BOSS Gifs – Swimming With the Fishes, Edition!


What must it have been like to have been HERE (below) and able to witness this firsthand?

I can’t even being to imagine.

Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “swimming with the fishes”, doesn’t it?

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12 comments on “BOSS Gifs – Swimming With the Fishes, Edition!

      • Oh, no way… Not me. Yikes. I could never go to an aquarium and see animals forced to perform like that. Ever heard of the movie Blackfish?

        Shows the torture some of those animals go through. Tough movie, but yeah, worth the watch if you are a documentary fan. I will say this, it definitely made me open my eyes to a tragic problem, and definitely made me NEVER want to go to an aquarium… Ever! Nope.

      • I did watch the Blackfish and what happened there was terrible. here it is not on the same scale. by the way, my mom didn’t want to go last summer even we were 5 minutes from the gate. She shares the same sentiment. Honestly, my curiosity got better of me. me too i am against zoos and aquariums, but it was there and I was curious. “shrugs”

      • Oh, it is definitely the same scale. Don’t kid yourself. Any time you take an animal out of its natural habitat and force it to perform in unnatural ways, its terrible and inhumane. No matter the country. Not everyone feels that way, which is their right. I just can’t stomach the things myself. To each their own. 😉

      • Just so there is no misunderstanding, I don’t support it, I just wanted to see it with my own eyes. Personally I don’t support even leashes on dogs.
        I find it strange that you put me in that category

      • You pay for something, by going to see such things, by default you support it… Because you are contribut9ing TO it. See, make sense? I didn’t put you in that category, dude, You admitted you went. I wasn’t criticizing you for that, I just stated why I would never give such a place my money, any more than I would give any other noxious organization my money. Let me explain it to you this way. For example, I dislike greatly the type of programs the MTV produces, such as 16 And Pregnant… Therefore I do NOT contribute to their success, by watching ANYTHING on their channel (ever), thereby increasing the ratings, which in turn get them money from advertisers. In short, I do not support them, nor what they do, therefore they get nothing from me. Plain and simple.

      • I didn’t go. We were 5 minutes from the entrance and were debating to go to or not to go and the argument not to see it won.
        I did hear the splash from outside the aquarium and got curious what it was. But we didn’t go.

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