5 comments on “Stupid Man Tricks – Found, Shot and Arrested, Edition!

  1. @alifesgayventure. I watched this and blamed the motorist but after I read your comment I watched it again and you are totally right. The bus driver was to blame.

    • I guess it depends on where you live. In Texas, ALL traffic is supposed to yield to school buses. This car did not do that. So, irregardless of the fact of where the bus parked, the bus could have parked in the middle of the roadway, and it is still the cars LEGAL responsibility to yield to the bus. So, at least in Texas, no, the bus was not at fault… The car was.

      • Now that you put it that way, I must confess, I’ve changed my mind again. The car was at fault. Its a good thing I’m not a police officer. Everyone would get arrested just to be sure.

      • That’s the thing about the law. It’s tricky. LOL. And yes, I am very happy I am LEO dispatcher, and not an actual officer. No way would I want that responsibility either. Haha

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