Poetic Celebrity Parody – Birds of a Feather Flock Together, Edition!

They have denied reports they have rekindled their relationship.

But Rihanna and Chris Brown did little to quash rumours as they spent Thanksgiving partying together in Berlin on Thursday.

The 24-year-old had attended Chris’ concert in the German capital and joined him at the after-show party at a night club.

We may not understand
A relation so disturbing
What is sure is that…
They do like to go clubbing
Attached by invisible strings
This relationship brings
The worst in each other
Birds of a feather flock together


News Mash: Drug supplements can make you superintelligent, or…superpsychotic!

We all wish…

At one time or another?

We could be…

A little, intellectually, more.

And because we do?

Supplements are the way to go.

[via io9]10 supplements you can take today to enhance your intelligence ~by George Dvorsky

One day, we may be able to make ourselves superintelligent with futuristic biotechnology. We’re not there yet, but for the impatient among us there are still some things we can do to give us that little extra bit of brain power. By supplementing with so-called ‘nootropics,’ you may not become the next Stephen Hawking, but you may experience some noticeable improvements to your learning abilities, memory, mental clarity, and mood. Here are ten supplements you can take today to boost your intelligence:

…[Read More – See all 10 HERE!]


We are talking about the “supplement” marijuana.

In that case, if you use it, and you have this specific genetic marker, rest assured…

Oh, you will be intellectually MORE alright:

More CRAZY that is.

[via LiveScience]Why Pot Makes Some People Psychotic

People who smoke pot may be at increased risk for psychosis if they have a certain genetic marker, a new study finds.

The results show people with this genetic marker who use cannabis are twice as likely to experience psychosis compared with those who use the drug but do not have the genetic marker.

Among people who use the drug every day, the risk for psychosis increases sevenfold for those who have the genetic marker.

Previous studies have linked smoking marijuana with an increased risk of psychiatric disorders, such as schizophrenia, but only a small number of those who smoke pot will ever have a psychotic episode. The new finding could help identify which cannabis users might be at risk for this side effect, the researchers said.

…[Read More]

Lesson to be learned:

Choose your supplements wisely.

Cause if you don’t?

You might not like the ramifications. [See: Miami Cannibal!]

News Mash: When you think “fairy”, think more circle rather than ‘tale!

Fairy circles…

Fairy rings, pixie rings, elf rings or elf circles?

Are natural, albeit occurring circles–whether they be by mushrooms, trees or DEATH–in nature:

[via NYTimes]The grasslands of Namibia — and to a lesser extent its neighbors Angola and South Africa — are speckled with millions of mysterious bare spots called “fairy circles,” their origins unknown.

Now, a study based on several years of satellite images describes the circles’ life span as they appear, transform over decades, and then eventually disappear.

Writing in the journal PLoS One, Walter R. Tschinkel, the study’s author and a biologist at Florida State University, reports that the circles can last 24 to 75 years.

The circles, which range from about 6 to 30 feet in diameter, begin as bare spots on an otherwise continuous grass carpet; after a few years, taller grass starts to grow around the circle’s perimeter.

This may be because the bare land “isn’t using the water, so the grass on the perimeter ends up taller,” Dr. Tschinkel said. Years of constant winds then blow soil from the circle, leaving a dish-shaped depression in the ground.

Eventually, the circle is regrown with vegetation until it is no longer visible.

So while the reasons for the circles are still unknown, Dr. Tschinkel says his study has raised several crucial questions: “Why are they regularly distributed, rather than random or clumped; why do they appear with the grass dying suddenly; why is there taller grass at the perimeter; and why is there a difference in diameters?”

Until then, he continued, “the mystery of the fairy circles, or at least what causes them, remains a mystery.”

…[Read More]

These natural occurring  mysteries get their name, due to the folklore they so inspire. According to folklore, these mysterious circles serve as gateways, doors, to other realms.

As to what realm? Think “fairy”.

Just not “fairy” as in fairytale, especially if we are talking about THIS (below), cause well…

That would just be scary:

[via Cracked]…

“The Robber Bridegroom”

A girl pays a surprise visit to her fiance by following a trail of ashes out to his creaky thatched-roof terror cabin in the middle of the Forest of Wailing (ah, young love). But he isn’t home, and an old woman suddenly appears and tells her that her fiance is actually a murderous cannibal who feasts on young women, because evidently no one has explained to him that a sock full of ether is much less time consuming than a marriage license.

John B. Gruelle via SurLaLune Fairy Tales
Nothing says “trustworthy” like whatever the screaming hell is going on here.

The old woman hides the girl as her fiance returns with a different terrified girl, whom he butchers and eats. The first girl escapes and invites him to her father’s house for dinner (because nothing tastes better than irony), where she has him arrested.

…[Read More5 Grimm Fairy Tales You Should Only Read to Kids You Hate]


I’m all for mysteries and all, and if we are talking about FAIRY mysteries?

Even better.

Thing is?

I just prefer a bit of Disney mixed with my fairytales…

Because otherwise?

The REAL ones tend to freak me out a bit.


Heck, those things are freaking terrifying!

Gotta love them, but still…


News Mash: Buy this hideously expensive Faberge-inspired Vodka egg for XMas, but beware the sun!

As gifts go…

This Yuletide season?

Can’t go wrong
With Alcohol!

[via Daily Mail]When it comes to buying Christmas gifts, the famous saying ‘It’s the thought that counts’ doesn’t ring true for all.

Most of us have hard-to-buy-for people in their lives: from those who already own everything they could want or need to individuals with a wish list to rival the average annual salary.

But if you’re flummoxed by a loved one’s lust list and money is no problem, there is a solution in the form of luxury gift website VeryFirstTo.com, which dubs itself ‘the first website for individuals to learn about, and have, newly launching luxury products and experiences.’

It aims to showcase the most desirable items within the world of technology, fashion, home, leisure, beauty and beyond; as well as the latest must attend venues and events.

One such gift just available on the site which is sure to please the most demanding of recipients is the super premium vodka housed in the Faberge-inspired egg.

If the eye-catching 24-carat gold egg isn’t enough to impress, the vodka itself is filtered twelve times and was once enjoyed by 19th Century St Petersburg aristocracy.

If you’re keen to impress though, you must act fast because only five golden eggs are produced each year.

…[Read More]


Maybe you can.

Especially if you decide to splurge, buying the above 24-carat gold egg filled with Vodka…

And fail to keep it out of direct sunlight.

[via Gizmodo] Watch a Vodka Bottle Inside a Liquor Store Accidentally Catch on Fire from Sunlight ~by Casey Chan

In a ridiculous fire story that even firefighters couldn’t believe, a vodka bottle acted as a magnifying glass for sunlight to burn through a liquor store. Seriously.

As the cardboard started smoking, the ceiling fan fanned the fire, which then heated the vodka bottles enough so that the bottle caps popped off which gave more fuel for the fire to catch on. The fire ended up destroying much of the interior of the store, melting away cardboard, burning bottles and having flames reach 12 feet tall. It’s a freak accident that’s so unbelievable it’s kind of cool.

[MyFox9 via GrubStreet] [Read MoreClick HERE to watch video!]

Then, cause if you don’t…

Instead of impressively gilded?

Your egg will be simply be…

Fried and quite wilted.

Good wits experience life, while they are alive and jump to fly, not to fall…Jump around!

“When you stand at the edge of the cliff, jump to fly, not to fall.”


“Friend, hope for the Guest while you are alive.
Jump into experience while you are alive!
Think…and think… while you are alive.”
~ Kabir