Poetic Celebrity Parody – Love Full Of Sparks, Edition!

Our love was one of kind
At the first sight of you
I lost my vampire’s mind
When our eyes first met
My heart and soul totally melt
My love for you
Made me sparkle day and night
Honey, after all this time
My love
I need to know
Do you sparkle for me too


6 comments on “Poetic Celebrity Parody – Love Full Of Sparks, Edition!

  1. Ugh. Seriously? No. 😕 I am sure there will be many fans of this out there, but it won’t be me.

    The poem was nice though. 😉 Just not a fan of the content. This is one PCP that is an acquired taste. 🙂

    • What do you mean?
      It’s a parody, not a serious statement. 😉
      I tried to match the saccharine taste of the Twilight Saga.
      I think I did succeed because you didn’t like it. 😀

      • Oh, well it came off as very ‘fangirl’ and sincere and not so much a parody. So many who like this couple say the exact same thing, I suppose, which is why I missed any mocking that might have existed. Like I said though, some people will really dig this one. so good job there. 😉

      • I understand your point. I did intentionally write in “fangirl” voice. It is a case of too good imitation that the ones that I make fun off can’t even see it.
        I thought it was kinda obvious it can’t be real sentiment.
        I guess you would like it better if it had more obvious mocking.

      • Oh, I know you don’t care for them. But that’s only cause I know you are not a fan. However for those who do not know that? Yeah, they wouldn’t know the difference. as for my preference? Eh, no its fine. Don’t change it. It will give pleasure to those who are fans, and that’s never a bad thing. Expanding horizons for the sake of others only make US better people. So its all good. 😉 Again, nice job.

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