News Mash: Infographics Reveals Who You Want to Date, Kissing Them Tells You If You’re Right!

When it come to dating sites…

Who are the ‘most popular’ singles out there, people want to date?

The answer may surprise you:

[via The Blaze]Are You a Desirable Single? Infographics Claim to Reveal Exactly Who Men & Women Want to Date ~Oliver Darcy

A study conducted by an online dating site — released earlier this month — appears to reveal who the “most desirable singles of 2014″ are.

Researchers at PlentyOfFish say they processed messaging data from more than 81,000 user profiles and 1.8 million messages from the 25 to 35 age group to “discover the leading indicators that will determine which singles are more likely to receive a message.”

“Women are no longer interested in the bad boy who doesn’t want to settle down, and men are increasingly seeking out educated women who are financially independent,” a blog post announcing the research said. “But to a large degree, male and female attractions still follow traditional gender roles; Women still place high importance on a man’s income and men still give precedence to a woman’s age and body size.”

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the perfect man:

Study Reveals Exactly Who Men & Women Really Want to Date

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But regarding the actual dating of people in…


What is the best, sure-fire way to find you the perfect match, despite who your brain (above) tells you, is your perfect mate?

Science says, the best way is in the kissing:

[via DailyMail]Science of the snog: What’s the quickest, way to find the right partner? Kiss as many people as possible!

Forget poring over internet profiles and microscopic examination of online photos of potential partners.

A quicker, more efficient way to find the perfect mate is to simply go on loads of dates – and snog as many as possible.

‘Philematology’ is the science of kissing – and it’s full of clues to help us find the right person for us.

We think of kissing as an expression of love or lust, but research at Oxford University found one big reason that we kiss our partners is that, biologically, we need to size up our future mates.

A kiss transmits tastes, smells, sounds and touch signals that all affect how you both perceive each other afterward – and whether you want a repeat performance.

Women tend to be attracted to male partners with a different immune system than their own and subconsciously detect this via smell during a smooch.

If the DNA mix isn’t right, your neurons start sending loud ‘Back away! Person reversing!’ signals.

You might not know why you’ve suddenly gone off the person you’ve been lusting after for months but most of us obey what nature’s trying to tell us.

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Gonna have to go with Science on this one.

kiss me [Source]

It’s gotta be a better way to find true love…

Than a stupid infographic, right?


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  1. Right.

    Personally, I think I am in love with the pic. These two kissing marmots are so in love.
    I want the same.
    Am I gonna have to kiss a couple of frogs until I find the right one? Oh, I really don’t want to do that. is there any other way? 😀

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