Stupid WoMAN Tricks – Sane Response, Edition!

He refused to give her a cigarette…


She set his car on fire.

That seems like a sane response.

*shakes head sadly*

Woman at gas station sets mans car on fire for refusing to give her a cigarette


Published on Apr 30, 2015

Video shows woman setting gas pump on fire. CCTV footage shows an Israeli woman exchange words with a man filling his car at a Jerusalem gas station before she sets the pump on fire
JERUSALEM, Israel – Police said a woman wanted to light up a cigarette and when a man refused, she lit up his car instead.

According to KTLA, the woman was arrested Wednesday after setting fire to the man’s gas pump.

And the fiery exchange was all caught on video.

You can see the woman approach the man filling up his car at the gas station.

Police said the woman approached him and asked for a cigarette and when he refused, she pulled a lighter from her pocket and ignited the gas pump in his car, according to KTTV.
In the video, the man quickly pulled the flaming hose from his car and ran.

The Telegraph said gas station workers had to put out the flames.

It reported no one was injured in the incident and the woman has been sent for a physiological evaluation.

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