News Mash: For autonomous, killer robots it’s best to keep evil, ‘world-takeover’ goals a secret!

If one wants to succeed…

The best advice this TED talker has to give?

Keep your plans to yourself. After hitting on a brilliant new life plan, our first instinct is to tell someone — but Derek Sivers says it’s better to keep goals secret. He presents research stretching as far back as the 1920s to show why people who talk about their ambitions may be less likely to achieve them.

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Especially if you are an autonomous, killer robot…

And have an evil, dastardly goal of taking over the world.

If you do?

Oh, yeah…

The Human Rights Watch is WAY ahead of you.

[via HuffPo] ‘Killer robots’ with the ability to attack people without human intervention should be pre-emptively banned, a major human rights group has warned.

Such weapons do not currently exist – at least in a form which is regularly employed on the battlefield by major governments.

In fact the term ‘killer robots’ still brings to mind science fiction rather than a military reality.

But Human Rights Watch said in a report (‘Losing Humanity: The Case Against Killer Robots’) that fully autonomous weapons are closer than ever to being used, and would represent a huge step beyond drones currently used in combat, which require human intervention before firing on targets.

The New York-based group said that statements by military officials insisting current drones are not autonomous “leave open the possibility that robots could one day have the ability to make such choices on their own power”.

Within 20 to 30 years it is possible that automatic killer robots could be on the battlefield, HRW said:

Fully autonomous weapons do not yet exist, and major powers, including the United States, have not made a decision to deploy them. But high-tech militaries are developing or have already deployed precursors that illustrate the push toward greater autonomy for machines on the battlefield. The United States is a leader in this technological development. Several other countries – including China, Germany, Israel, South Korea, Russia, and the United Kingdom – have also been involved.

…[Read More]

Do I think any sort of ban will work at this point…

[Scientists See Promise in Deep-Learning Programs…advances have led to widespread enthusiasm among researchers who design software to perform human activities like seeing, listening and thinking.]

On any dark, autonomous killer robot goals?


5 comments on “News Mash: For autonomous, killer robots it’s best to keep evil, ‘world-takeover’ goals a secret!

  1. I have to say possibility of killer robots really scare me. The fear is very deep and it comes from our fear of strangers. And can you imagine how scary would be inhuman strangers who shoot without any emotions or human logic.
    We humans are killing each other from the dawns of human existence but the possibility of senseless machines killing us scare the Hecuba of me.
    My worst nightmare.

    • Yeah, pretty darn scary. A fact made even scarier thanks to the link I posted near the bottom of this post about how science is increasing the intelligence of robots. They’re making them smarter. And just how smart, do you wonder, will robots have to be before they decide they will run this world better than WE will? If I had my guess…I would say they are pretty close to be there, if they aren’t at that point already. 😕 Eek.

      • If they can kill us easily, what else do they need to run the world. there will be no us in no time.
        When i imagine bunch of robots who are killing everything in their vision, who can stopped them. and what is self consciousness anyway? A connection between brain cells.
        The scientists think they can control robots cells , well show me any apparatus that man made that worked perfectly safe all the time.
        We are screw, my friend.

      • No, not exactly just a connection between cells. As all living things have such a connection, but not all show awareness. One of the highest tests of intelligence is self-awareness ( Oddly enough, this is exactly what science wants to gift robots with. 😯 Crazy talk!

        Especially considering? Nico has already passed this test:

        It has begun, my friend, the beginning of the very end. 👿

        Now pass the cheesecake.


      • I didn’t want to do into the details but yes, self-awareness is what we think intelligence is because we are self aware, I mean some of us “laughs” but lets play devil’s advocate and say that robots intelligence that we will gift them will somehow involve in its own mechanical way.
        How I see it, we will face a new type of intelligence. Self-aware metals.
        Will we be intelligent enough to understand the AI?
        That’s way I have my bunker ready. And here is your cheesecake, enjoy it while you can. 😉

        I remember you posted about Nico recently. When my dog first saw herself in the mirror, oh she was so surprised. she thought it was another dog but I think she got it later.

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