Stupid Kid Tricks – A Terrible Mistake, Edition!

One has to wonder…

At what point?

The girl on the right thought:

“I have made a terrible mistake.”

Funny GIF You FAIL 1






























BOSS Gifs – Magnetic Putty Is As Cool As It Sounds, Edition!

Ever heard of magnetic putty?

Well, trust me…

It’s as cool as it sounds. (Seriously… Get you some!)

My proof?

Check out this magnetic putty time-lapse video of it devouring a rare Earth magnet:

GIF Magnetic putty time lapse as it absorbs a rare earth magnet















Cool, right? Oh, yes, this is how you play with magnetic putty…

Like a BOSS!


Stupid WoMAN Tricks – Failing With Style, Edition!

Because sometimes…

FAILS just happen.

You fail HARD.

It’s how you take it…

At the end of the day, that matters.

If you gotta fail…

Heck, do it with STYLE!

If you're going to fail, do it fabulously. THE LEG. Bahahhaha what a champ to take it so well. Go girl!


BOSS Gifs – Not Playing the Victim, Edition!


What criminals don’t take into account?

The fact that not everyone is content to play victim.

This guy who learned the hard way that he should respect women. | 38 Epic Fails That Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself


This is how you defend yourself from a stupid criminal…

Like a BOSS!

Now, whoop him, girl…

Whoop. HIM!