Stupid Man Tricks – Stupidity of Humanity Edition!


Why is it…

In THIS (below) instance?

I think alcohol was involved…

Without actually seeing alcohol.


GIF Pure Pain








Cause otherwise?

I weep for the stupidity of humanity.

BOSS Gifs – Lighting A Candle, Edition!

This fire trick is based on how candles work. When you light a candle, the heat from the flame vaporizes the candle wax. When you blow the candle out, vaporized wax briefly remains in the air. If you apply a heat source quickly enough, you can ignite the wax and use that reaction to relight the wick of the candle.

In other words?

It’s like magic…

But better, cause you know there is no “trick.”

The “magic” is real!

Candle GIF 2015












This is how you light a candle…

Like a BOSS!

BOSS Gifs – May They Live A Thousand Years, Edition!

Man’s best friend.

They come into our lives…

Time goes so fast.

Makes me wish?

Our faithful, furry friends…

Would live a thousand years!

Dog growing in time-lapse (Rhodesian Ridgeback, from 2 months to 3 years)


This is how you chart the growth of your best pal with time-lapse photos…

Like a BOSS!

BOSS Gifs – Use It Every Day, Edition!

I love kitchen gadgets, don’t you?

Admittedly, some?

You will decidedly get more use out of than others.

Take THIS (below) gif…

Sure, it would take up a lot of counter space?

But *whispers* I would use it every day:

How to fry shrimps in just 3 seconds animated gif


This is how you fry shrimp in 3 seconds…

Like a BOSS!