An Anguished Mission Statement!

Anguished Repose began as a result of my constant tortured state internet awareness, which I experienced, back in 2010.

There was nowhere, no PLACE, I could go to on the internet that wasn’t filled with talks of political diatribes, reiterated a thousand times over,  or boring ruminations (often lewd) of what the newest Public Celebrity Interest was up to.


Didn’t care about any of it then. Still don’t…NOW.

To say I was anguished with all the utter lack of “interesting” the internet had to offer then, was putting it mildly. I was going mad!


In an attempt to coral what was left of my sanity, thankfully, an epiphany struck: “If I can’t find anything intellectually enjoyable on the internet, other than the same mind-numbing of ‘why-should-I-care’ and ‘what-me-not’s’? I’ll just have to create it myself.”

Anguished Repose.

Here? I want to first make you laugh. Then, if I’m lucky? Make you think.

Even if it’s just for a second.

I want to introduce you to new and interesting things, by tying topics together you would never have searched out in the first place, because never doubt it…

Never mind that no one else on the internet ties daily news articles together, but rather reports on topics one boring, stand alone article at a time?

There is a connection. ALL things that exist, and are connected and in ways that boggle the mind.

Or? There could simply be a connection because my mind is just broken-twisted enough to find one.

One just has to take the time needed to draw those interesting connections.

Here, thanks to my anguished repose response to the internet?

I have the time, I have the desire and the need to set it aside, and pull it all together…

Just for you.

Stay, read awhile and most importantly?


~Anguished Repose

13 comments on “An Anguished Mission Statement!

  1. Anguish Yes….I concur!
    Thank you for your interest in fact and history.,I have blocked two thousand websites, and
    now things that are relevant to my searches, including your site become available to me.
    Any search result (celebrities) or (spin garbage) (sinsational news) I continue to block!
    Thanks for your effort to clean up the intellectual web.

    • Yes, there is so much negative, foul garbage on the net, which just gets regurgitated to the point of madness. That’s the reason why I started this blog, to find interesting news and then put my own twisted spin on how it all interconnects…At least in my mind. So happy to see like minds out there, who think in a similar manner. This blog, I made for people just like you. So welcome & enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I can’t say I’ve even scratched the surface of your blog, and since I bite my nails, it’s more like a smudge. What I’ve glanced through it sounds interesting. I agree there is far too much negative online–too much awe-struck followers of celebrity–too much conceit. I look forward to reading more.

    • I hope so. And if you find even the slightest bit of enjoyment here? Success! I have this fierce desire for knowledge, and when added to my often bent way of seeing things…Well, my posts come off as anything but ordinary. But that is what I strive for: Positivity, humor, knowledge and fun! For me, that is my internet experience. And I do my best to bring a hint of that to you. Thank you so much for your comment. Look around as much as you like and most of all? Have a fun! ~amber

  3. Hi there AR,
    I noticed you used a picture that I took for one of your posts. It’s the sepia staircase one with the “What is home” type quote. I’m flattered that you used it, but could you please somehow give me credit for it and remove the link that leads to the original picture? I try not to have my photographs available on the internet, but I don’t mind if you keep the file with the words overtop and delete the access to the original. Thank you,
    Luke Nugent

    • Oh, no problem Sir. Consider it done. I added the link TO give, but I can remove it and amend with simple credit given per your specifications, no problem. I think I have the correct picture edited, however if I edited the wrong one, please just let me know. And can I just say, I adored the pic. It inspired me very much…It just spoke to me. Fantastic job, and I am so happy you approve of its use. It was/is very inspirational for me, and I hope to all others who see it. Thank you Sir, have a wonderful day! AR

  4. Thank you AR,
    I’m glad you find my photograph inspiring, that’s my whole goal in photography! Just one quick thing; it’s “Nugent”, not “Nuggent”. Also there’s no need to call me sir, I’m 16, so Luke is fine. Thanks for choosing to display my photograph, and keep up the good work with your blog!
    Luke Nugent

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