10 comments on “Animated Animal Haiku – The Rain’s My Playmate, Edition!

      • Haha
        I am taking my water gun with me and next time I see racoons I am going to spray them. Bwhahahaha
        You know who doesn’t like the water? Spiders, thats who.

        By the way how the triple Bs are? 😀

      • Oh, some spiders do not have a problem with it (http://www.beheadingboredom.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/diving-bell-spider-lives-under-water.jpg)…And since I do not know the difference, I will not be squirting ANY of them. Haha.

        Oh, the dogs are doing well. Instead of walking in town, cause the stray dogs have become too much of an issue, I talk them out to the baseball field in the morning and let them run crazy off leash. They love it! Boo has taken to sleeping with me and Beach in the bed. And just WOW I need a bigger bed. I get a little sliver on the side, and they take up the rest. Yep, definitely need a bigger bed. Thankfully, they need to go out about noon, so I let them out and go back to bed. Once I get up to start my day, since the girls are still outside, me and Buck sneak off for a nice quiet walk around the neighborhood, just him and me (he’s so passive, we don’t have any problem with the strays… unlike if I take the girls). It’s nice. The girls do NOT like it, but wheatever…I figure they get to sleep with me, Buck needs some personal time too. Only fair, right?

      • Hmm what an amazing system. Seriously, Mother Nature at her best. The way life adapts is why life strives, I know you don’t like the spiders,but this is ingenious.
        Sometimes they are in my bathtub and boy, how they drown easily when I start the shower. They can’t swim. 😀

        Bo and Beach, sisters in crime.
        Yes, that is fair.

      • Yep, not a fan, but I too have to admit its extremely amazing. Just imagine the isolation! Gotta admit, for that alone I am jealous. Haha. And aww, you said, “How they drown easily.” That’s so nice. And just as lovely to read. *hearts in eyes* Thank you. 😀

        Yes, they are indeed. For instance, I was in the kitchen cooking me up some chicken to eat this long week at work. Boo was asleep by the fridge. I had six separate containers, with six pieces of chicken backed to a lovely golden brown and divided into each container. I was adding flavored rice (buffalo, teriyaki and cheese and broccoli), dividing it into the various separate containers, when Beach comes running into the kitchen with my house shoe in her mouth. She dropped down on her front paws, butt high in the air, tail wagging… I knew she wouldn’t give up my slipper without a chase and boy was I not wrong. By the time I got my shoe back, I went back into the kitchen to finish making lunches for the week, and while adding the rice to the bowls of chicken, I notice one bowl was suspiciously missing a piece of chicken. As I know the piece of chicken didn’t up and make a break for it, my eyes began to trail around the kitchn looking for suspects. Boo, ears down looking all innocent, was sitting up by the fridge with a sweet grin on her face, tail lightly wagging. And although she thinks she did, just so you know, the girl didn’t fool me for a second… Well, I guess I should say she didn’t fool me for more than a minute, cause I guess she and Beach fooled me long enough so Boo could make off with a piece of my freshly baked chicken. I saw them huddled together later, I am sure Boo was telling Beach just how wonderful it was, cause later they were BOTH smiling at me. The brats. And yes, definitely, partners in crime. 🙂

      • You are welcome. Consider that as your birthday gift. 😀

        Oh, they work as a team. Sneaky and stealthy and they smile after.
        Are you sure only one piece of chicken was missing? Maybe she saved it for her sister and later they shared.
        I am little disappointed that you felt for that trick. “wink” Admit you let them fool you. 😀

      • Haha. It is one I will treasure. Thank you. LOL

        And yep, just one. I had to fill the container with sausage to eat with the teriyaki rice I had to sit aside for it. Boo is kind of Beach’s baby, she spoils her, although Boo is now almost three times her size. So, the fact that Beach would enable Boo to get a sneaky bite of food? No surprise. They are so funny. I tried to be mad at them, I really did, but they looked so pleased with themselves afterwards, there was no way I could hold a grudge.

        Oh, I am pretty disappointed as well. And yes, I did absolutely fall for it. But, when I was cooking my sausage, when they tried to distract me again, I wasn’t fooled twice. That’s the only positive thing I can take out of this whole deal (aside from the fact that my dogs have really cute smiles), is that I am a quick learner. Hahahaha 😛

      • Oh, Beach is so sweet. “hugs” So nice of her to keep Boo happy and big. Haha 😀
        No, you can’t be mad at them. It is normal. They are taking care of each other. Nice.

        Haha . Good for you. 😀

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