News Mash – ‘Folie à deux’ serves her right!

When two people are close, as in an often a family way…

And share a certain social isolation?

Shared psychotic episodes happen.

[via io9] Folie à Deux: When Two People Go Insane Together ~by Esther Inglis-Arkell

Folie à deux is a term that originated in psychiatry, but sounds charming and whimsical enough that it’s been used as title for everything from novels to wineries. Psychiatry has replaced the term with “shared psychotic disorder,” which is a much less pretty, but much more accurate, description of the condition.

Although pre-existing disorders like depression, delusions, or paranoia can spark a folie à deux, all that’s really necessary is social isolation and a difficult-to-break connection between the two people. This is why almost all such cases happen in families. Couples account for seventy percent of the cases. Siblings and parent-child relationships make up most of the rest. Although the overall disorder is split evenly between male and female patients, sisters tend toward shared psychotic disorders more than other siblings.

One of the major fascinations of folie à deux is the fact that we all do it, to a certain extent. There isn’t anyone who isn’t shaped by their parents, their siblings, or their loved ones. Ideally, this shaping is a positive experience. It’s not hard to see how terribly this can go wrong for anyone. There are few old married who don’t share eccentricities. There are few families, or even close friendships, that don’t require both people to work with the various mental glitches of the other. We all go a little crazy for the other people in our lives. [Read More]


Don’t take MY word for it.

Just ask the girl who was forced to stand on the side of the road by her folks, with a sign, declaring her sluttiness to all passerbys!

[via The Blaze]…in Palm Coast, FL where one set of frustrated parents (Mike & Melinda) forced Jasmine, their teen daughter, to stand on a busy street corner with a sign declaring:

‘I sneak boys in at 3am and disrespect my parents and grandparents.’

According to the 15-year-old’s mother and step-father, Jasmine was out of control and would not conform to their rules. And they claim to have tried to punish their daughter by removing the typical trappings of teenagers. Mom Melinda explained:

“I’ve taken all her toys or her electronics away – her phone, no privileges on the TV or computer – and still she just laughs about it.”

After the latest violation, sneaking a boy into the house after the rest of the family was asleep, stepdad Mike took drastic measures.

Many drivers honked in support of the parents and others actually stopped to express concern for the young girl. How do you feel about this kind of punishment?

…[Read More]

Of course I don’t think her parents were being horrible at all.



I think they were pretty awesome.

Their daughter however?

Oh, I bet she thinks they have had a severe Folie à deux break with reality.

Funny thing is…

Girl doesn’t even realize that if they truly did?


SHE caused it.

‘Folie à deux’ serves her right!

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