gootans are coming

News Mash: Do not blame the hunters, blame the Gootans!

Those animals rights people…

Are just a bunch of paranoid conspiracy theorists!

I mean, come on…

Thinking a bunch of angry hunters would react badly to a drone spying on one of their shooting events, involving live prey?

Well that is just CRAZY talk!

[viaThe Goat]An animal rights group in Illinois protested a live pigeon shoot that a local hunting club was putting together. To gather evidence they acquired a helicopter drone with a video camera attached.

The local shooting club sought to have the drone stopped by authorities, but once they found out that it was legal and there was nothing they could do to stop it, they began heading to their cars and filing out of the parking lot.

But the animal rights group sent up their drone for a look anyway, and shortly after they said gunfire rang out and after the drone was hit a bunch of gun-toting people fled the scene on four-wheelers. Yes, the drone war has come home. The animal rights group is seeking to file charges against the hunting club.[Read More]

Just because gunshots were heard, followed by the crashing of the drone…

Done NOT mean the two incidences were directly connected.

It could have been ANYTHING that caused the crashing of the drone…

Like say, did you know a bunch of wild birds were shot out of the sky by UFOs In Maryland?

Pssst – “It could all be connected.”


[via Weekly World News] Hundreds of birds fell from the sky and landed onto I-95 Wednesday, bringing rush hour traffic in Maryland to a crawl.

The Maryland Game and Fish Commission said it began receiving reports about the dead birds about 11:30 p.m. the previous night. The birds fell over a 10-mile area, and an aerial survey indicated that no other dead birds were found outside of that area.

They were mostly Starling and Blackbirds, and while there were a few in the grass and on the shoulders of the highway, the vast majority landed right on the northbound travel lanes in Laurel.

“We were just kind of curious about running them over and getting them stuck in your tires and all that nastiness,” says Tammy Johnson.

“I travel this all the time and have never seen anything like that before,” says Ray Wheltle.

Traffic backed up as drivers slowed down out of concern for the birds and their cars.

A highway crew swept and shoveled what they could while the drivers crept by scratching their heads. State biologists say they’ve also seen Starlings, which tend to fly in large tight flocks, crash into the sides of tractor trailers.

Some suspected something sinister. ”Environmental hazards, toxins in the air and in the environment maybe,” a person said.

Maryland Department of Natural Resources biologist Sam Comito believes the Starlings were attacked by some outside force.  He does not suspect any disease and is sending samples to a lab just in case.

WWN contacted Dr. John Malley of the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials.  Dr.  Malley examined the birds and all the evidence. He concluded that the birds were shot down by an alien spaceship from Planet Gootan.

“The Gootans have been shooting down birds and killing fish around the U.S., and world, for the last two years,” said John Mallye.  The U.S. government tries to explain it away with all different kind of theories, but this is definitely the work of the Gootans.  It’s a warning from them.” [Read More]

See there…

Thinking that?

Is not paranoid, crazy at ALL.

In fact thinking the Gootans were to blame for the downed drone…

Makes so much more sense.


No, really doesn’t, but you have to admit>

It’s ever so much more fun!