Poetic Celebrity Parody – When Lilo Strikes, Edition!

Tiffany Mitchell comes from Palm Beach, Florida, where she owns Palm Beach Psychic Visions. Before that, she owned another pyschic business and is believed to have only recently moved to New York.

Troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan has been arrested after allegedly punching a blonde psychic at a New York nightclub in the early hours of Thursday morning  – in a row over Max George from The Wanted.


You are a psychic
You see future
You see past

But when Lilo strikes
Your mind goes yikes

Look at your crystal ball
Next time you are in the brawl

When Lilo is on crack
She likes to attack


News Mash: Science now says smoking rots the brain…Will cigarettes ever be safe?

Brain rot.

Science has just discovered that now?

Just one more hazard for smokers.


As if they didn’t have enough reasons to quit already.

[via BBC] Smoking “rots” the brain by damaging memory, learning and reasoning, according to researchers at King’s College London.

A study of 8,800 people over 50 showed high blood pressure and being overweight also seemed to affect the brain, but to a lesser extent.

Scientists involved said people needed to be aware that lifestyles could damage the mind as well as the body.

Their study was published in the journal Age and Ageing.

Researchers at King’s were investigating links between the likelihood of a heart attack or stroke and the state of the brain.

Data about the health and lifestyle of a group of over-50s was collected and brain tests, such as making participants learn new words or name as many animals as they could in a minute, were also performed.

They were all tested again after four and then eight years.


The results showed that the overall risk of a heart attack or stroke was “significantly associated with cognitive decline” with those at the highest risk showing the greatest decline.

It also said there was a “consistent association” between smoking and lower scores in the tests.

Dr Simon Ridley Alzheimer’s Research UK

One of the researchers, Dr Alex Dregan, said: “Cognitive decline becomes more common with ageing and for an increasing number of people interferes with daily functioning and well-being.

“We have identified a number of risk factors which could be associated with accelerated cognitive decline, all of which, could be modifiable.”

He added: “We need to make people aware of the need to do some lifestyle changes because of the risk of cognitive decline.”

The researchers do not know how such a decline could affect people going about their daily life. They are also unsure whether the early drop in brain function could lead to conditions such as dementia.

…[Read More]

But for those who DO smoke?

And do so, by casually dismissing the dangers science has PROVEN comes when one smokes…

Know this:

Smoking will NEVER be safe for you.

[via Discover Magazine]Will we ever… make a safe cigarette?

There’s an old saying among people who work in public health: Tobacco is the only legal product that, when used as intended, will kill you. Decades of research have thoroughly documented the health problems that result from inhaling tobacco smoke – more than a dozen different types of cancer, heart disease, stroke, emphysema and other respiratory diseases, among others. Are these risks an inevitable part of smoking? Or is there a way of creating safe cigarettes without any of these hazards?

“I think it’s very unlikely,” says Stephen Hecht from the University of Minnesota Cancer Center, who studies tobacco carcinogens – substances that cause cancer. Tobacco smoke is a complex cocktail of at least 4,000 chemicals including at least 70 known carcinogens. No one has made a “cigarette that is significantly decreased in all of these [chemicals] and is still something people would want to smoke, even though the industry has worked on this for around 50 years,” says Hecht. “There’s no indication that it’s possible.”

As Hecht says, it’s not that the industry hasn’t tried.

…[Read More]


Not never, ever, EVER!

So when it comes to you and smoking, if you two could ever break up?

You should totally:

Dang and blast…

Why did I play that song?

Now I have it stuck in my head and it stresses me out.


And my stress makes me think I need a cigarette…

But its all a lie.

Damn you, Taylor Swift.

Damn. You.

News Mash: A new way to harness solar energy, when it comes to the Solar Maxium? Good idea.

Science is pretty much always in a state of awesomness.

And I say that, because presently?

It’s working on a new way…

To harvest even MORE of the Sun’s energy.

[via Physorg] A new way of harnessing for electricity, potential for capturing a wider spectrum of solar energy.

The quest to harness a broader spectrum of sunlight’s energy to produce electricity has taken a radically new turn, with the proposal of a “solar energy funnel” that takes advantage of materials under elastic strain. “We’re trying to use elastic strains to produce unprecedented properties,” says Ju Li, an MIT professor and corresponding author of a paper describing the new solar-funnel concept that was published this week in the journal Nature Photonics.

