Stupid Kid Tricks – All On One Bike, Edition!

Quick–Q U I C K!!!

Look how cool we are, all on one bike…

Flipping you the finge–

Oops, too late.

Missed it.


Karma Instant Karma GIF -



I love you.

Sincerely I do…

You’re awesome.

BOSS Gifs – Make A Point While Protesting, Edition!

When making a point as a protester?

If the #1 rule isn’t, “Run faster than those who you are protesting against”…

It probably should be:

35 GIFs Of Individuals Who Really Did Nail It


This is how you make a point while protesting…

Like a BOSS!


BOSS Gifs – Too Cute To Suffer Defeat, Edition!

Partners in crime?


I mean, just look at those faces…

They are TOTALLY up to something.

World domination?

It’s a sincere possibility:

They know something I don't.


This is how you secretly plot world domination, with your best friend and do so successfully, because my GAWD just look at those faces, which are far TOO cute to EVER suffer defeat…

Like a BOSS!