6 comments on “Animated Animal Haiku – Let the Games Begin, Edition!

      • Haha
        Chasing the tail should be an Olympic event. Combine with the flying dog. Hahaha

        Chasing the tail with flying dog now perform by B&B. 😀

        hey, I registrated a shop on Etsy. It isn’t open yet but it is registrated. Yay me.

      • That is excellent! Good for you, I know you will do amazing! Etsy is such a great place to look/find one of a kind items. One of my favorite places to go window shopping on the net. 😉 Good job, you!

  1. Beautiful name. I like it. It will be a good way for you to sell your artwork and to a broader base. Wonderful idea! I know you will be a huge success. Yes, please do send me a link. I would love to see what all kinds of goodies you are offering.

    Yep. Everything worked out fantastically well. Of course, now I am super broke (haha) but I am also super pleased. So, I guess it balances out. 😛

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