Poetic Celebrity Parody – Mothers and Daughters, Edition!

She was accused by daughter Lindsay Lohan of being high on cocaine during a heated argument last month.
The actress later recanted, and now Dina Lohan is opening up about the altercation, recorded by Lindsay’s father, Michael Lohan.
‘[Lindsay] came clean and told the truth that she lied,’ Dina told Entertainment Tonight.
Dina said her daughter ‘absolutely lied’ when she made the drugs accusation.
‘I hate cocaine. I don’t do cocaine,’ Dina said.
‘We were having an argument, it escalated, and she, in her weakest moment called someone. She called [her father] and he recorded the conversation.
‘She just wanted to hurt me at that moment. You know, mothers [and] daughters, we fight.’
Dina added that she was hurt to see the family drama become so public, and ‘cried for weeks’ after.

Mothers and daughters
Made from the same cloth
Two moths
Glued to the lights of fame
Two souls that burn
In flames
Being the same
Betrays, lies and no shame
Fill their rotten days
What they worry the most
Is about cocaine!