News Mash: “Science must give way to religion” & “Why Science Can’t Replace Religion” All in one!

Science knows what it has.

Whereas religion…

Knows what it is.

No matter the debate, the two will never, ever equate…

And that’s OK.

I can’t tell you how nice it is to read an article, from an atheist, who thinks exactly that.

About time!

[via Nature]Sometimes science must give way to religion – by Daniel Sarewitz.

Challenges to the cultural and political authority of science continue to rise from both ideological and religious directions. It is tempting to dismiss these as manifestations of ignorance or scientific illiteracy. But I believe instead that they help to show us why it will always be necessary to have ways of understanding our world beyond the scientifically rational.

I am an atheist, and I fully recognize science’s indispensable role in advancing human prospects in ways both abstract and tangible. Yet, whereas the Higgs discovery gives me no access to insight about the mystery of existence, a walk through the magnificent temples of Angkor offers a glimpse of the unknowable and the inexplicable beyond the world of our experience. [Read More]

Because truth of the matter is…

No matter what discoveries and facts science comes up with?

Religion will ALWAYS remain a cornerstone in the lives of humanity.

And science thinking it is even probable that religion will one day be cleansed from humanity…

Pffft, who is the irrational zealot now?

[via DiscoverMagazine] Why Science Can’t Replace ReligionBy Keith Kloor

In certain circles, there is a violent allergic reaction whenever someone suggests that religion and science are compatible. A particular type of atheist is especially vulnerable to this immune disorder. For example, P.Z. Myers, the evolutionary biologist and pugnacious blogger, became famously symptomatic at a 2010 gathering of atheists. After one participant suggested that non-religious people could still be spiritual, Myers nearly retched:

Whenever we start talking about spirituality, I just want to puke.

I hope Myers didn’t have too much to eat before reading the headline from this week’s commentary in Nature: “Sometimes Science Must Give Way to Religion.” The column, by Arizona State University’s Daniel Sarewitz, suggests that rational explanation of the universe’s existence, as advanced recently by discovery of the Higgs boson, can’t match the feelings evoked by spectacular religious symbolism, such as that found in Cambodia’s ancient Hindu temples, which Sarewitz explored this summer. He writes:

The overwhelming scale of the temples, their architectural complexity, intricate and evocative ornamentation and natural setting combine to form a powerful sense of mystery and transcendence, of the fertility of the human imagination and ambition in a Universe whose enormity and logic evade comprehension.

Science is supposed to challenge this type of quasi-mystical subjective experience, to provide an antidote to it.

But in the words of Time magazine’s Jeffrey Kluger, “our brains and bodies contain an awful lot of spiritual wiring.” Religion is the antidote our evolutionary history created. And even if you don’t buy that particular theory, you can’t simply dismiss the psychological and cultural importance of religion. For much of our history, religion has deeply influenced all aspects of life, from how we cope with death and random disaster to what moral codes we abide by. That science should (or could) eliminate all this with a rationalist cleansing of civilization, as a vocal group of orthodox atheists have suggested, is highly improbable.

For many—including scientists—religion is not just an emotional salve and existential life preserver, it’s also the glue that holds one’s identity together.[Read More]


You will not now, nor will you ever, forever banish religion.


Than religion will once again burn you scientists at the stake for heresy.

So I don’t suppose there in any chance, any at all…

That you two can learn to get along, is there?


I thought not.

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