BOSS Gifs – Self-Destruct at 170,000FPS, Edition!

Question: Who uses actual CD’s anymore?
Answer: Nobody.

Because this is true…

Thankfully someone found a good use for them.

Such as?

Making them self-destruct at 170,000FPS!


It’s awesome, you know it is:



This is how you make things self-destruct at 170,000FPS…

Like a BOSS!

Stupid Man Tricks – Never Kick a Soccer Mom’s Ride, Edition!

Something tells me?

The guy on the bike probably ended up pretty surprised.


And yeah, pretty surprised.

Note to ‘cool guy’ on bike: Never kick a soccer mom’s ride, dude.



Angry Soccer Mom -


BOSS Gifs – Being a Dad, Edition!

What happens when this terminally ill, cancer-striken boy wants Spider-Man for his birthday?

Dad gets his son Spider-Man for his birthday…

Even if he has to put on the suit, and jump off the house himself.

Great going, dad!

*weeps uncontrollably*

Best day ever -


This is how you do being a “Dad”…

Like a BOSS!

All I wanted was a good time… take one more shot with me!

“If getting drunk was how people forgot they were mortal, then hangovers were how they remembered.”
― Matt Haig, The Humans

are you familiar


“I never met anyone who gets up out of their bed after a night on the town and says, ‘Oh I wish I’d had another drink last night. That would have been a great idea”
― Arthur Mathews

BOSS Gifs – Beach Vacations With Jumbo Jets, Edition!

The beach is, Maho Beach.

Where those special individuals…

Who enjoy the thrilling adventure of having a jet liner almost land on your head, while you are sun bathing?

Can get all of you dreamed of and more!




This is how you enjoy your vacation with jumbo jets on the beach…

Like a BOSS!