News Mash: Baby Terminator robot will grow up to one day shoot that smile right off your face!

THIS (below)…

Makes me weep.

And just so we are clear here?

Yes, they are tears of unmitigated terror.

[via innovationnewsdaily] A Japanese robot evolves from skeletal Terminator baby to full-fleshed android in our latest installment of “Uncanny Valley Watch.” Which one is scarier?

Japanese researchers at Osaka University’s Asada Lab have built the “Affetto” robot in their attempt to make the most realistic baby robot ever, according to robot blog Plastic Pals. Their efforts land easily within the realm of the so-called uncanny valley — the sensation described by Japanese roboticist Masahiro Mori in the case of objects that resemble incomplete humans based on behavior or appearance. [Read More]

And you want to know why?

Cause this baby is not the end.


One day some idiot will make a robot that will shoot at us…

Because they think its funny/cute.

You laugh, because you think, “How ridiculous?!” Right?

Got bad news for you, babe…

This robot which has been MADE to shoot at you?

Already. Been. Made.

[via Popsci] This boxy guy is called Kuratas, otherwise known as Vaudeville, and he stands 12 feet 5 inches tall. He weighs about 4.5 tons and is diesel-powered. Do not smile at him. He will shoot that grin right off your face.

Kuratas is a real-life mech from (where else?) Japan, and it’s an art project designed by Suidobashi Heavy Industry. Iron worker/artist Kogoro Kurata, at right in the photo above, built his namesake robot and debuted it at something called Wonder Fest 2012, which took place over the weekend.

It has a ride-in cockpit, a master-slave joystick and a touchscreen interface, and its arms can be controlled via Kinect, so it could be trained as a champion boxer. Its twin BB Gatling guns can fire up to 6,000 BBs per minute, according to Plastic Pals. And it fires when a small camera inside the robot detects when you smile.[Read More]

Don’t get it.

I do not understand why humanity feeds its apparent innate compulsion to create that which will one day HAPPILY destroy us.

Because it is coming…

Arnold told me so.

So did the enamored ‘religion’…

That is upcoming singularity.

Scary stuff.

ALL of it.


Most especially the terminator baby.


That thing is creepy!

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  1. What’s wrong with these people?This baby is so creepy. I could just see it pretending it is in distress and luring you into robots bunker. Scary stuff. Bwhahaha

    • That’s what I want to know! Obviously they are missing something in their life. And are using creepy-robot-babies to fill in this gap.


      Before these babies start plotting to take us the heck out.


      We will be in the human zoos before too long, I just know it! *pouts*

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