Stupid Man Tricks – Bully Gets What He Deserves, Edition!

This probably could have been a BOSS Gif, pretty easily.

Cause the guy getting picked on?

Puts up with NONE of it.

However I decided to make this a SMT posts, cause the little, bitty, punk-bully…

Deserves to be called “Stupid” for his actions.

GIF Messing with the wrong kid








Cannot say enough, how nice it is to see this bully get what he deserves…

A knock-out!

My dearest agony, love was beyond compare!

“My dearest agony let us be together, I am not seasoned for this solitude.”
― Nation C White

love was an agony beyond compare


“And he howled in agony, in a pain that would never cease as long as he lived. His tortured voice echoed in those mountains for a long long time…”
― Farrah Naseem