Boy, that’s a bummer.


You have been waiting for this moment all week.

The time when you can get away from the job, the problems rapidly emerging in what you thought to be as your perfect relationship, the growing financial worries and the hassles of a home in much need of repair.

You woke up early just for this, rolled out of bed and hopped into your wetsuit. On your way out the door to the door to the garage, walking through the kitchen, you grab a quick bite to eat. Once done, surf board now firmly loaded n the top of your jeep, it’s off to the beach as your car radio blares you favorite tunes in your ears as you fly down the road, windows down.

It’s going to be an amazing day, you can tell by the crisp scent of air of the burgeoning day and early yet. The sun is barely breaking over the horizon, staining the ocean’s blue water a cheery orange with its rays and you pull you jeep to a stop at the edge of the beach with smile on your face.

The day is only beginning and you are alone at the beach, but then again, you planned it this way.

So it will be just you, the ocean, the sunrise and your surfboard.

Nothing could ruin this day, you think happily, pulling your board free of its bindings from the top of your jeep and off running you go towards the water, board in hand and the ocean’s breeze in your face…



There might be one thing.