampire superstitions were common when plague devastated Europe, and much, if not all, of this folklore could be due to misconceptions about the natural stages of decomposition, Borrini said. The recently dead can often appear unnervingly alive. As the corpse’s skin shrinks and pulls back, for example, hair and nails may appear to grow after death.

The remains of the woman were apparently wrapped in a shroud, based on the position of her collarbone, Borrini suggested. A corpse might appear to have chewed through its shroud because of corrosive fluids it spewed as it decayed, perhaps frightening gravediggers into thinking it was a vampire. [Our 10 Favorite Vampires]

Vampire myths link the monsters with contagions, and the plague ran rampant in Venice in 1576, killing as many as 50,000 people, nearly a third of the city, including famed Renaissance artist Titian. The gravediggers that ran across this corpse may have wanted to prevent a vampire from ravaging the city further with pestilence, Borrini and his colleague Emilio Nuzzolese suggested in the Journal of Forensic Sciences in 2010. The “vampire” has since been discussed on Italian national TV and a National Geographic documentary. [Read More]

Indiana Jones & all his discoveries?

Pale in comparison to all that has been discovered…

In reality!

[via Cracked] No professional position, aside from perhaps police officer and horny pizza delivery boy, is more frequently misrepresented in film than archaeologist. In movies, archaeologists are all dashing figures, risking life and limb in the pursuit of knowledge while arcane artifacts and ancient traps besiege their efforts. Or else they’re perpetually opening sealed, cursed tombs and stumbling into the haunted caves of unspeakable evils in the name of science. But in reality, we all know archaeology is nothing like that. Obviously.

It’s way more terrifying.


Archaeologists were digging up the side of a boring old roadway in Dorset when suddenly, instead of “more cobblestones” and “maybe part of a plow,” they unearthed something a bit more exciting: a mass grave containing the headless remains of 54 Viking mercenaries. Instead of rightfully interpreting the pit as some kind of ancient “Caution: Predator Hunting Grounds” warning sign and getting the hell out of there, the archaeologists set about carefully recording the positions of the bones. As they did so, the researchers began to notice something unusual about the placement. Namely, that the leg and arm bones, heads and torsos were all neatly arranged into their own separate piles.

So what happened?

Our leading theory is that the Vikings found a Hellraiser-style puzzle box and accidentally unleashed a horde of Middle Ages cenobites.

The archaeologists’ (substantially less plausible) initial theory was that, after being captured by the occupants of a local village that somehow survived the Viking attack, the assailants themselves were murdered, with their corpses then being stripped naked and dismembered by the villagers, who also took a few heads with them as, like, fun-time souvenirs or something.

But that doesn’t explain why the unfortunate Vikings were beheaded by strange, precise sword blows delivered from the front, instead of the usual hack-jobs to the back of the neck that accompany normal beheadings. In fact, the archaeologists themselves later revised their theory, admitting that the Vikings were probably not torn apart by a brutally violent mob bent on revenge, but may have been sacrificed in a highly controlled and ritualistic manner not consistent with the surrounding culture of the time. As seems to be the case in this nightmare-inducing photo:


So yeah, in short: Viking Hellraiser.

Cracked: 1

Archaeology: … probably like a hundred million (but not this one, bitches). [Read More – Read: The 7 Most Terrifying Archaeological Discoveries HERE!]


Scientific Superheroes!

And if no one  recognizes them as that…

By gawd, they should!

News Mash: Life altering discoveries come in little packages!

It’s often the smallest of items, by their mere existence…

Reveal the most amazing of things.

Things that one can behold, which fill you belief, faith and wonder.

[via PhysOrg] Israeli archaeologists have discovered a 2,700-year-old seal that bears the inscription “Bethlehem,” the Israel Antiquities Authority announced Wednesday, in what experts believe to be the oldest artifact with the name of Jesus’ traditional birthplace.

The tiny clay seal’s existence and age provide vivid evidence that Bethlehem was not just the name of a fabled biblical town, but also a bustling place of trade linked to the nearby city of Jerusalem, said.

Eli Shukron, the authority’s director of excavations, said the find was significant because it is the first time the name “Bethlehem” appears outside of a biblical text from that period.

Shukron said the seal, 1.5 centimeters (0.59 inches) in diameter, dates back to the period of the first biblical , between the eighth and seventh century B.C., at a time when Jewish kings reigned over the ancient kingdom of Judah and 700 years before Jesus was born.

The seal was written in script from the same time. Pottery found nearby also dated back to the same period, he said.

Shmuel Achituv, an expert in ancient scripts at Israel’s Ben-Gurion University who did not participate in the dig, said the discovery was the oldest reference to Bethlehem ever found outside of the Bible. Apart from the seal, the other mentions of Bethlehem, Achituv said, “are only in the Bible.”[…]

The dig itself has raised controversy. [Read More]

Then, of course…

Via their very existence, thanks to your discovery?

They in turn reveal their horror.

THE POSSESSION – Official Trailer (2012) [HD]

Release Date: August 31, 2012
Genre: Horror
Cast: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Kyra Sedgwick
Director: Ole Bornedal
Screenwriter: Juliet Snowden, Stiles White
Studio: Lionsgate

Plot: Based on a true story, “The Possession” is the terrifying story of how one family must unite in order to survive the wrath of an unspeakable evil.

Clyde (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Stephanie Brenek (Kyra Sedgwick) see little cause for alarm when their youngest daughter Em becomes oddly obsessed with an antique wooden box she purchased at a yard sale. But as Em’s behavior becomes increasingly erratic, the couple fears the presence of a malevolent force in their midst, only to discover that the box was built to contain a dibbuk, a dislocated spirit that inhabits and ultimately devours its human host.

Because careful…

The thinks you seek out.

For you never know, just what it is…

You will truly discover.