BOSS Gif – Your Eyes Are Following Me, Edition!

That is so scary.

His eyes are following me.

What do you mean it’s an illusion?

Did you see the teeth?

Are they illusion too?



This is a wonderful optical illusion. This little dragon is made out of paper – you simply cut it out and stick it together, and stand it on a table or window ledge. But when you move around, the dragon’s head seems to follow you around the room. Have a look at the video, to see what we mean. The effect is really uncanny.

How does it work? If we move around when viewing a solid object, our brain knows how the object we are looking at should behave. However the dragon gives us the wrong clues, because we mis-interpret what its shape is. We assume that the nose of the dragon is pointing out towards us, but in fact the dragon’s head is concave.

Like a BOSS!

Poetic Celebrity Parody – It’s Britney Baby, Edition!

The music was playing
Two cobras were swaying
Cleopatra was eating the grapes
The rhythm of the drums were hypnotizing
Nubians were dancing
The maids were serving the opulent dishes
There were dates, figs and fishes
The river of the beer was flowing
Daughter of  the Nile was on the throne
Then everything came to stop
Their queen didn’t look like herself
She was blonde and not so royal
She was singing “Baby One More Time”
The priests were in uproar
The solders were coming
The Queen was running
The walls of the mansion were echoing
The weak voice was weeping “Live Britney alone”
The whole Egypt was revolting
There will never be no another Cleopatra
It’s Britney baby!