In a fight over a boyfriend, no one wins.


No one, I don’t care how much you think you love someone, is worth killing someone else over, in a fit of jealous rage…

Because if jealously is such a determinant in your relationship, I can almost guaranty that genuine love does not exist there.

Eighteen-year-old Sarah Ludeman was enraged. Her boyfriend Josh was two-timing her with his ex—a girl named Rachel Wade. And Rachel had been taunting Sarah about it all day: sending her vile text messages bragging about how she was with Josh, posting the phrase “Lovin’ my boo:)” on her MySpace page, and calling Sarah’s cellphone to threaten her life.

L: Sarah Ludemann (Photo: Zuma / Newscom); R: Rachel Wade looks at potential jurors before she goes on trail on July 20, 2010. (Photo: Kathleen Flynn / AP Photo)

It had to stop. With a couple of friends in tow, Sarah drove her parents’ minivan to where Rachel was staying. But Rachel, 19, was ready for her—she was toting a razor-sharp steak knife. When the two girls saw each other, they both charged. Rachel grabbed the knife and stabbed Sarah once in the shoulder before piercing her heart. Sarah died within an hour, and now Rachel is facing a life sentence.

Stupid, needless, pathetic and just plain sad.

And from the sounds of it, all over a boy who was worthy of neither of them.