6 comments on “BOSS Gifs – More Ways Than One, Edition!

      • I know. I was thinking the same but knowing me maybe better no. Or I will be in Stupid woman Tricks. Haha
        The Darwin Award recipient. 😀

      • Well, I can’t try it just yet, as my ladder is being used to try to block Buck from jumping out of his enclosure, until I can work on it this weekend. But soon. If I survive, I will tell you how I did. 🙂 And maybe even, I will be asking for my award (Darwin) too. 😛

      • Hahaha
        Buck The Houdini kept in his enclosure by a ladder.There is a story right there.
        If you survive please tell me how you did it. A video would be much appreciated. How else you can claim the award. 😛

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