…[Read More]


probably a good thing.

Considering how the closer we get to the Solar Maximum in 2013…

We might have a crapload excess of the Sun’s energy coming our way.

[via PopSci] Every time the sun lashes out with another beautiful but potentially threatening solar flare or coronal mass ejection, we are reminded that the naturally occurring solar cycle is approaching a “solar maximum” in 2013 and that solar activity is on the ascent. But what does that mean? If you’re having a hard time picturing an active ball of flaming nuclear fusion versus a less-active ball of flaming nuclear fusion, simply see above.

Solar maximum (and minimum) are terms that describe whether we are at a peak or a trough in the sun’s natural 11-year cycle, and they are determined by counting the number of sunspots visible on the surface of the sun during a given cycle. The most recent minimum occurred in 2008 and the sun is now building toward another maximum–a shift in activity that is very clearly visible here.


[Read More]

And just so you know, by “crapload”?

I mean…

The very specific unit of measurement taken from the weightage of the fear deposit in one’s pants.

So, yes…


Please, oh please, oh please…

Harvest away.

News Mash: We’ve come a long way, from Pong to Black Ops 2, for a gamers Christmas!

for adamant gamers…

It’s the number ONE Christmas gift to be had this Christmas season.

And I know this, NOT because I am an adamant gamer…

But because I love and adore two. (My nephews)

[via Mashable] Call of Duty: Black Ops II delivered the “biggest entertainment launch of the year,” after sales of the popular video game hit $500 million worldwide in 24 hours, according to publisher Activision.

“We believe Call of Duty is the biggest entertainment launch of the year for the fourth year in a row,” Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick said in a release Friday. “Life-to-date sales for the Call of Duty franchise have exceeded worldwide theatrical box office receipts for Harry Potter and Star Wars, the two most successful movie franchises of all time.”

SEE ALSO: ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 2′ Will Be Holiday Season’s Best-Selling Game, Bookies Say

In comparison, Marvel’s The Avengers, the highest-grossing film so far this year, raked in $600 million globally after nearly two weeks in theatres.

Black Ops 2, which debuted last Tuesday, demonstrates how video games are overtaking movies and music as the most lucrative form of entertainment.[Read More]


I do not get the attraction to such games.

Heck, the last game system I played?

A whole lot like THIS (below)…

No, make that WAS this:

[via Dailymail] Pong is 40 this week.

The classic video game, one of the first to reach mainstream popularity, was officially released on November 29, 1972 – 40 years ago this Thursday.

The two-dimensional table tennis simulator, the first release by Atari, is credited with being one of the progenitors of the video games industry, which is now worth a phenomenal $65billion a year

The simple two-dimensional simulation of ping pong, consists merely of two paddles which moved up and down to pass a moving spot between each player.

Yet its addictive gameplay captured the imagination of thousands of players around the world, building Atari’s status as an early video games giant.

The game was designed by Allan Alcorn, an expert in electrical engineering and computer science, who was handed the project as a training exercise by Atari co-founders Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney.

It was not the first commercial coin-operated video game – that accolade belongs to Computer Space, which Dabney and Bushnell helped to develop for Nutting Associates.

But it was the first to really take off with the paying public, spawning a host of imitators and, indeed, a lawsuit from the makers of the first home computer games console who claimed it was a rip-off of their product.

Despite that, it formed the basis of Atari’s first home video games console and, following a settlement, the company went on to become, for a time, the world leader.

…[Read More]

Atari controllers were the bomb!

(And yes, besides my love for Atari, I know that my use of the word “bomb” ages me… What of it?!?!)

One joystick, one button to push. Simple. I so miss that about video games, the beautiful simplicity of it all.

Running around, blowing people away, with graphics so real you almost have to wipe the brain matter from your TV screen, just has NO appeal to me.

And after shelling out $150 for two, count ’em TWO, video games for Christmas…

No way could I afford a video game habit even if I could stomach one.


If you go, go all the way, don’t look back…They might be gaining on you!

“Never look back unless you are planning to go that way”
~ Henry David Thoreau


“There is a point at which everything becomes simple and there is no longer any question of choice, because all you have staked will be lost if you look back. Life’s point of no return.”
~ Dag Hammarskjold