Special relativity hasn’t failed…It just ran into something that didn’t work!


They so funny!

For example like how scientists are taking, what pretty much looks to be FACT at this point…

That the supposed ONLY true absolute, “Nothing is faster than the speed of light” rule they have ALL been propagating all these years?

Is just Einstein being wrong…

[via io9]So did the folks at CERN really record neutrinos moving faster than light? Was Einstein wrong about light speed being a universal speed limit?[Read More]

You know, NOT all them as well.

And yet?

It is…

And THEY all are.

Pssst, “But you will never hear THEM say that.”

[via NYTimes]GENEVA (AP) — The chances have risen that Einstein was wrong [Like he was the ONLY person with this thought…Jeez!]  about a fundamental law of the universe.

Scientists at the world’s biggest physics lab said Friday they have ruled out one possible error that could have distorted their startling measurements that appeared to show particles traveling faster than light.

Many physicists reacted with skepticism in September when measurements by French and Italian researchers seemed to show subatomic neutrino particles breaking what Nobel Prize-winning physicist Albert Einstein considered the ultimate speed barrier.

The European Organization for Nuclear Research said more precise testing has now confirmed the accuracy of at least one part of the experiment.

“One key test was to repeat the measurement with very short beam pulses,” the Geneva-based organization, known by its French acronym CERN, said in a statement.

The test allowed scientists to check if the starting time for the neutrinos was being measured correctly before they were fired 454 miles (730 kilometers) underground from Geneva to a lab in Italy.

The results matched those from the previous test, “ruling out one potential source of systematic error,” said CERN.

Still, scientists stressed that only independent measurements by labs elsewhere would allow them to declare that the results of their experiment were a genuine finding.

“A measurement so delicate and carrying a profound implication on physics requires an extraordinary level of scrutiny,” said Fernando Ferroni, president of Italian Institute for Nuclear Physics. “The positive outcome of the test makes us more confident in the result, although a final word can only be said by analogous measurements performed elsewhere in the world.”

According to Einstein’s 1905 special theory of relativity, nothing is meant to be able to go faster than the speed of light — 186,282 miles per second (299,792 kilometers per second).

But the researchers said in September that their neutrinos traveled 60 nanoseconds faster, when the margin of error in their experiment allowed for just 10 nanoseconds. A nanosecond is one-billionth of a second. [Read More]

What is we say here at Anguished Repose, when it comes to Science and “facts”: “It’s only the truth until it isn’t.”

But Science, don’t consider this as certain failure for all your long-held beliefs and theories…

Just consider it simply?

[via LifeHacker] “I Have Not Failed. I Have Just Found 10,000 Things That Do Not Work.”

This quote from brilliant inventor Thomas Edison reminds us that even when our efforts don’t seem to provide results, that doesn’t mean we’ve failed or should give up. Consider them part of the process of finding what does work.

Taking a different perspective on failure can help you stay motivated and persist until you find the right solution. You can apply a trial-and-error frame of mind to pretty much any project or endeavor, from experimenting with cooking to finding your perfect job. So carry on and persist. [Read More]

As yet one more way?

Science refuses to work the way YOU want it to.

But you know what, in the long run?

That’s not a bad thing.

No, in fact…

It leaves the door open to so many more interesting possibilities!