News Mash: If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear!

Thanks to shows like Doomsday Preppers

Being a whack-job survivalist is more popular than ever.

Question is…

ARE you ready for any eventually?

[via Gizmodo] This Go-Bag Will Keep You Ready For The Coming Apocalypse ~ by Eric Limer

Call it paranoia if you want, but when the end of the world comes due to zombies, aliens, severe weather, asteroids, or Black Friday stampedes, you’re going to want to be ready and waiting with your trusty bug-out bag. If you don’t have one already, the new Gerber Go-Bag is a good place to start.

While you’ll want to add some food and other assorted supplies to the mix, the Gerber Go-Bag comes with such essentials as a EZ-Out DPSF knife, a Recon Task light, a metal water bottle, a P600-ST sight tool, waterproof notepad, pocket reference guide, and some Frog Lube (heh) for keeping your weapons clean and ready, all in a handy satchel. All you have to do is grab it on your way out the door as you escape into the wild.

The bag will be available online starting November 23rd for a cool $274, a small price to pay for peace-of-paranoid-mind, especially when the gear you’ve got comes from the same folks who supply knives and multi-tools to the US Military. Time to get excited for the end of the world. [Gerber]

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And by ‘ANY’?


I mean your–death?

(NaturalNews) Most of the talk on preparedness these days focuses on food, water, emergency medical supplies, sleeping bags and similar items. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but it’s limited to the scope of being ready for things that happen when you’re alive. But this life is just the blink of an eye in the larger perspective of spirituality and the survival of your conscious soul. As journeys into the afterlife have revealed to us, there is an afterlife beyond this life, and our actions here on Earth are judged by the Creator.What have you done to prepare your soul for the afterlife?

This isn’t a joke question. We all focus on the survival of our physical bodies here on Earth, but relatively few people consider the survival of their eternal souls beyond this realm. That’s strange because the world beyond this life is actually far more REAL (and eternal) than this life here on Earth (which is often described as a “training ground” or a “simulation” or a “dream”).

Whether we live or die through the next Earthly preparedness crisis, the truth is that we all pass on to the afterlife sooner or later. That fact is inescapable and thus warrants the consideration of every conscious being living today.

Judgment Day will be here before you know it

According to nearly every world religion as well as many well-documented afterlife experiences, upon our passing beyond this physical world, we will be judged according to the decisions and actions we pursued during our lifetime. This judgment will reflect the degree to which we have lived our lives with love, humility, compassion and other fundamental traits of virtue. Those who have lived lives primarily dominated by the pursuit of greed, power and deception will be judged in a negative light (or darkness, as it were).

Belief in the afterlife, importantly, is not a requirement to be judged in the afterlife. Regardless of a person’s beliefs during their Earthly lifetime, they are nonetheless judged according to their free will actions. Denying the existence of the Creator, in other words, does not in any way provide a “free pass” for your behavior on Earth. (This is going to come as a great shock to those who have lived lives full of deception, greed and hatred for the Creator.)

Furthermore, there is no spiritual entitlement program whereby souls are automatically handed out benefits that they did not earn. Each soul must earn his or her own outcome, and in order to determine that, the entire lifetime of actions for each individual is recorded as a spiritual record.

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Because, never doubt it…

Once the autonomous, killer robots get their game plan (i.e. world domination) in order?

We are SOOOOOOOOO screwed.

At that point a Survival Go-Bag won’t be so much in order…

As much as a Spiritual, Kiss Your Butt Good-Bye Bag will.

I have mine.

How ’bout you?

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