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News Mash: Big cats that purr and wolf-mothers which care for helpless kittens!


Animals seldom react, act?

The way we THINK that they will:

Do tigers, lions, leopards and other species of big cats purr like domestic cats?

We’re often asked this question so check out the video for answers…..

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[via BoingBoing] U xpect adorabulness. U gets it. But kittehs also gives u edukashun n’ sientific nuance.

That’s all the LOLcat speak I can muster in one go. Seriously, watch this video from Big Cat Rescue. It’s fascinating. And, you should know, at the end, they link you to a slightly less educational feature about ocelots and lynx chasing laser pointers. Just sayin’. [Read More]

It should be noted however…

That animals always react, act?

The way they should.

With instincts inspired by Mother Nature, for sure…

Heart-led however?

Definitely the rest.

Cats, even BIG cats, should like catnip… Shouldn’t they?

You know, I never wondered. In fact it was only after I saw the link initially to this video that I began to wonder WHY I never wondered.

Cats, even BIG cats, should like catnip…

Shouldn’t they?

Well, except for Joseph…

He’s such a party-pooper.