8 comments on “Stupid Man Tricks – No Courtesy or Respect, Edition!

      • I can’t see the video but the description said she caught the ball but gave it to a boy.Later she was hypocritical and asked for her ball back. You could say she was a jerk.
        This guy took the ball from this old woman hand by force. Never looked at her or acknowledge her. People like him scare me. This woman is an idiot, but she is not scary.

      • Oh, she did just ask for the ball back. She was fairly nasty about about. To me she is just as bad. She was trying to manipulate things 1) so she could appear to be something she is not and 2) then she was nasty and vindictive towards a CHILD when she did not get her way. Did she use physical force? No, but mental force and manipulation are just as bad/damaging, if not moreso.

        All in all, I can’t help but find people today to be a relatively ugly lot. which is why, I probably prefer my dogs. Haha

      • Like I said I couldn’t see the video. It didn’t want to download. So I may have a different opinion if I could see it.
        What I don’t get is why people get so mean and nasty for a baseball ball. It wasn’t some record breaking ball, it was just an ordinary ball.
        That much aggression mental or physical is just plain wrong.

      • It wasn’t so much about the ball, I think, these examples… At least not for me. For me, these examples, and my negative response to them have more to do with the way that I am so disgusted with the way people today have turned so narcissistic, so inwardly driven, to satisfy their OWN selfish needs over the consideration of others. It didn’t use to be this way. People used to be taught to respect and consider others. But everything has become, evolved into such a “Me” society. A society focused on themselves, BY themselves… People now, no longer SEE anyone else. And I find it such a shame.

      • I definitely agree with you. What scares me about this is what people are willing to do to get a simple ball.”Me” society will be a death of society.

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