there is just no saving some people

News Mash: Though a vaccine is in the works for Hep C, there remains no cure for stupidity!

As if the thought of nuclear war wasn’t scary enough…


The world has to contend with a deadly Hep C epidemic.

One that destroys the health and lives of anyone unlucky enough to contract it!

[via Philadelphia CBSLocal]PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A new study indicates that one in every 33 baby boomers has the Hepatitis C virus, and many don’t even know they have this liver destroying disease.

Federal health officials say Hepatitis C is now killing more people than the AIDS virus, and most are over 45 years of age.

Dr. Robert Bettiker, associate professor of medicine in infectious diseases at Temple

University School of Medicine, says that once symptoms appear, the liver is already damaged.

He says the major symptoms include “pain in the right upper quadrant (of your abdomen) that goes on for days or months. Your eyes might turn yellow, you might start bleeding a lot if you get a cut, and the veins in your esophagus can get really big and can rupture.” [Read More]

Luckily though…

Science is on the path, if not for an absolute cure?

Then at least for a vaccine to prevent further spread of the epidemic.

[via Science Blog] A University of Alberta researcher and Canada Excellence Research Chair in Virology has made the

discovery of a vaccine that will potentially help combat hepatitis C. Michael Houghton, who led the team that discovered the hepatitis C virus in 1989, announced his findings at the Canada Excellence Research Chairs Summit in Vancouver this afternoon. Currently, there are no vaccines against the disease available.

Houghton, also the Li Ka Shing Chair in Virology at the University of Alberta, says the vaccine, developed from a single strain, has shown to be effective against all known strains of the virus. It took more than 10 years to develop and started while he was working for the drug company Novartis. Following previous vaccine tests funded by the National Institutes of Health that yielded promising results, he said there remained two critical questions.

“Did the recipients actually produce antibodies that could neutralize the actual infectious virus,” he said, “and if they could, how broad was the neutralizing response?”

The challenge, Houghton said, was that hepatitis C is more virulent than HIV, thus coming up with a vaccine that would neutralize the different strains around the world was believed to be impossible. Using a vaccine developed and tested on humans in his University of Alberta lab, Houghton and his co-investigator John Law discovered that the vaccine was capable of eliciting broad cross-neutralising antibodies against all the different major strains. Houghton says that this finding bodes good news for those with hep C and those who live or travel to areas where the disease is prevalent. [Read More]

This is definitely good news for the majority of humanities health prospects.

But for the minority?

I give you…

Ultimate Tazer Ball!

[via Weekly World News] Ultimate Tazer Ball allows players to zap opponents with stun guns.

Sport at its best is electrifying – but one new game takes the concept a little too literally by allowing players to tackle opponents by zapping them with stun guns.

Ultimate Tazer Ball allows  players to zap opponents with 300,000-volt stun guns, to induce a muscle spasm which will make them drop the ball or trip over.

There have been no official games played but the sport’s creators  insist it is genuine and claim they are planning to form a league.

Promotional videos have been seen by more than 1million viewers on YouTube.

The game’s US inventors say the stun guns are designed to deliver eight milliamps of current – well below the lethal dose of one amp but enough to test even the legendary ball skills of Barcelona’s  Lionel Messi.

In the video clip, one zapped player warns: “If you’re scared, don’t play.’ Another says: ‘It hurts, man, it doesn’t feel good.” [Read More]


What can I say, when it comes to the health of a minority?

There is just no saving some people.

In other words?

Though a vaccine is in the works for Hep C…

There remains no cure for stupidity!

And that just sucks for the stupid people. (i.e. see Ultimate Tazer Ball video above)