The best weapons are weapons that one can fit into ones purse!


We all have our favorites.


The type I can fit in my purse.

Take slingshots, for instance…

A personal favorite of mine.


Besides full of physics awesomeness…

[via Gizmodo]The Physics Of Slingshots Explains Why They’re So Destructive and So Awesome

Smarter Every Day’s Destin flew to Germany to meet up Joerg Sprave, the man behind those highly entertaining slingshot videos, to take an educational look at the physics behind them. He also brought a high-speed camera with him—need I say more?

We’ve featured Joerg’s Slingshot channel before, and his crazy creations and shaved head have already made him a bona fide internet celebrity. But it’s nice to step back and take a more cerebral look at his mad scientist inventions and the science behind why simple elastics can be so devastating. And seeing Destin and Joerg together in the same video reminds me of those old cartoon crossovers, like when the Jetsons met the Flintstones, minus the awkward laugh track. [The Physics of Slingshots, with Joerg] [Read More]

That WON’T get you arrested if you?

If you are caught with them in your possession, by a police officer.

Like say?

This pocketknife .22 caliber pistol.

[via Gizmodo]Pocketknife Revolver Evens the Odds When You Bring a Knife To a Gunfight

If I built a time machine I’d choose a pickup truck over a Delorean, just so I could bring back all the awesome stuff that’s been deemed unsafe over the years. I mean you can get a Swiss Army knife equipped with everything imaginable these days, except a .22 caliber pistol, which were readily available in 1930.

This amazing little feat of engineering known as the “Defender” packs the only tools you should really need in a pocketknife. A sharp sturdy blade, and a concealed .22 calibre handgun that accepts any type of cartridge. My immediate reaction was to imagine the agony were this to accidentally go off in my pocket, but I think people realized how dangerous guns were even back then. So the Defender appears to have adequate safety mechanisms so it doesn’t go off while you’re whittling or picking your teeth. Not too shabby for just $5 right? I wonder if the Johnson Smith Catalog has an online store these days? [Weird Universe via BoingBoing] [Read More]


How about this fishing rod rifle.

[via Gizmodo] You Won’t Need Bait With This Ultralight Rifle Fishing Rod

Compact pack rifles are usually designed to be carried for emergencies, and this ultra lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber model, from Mountain View Machine & Welding, will greatly improve your chances of survival since it can also be transformed into a telescoping fishing rod.

Weighing in at just under a pound, the .22 caliber single-shot bolt-action rifle is not only light and easy to carry, but the use of aluminum and carbon fiber make it weather resistant too. When you’re hungry, or when the local wildlife decides that they are, you don’t want a little rain to get in the way of putting this to good use.

The rifle breaks down into two main components in just a couple of seconds, making it easier to stash in a backpack. And with the addition of a reel screwed onto the pistol grip, and a rod that extends from the stock, you’ve got yourself another survival tool in the same $425 package. Let’s see your corkscrew-packing Swiss Army knife do that. [Pffft, see above!] [Pack-Rifle via The Firearm Blog via UberReview] [Read More]

Or finally…

This do-it-yourself handheld flame thrower pistol.

[via Instructables]The idea for this project was born from trying to get our campfires started with kindling and wood so wet we couldn’t get them to burn with dry paper. Sure charcoal lighter would work but where’s the fun in that?

Please don’t be misled by the term Moose/Bear Repellent, I only used it to create more interest. It probably wouldn’t deter a bear that was intent on inflicting harm. If anyone wishes to visit Alaska to enjoy the great outdoors, I would recommend some sort of bear deterrent. Be advised a big ol’ can of pepper spray isn’t always effective, they have even been seen licking it from the ground. Making plenty of noise or an occasional blast on a portable air horn while you’re hiking will keep surprise encounters to a minimum. As for the moose, beware, they usually aren’t afraid of anything and would love a chance to bully you for your snacks, or for no reason at all.    

Some words of caution: Be safe, have a fire extinguisher or bucket of water nearby and someone else there in case whats burning is you. Never operate indoors. You wouldn’t pee up a rope or spit into the wind, it’ll get ya if you do, so don’t use it when the wind is blowing.

The Epilog Zing laser is the perfect machine for the microshop or for taking your laser mobile, such as flea markets. My eldest son has recently been turned on to Instructables, and will be completing his second tour of duty fighting for our freedom this winter. The Zing would make the most awsome welcome home gift.      

Materials: All materials are available at Lowes or Home Depot except the butane refills and birch plywood, which can be found at tobacco shops and craft stores respectively. Total estimated cost $50-$60 US.

8 in. of 1-1/2 in. type “L” copper tubing
1-1/2 in. copper end cap
1-1/4 in. copper end cap
1 in. length of 3/4 in. soft copper tubing
1/4 in. x 1-3/4 in. hitch pin
4 in. x 4 in. x 5MM extruded acrylic
24 in. x 12 in. x 1/8 in. birch plywood
1-1/4 in. length of 1/4 in. oak dowel
1-1/2 in. x 1-1/8 in. x 1/2 in. long aluminum angle
4 pcs. 1/8 in. tension pins 5/8 in. long
12 pcs. #8 x 3/4 flat head wood screws
3 pcs. #6-32 x 1/4 in. flat head machine screws
1 pc. #8-32 x 1 in. flat head machine screw
2 pcs. #6 x 1/2 in. flat head wood screws
1 pc. #8-32 x 1/4 in. flat head machine screw and lock nut
1 pc. #10-24 x 3/8 in. pan head machine screw, flat washer, lock washer and nut
pulse ignition for gas grill with wiring harness ( Lowes or Home Depot )
1 pc. AA battery
2.1 oz. can butane
1 paper clip
1 pc. 3/4 in nylon pipe cap
Titebond wood glue
super glue
a bit of solder

Tools used:

Laser cutter
Pipe cutter
Hand drill and assorted bits
Dremel with cut-off wheel and drum sander
Wire crimper
Sand paper
Propane torch
Router table
Phillips screwdriver [Read More – Links to the drawing files]

So, yes…


My preferred weapon.

Especially if they cut off the heads of zombies.


I have a big purse.