3 comments on “Animated Animal Haiku – Anyway I Can, Edition!

    • Boo does this to me, when I am laying in bed not paying attention to her. Then escalates to poking me with her big foot, then acts like she did it on accident. It all starts with the grunting. She grunts when she does not have my full attention. Then, she flops around on the bed. If that doesn’t work, she then tries the tail deal, and then looks innocent when I glance her way. However, once my attention reverts back to the TV (or book, or phone, or Kindle, i.e. anything NOT her) she then adds the poking me with her big old foot, while tossing in a combination of many of the other attention getting devices previously mentioned, until I am willing to concentrate on only her.

      She’s such a brat. 😀

      • Hahahaha
        She has such an arsenal of tricks. You have to give it to her. She is persistent and she knows what she wants. As always love your story. It made me laugh. 😀

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