News Mash: The quantifying of human wisdom…A duality practicality?

In human wisdom
Can be reasoned
By quantifying rational practicality?

[via Scientific American]…

Throughout the 20th century scientists and mathematicians have had to accept that some things will always remain beyond the grasp of reason. In the 1930s Kurt Gödel famously showed that even in the rational universe of mathematics, for every paradox that deep thinking slaps down, new ones pop up. Economists and political theorists found similar limitations to rational rules for organizing society, and historians of science punctured the belief that scientific disputes are resolved purely by facts. The ultimate limits on reason come from quantum physics, which says that some things just happen and you can never know why.

Yet events have taken a strange turn in the past decade. The very theory of quantum physics that seemed to box in human knowledge also proves to liberate us. It expands our knowledge not just of the physical world but also of ourselves. By enriching the rules of rational thought, it gets us out of dead ends where reason leads us. Taken in the broader framework quantum physics provides, human behavior may not be as irrational as the evening news makes it seem.

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If so
Just know…

In quantum mechanics
Reflects a choice in antics
Of a photons directionality

[via Scientific American] Quantum objects are notoriously shifty. Take the photon, for example. The quantum of light can act as a particle one moment, following a well-defined path like a tiny projectile, and a wave the next, overlapping with its ilk to produce interference patterns, much like a ripple on the water.

Wave–particle duality is a key feature of quantum mechanics, one not easily understood in the intuitive terms of everyday experience. But the dual nature of quantum entities gets stranger still. New experiments demonstrate that photons not only switch from wave to particle and back again but can actually harbor both wave and particle tendencies at the same time. In fact, a photon can run through a complex optical apparatus and disappear for good into a detector without having decided on an identity—assuming a wave or particle nature only after it has been destroyed.

Physicists have shown in recent years that a photon “chooses” whether to act as a wave or a particle only when forced. If, for instance, a photon is steered by a beam splitter (a kind of fork in the optical road) onto one of two paths, each leading to a photon detector, the photon will appear at one or the other detector with equal probability. In other words, the photon simply chooses one of the routes and follows it to the end, like a marble rolling through a tube. But if the split paths recombine before the detectors, allowing the contents of the two channels to interfere like waves flowing around a pillar to meet on the other side, the photon demonstrates wavelike interference effects, having essentially traversed both paths at once. In other words, measure a photon like a particle, and it behaves like a particle. Measure a photon like a wave, and it acts like one.

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Is this too a reflect
Of human wisdom?

Oh, I would say
It would definitely have to be.

News Mash: Thanks to the failure of Prop 37, you can now enjoy that mutant hamburger in peace!

*shakes head sadly*

The attempt in California…

To label dangerous GMO foods?

Has failed.

(NaturalNews) Proposition 37 appears to have failed at the ballot box in California, according to the California Secretary of State ballot measures results. The GMO labeling ballot measure, which would have required food companies to label the GM content of foods, was defeated with the use of over $45 million in fraudulent advertising and dirty tricks funded by Monsanto, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Kellogg, General Mills, DuPont, Bayer and other food and pesticide companies.

Over the last month, this cabal of deceptive companies has funneled money into a campaign of criminal fraud which, among other crimes, fabricated a fake FDA quote and sent out mailers that fraudulently used the FDA seal. A criminal complaint has already been filed with the FBI.

The “No on 37” campaign also used fabricated front groups and impersonated a police organization (among others) to send out yet more fake mailers to voters, claiming that the police oppose GMO labeling. That fraudulent claim, of course, is entirely false.

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And because it has?


We should all be sure, to go out of our way, and try to investigate the origins of just what it is EXACTLY that we are eating these days.

Cause honestly…

You just never know:

[via Cracked]Nobody wants to know where their food comes from. It’s perfectly understandable: Hamburgers are delicious regardless of the fact that the slaughterhouse had to toss cows into a giant blender in order to make them. Still, it’s worth paying attention to, because some of what’s going on behind the scenes is downright weird. Like …

#4. Super Beef from Giant Genetic Freak Cows

Most of us just think of cows as walking beef. Think about it — if you saw a cow in your yard, you’d assume that it escaped from somebody’s farm. There’s no such thing as wild cows, right? They’re not animals — they exist so we can have steaks. So if that’s true, scientists said, why not go all the way with it and make a giant supercow with lots of extra steak on its bones? Boom:

Behold, the Belgian Blue. Belgian breeders addressed the problem of cows not having enough lean, delicious meat on their bodies by exploiting a gene mutation that produces extra muscle fiber. If a cow and ’70s-era Arnold Schwarzenegger made love, the Belgian Blue would be their baby.

…[Read More – 5 Insane Farm Secrets Behind the Food on Your Grocery List!]

As a result?

We should be more than a little frightened of all the creepy things, those people who make our food, AREN’T telling us.

And by ‘more than a little afraid’…

I mean scared as all get-out!


Cause if their genetics manipulations will do that to the food we consume…

Just what do you think said food will do to use once we consume it.

[65 Health Risks of GM Foods]


News Mash: Elephant intelligence – They are speaking human words and carousing now?

Elephants are one of the ten smartest animal in the animal kingdom.

So, it should come as little surprise?

That they can imitate Koreans, by mimicking their…


[via ScienceNews]An Asian elephant has learned to mimic five words in Korean, creating a humanlike tone by sticking its trunk into its mouth.

This is the first systematically studied case of an elephant mimicking human speech, says bioacoustician Angela Stoeger at the University of Vienna. The male elephant, called Koshik and housed in a Korean zoo, makes sounds close in pitch to human language and reminds Korean speakers of actual words, Stoeger and her colleagues report in the Nov. 20 Current Biology.

Studying the select group of animals that can imitate sounds they hear broadens the understanding of a skill critical for human music and language, says Peter L. Tyack of the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. Other primates, humankind’s closest relatives, show “surprisingly little evidence” of learning to mimic sounds, says Tyack, who studies sound communication in marine mammals.

Intrigued by zookeepers’ reports that Koshik was mimicking Korean, Stoeger visited him in South Korea’s Everland Zoo. Koshik curls his trunk from the right side and puts the tip into his mouth before sounding off. It’s impossible to see exactly what his trunk tip does, yet the resulting sounds approximate the pitch of tones in human speech.

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Not only that?

But they can also mimic Americans, by imitating their…


[via DailyMail] Fifty drunken elephants caused havoc in an Indian village and destroyed three houses after gulping down an astonishing 500 litres of alcohol.

The animals destroyed a shop stocking Mahua and ruined crops in Dumurkota, east India, after drinking 18 containers of the alcoholic drink.

However they were not satisfied after the drinking session and ransacked adjoining huts to find more of the liquor, according to local reports.

The herd had been drawn out of a forest by the strong smell of Mahua and raided the shop stocking the drink, reported the Times of India.

But Dumurkota villagers managed to drive away the elephants after the incident and forestry officials then tried to get them to cross a nearby river.

‘Unfortunately these animals live in close proximity to man and they recognised the smell of the drink,’ police spokesman Asish Samanat said.

He added that the elephants were similar to a drunk human in that they were ‘aggressive and unreasonable’, but they were ‘much, much bigger’.

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Word to the wise, smart animals everywhere?

Mimicking Americans…

Probably not the best of ideas.

Women in love hurt when loving too much, with their very last breath!

“To a woman in love, loving too much is not loving enough”


Love hurts, love aches because we love too much & too deep that sometimes we forget to keep a little to ourselves.