BOSS Gifs – Old Appreciating the Young, Edition!

Young people today?

Have far too much time on their hands.

Case in point:

Funny GIF and Funniest GIFS -


And honestly?

I could not be happier for it.

This is how young people make old people appreciate said young people having far too much time on their hands…

Like a BOSS!

Stupid Man Tricks – I Think I’d Stop, Edition!

And he just keeps driving?


I don’t know about you…

But me?

If my truck is hit by lightning?

Yeah, I think I’d stop.

So That's What a Truck Getting Struck By Lightning Looks Like


After all…


Safeway to have a heart attack when on the road.

Just sayin’.

BOSS Gifs – Mother Nature Messing With Your Head, Edition!


For something so beautifully named?

THIS (below) marine animal…

Is the mesmerizing stuff of nightmares!

This is Was Found in The Ocean


This is how Mother Nature messes with your head…

Like a BOSS!

Stupid Man Tricks – A Brilliant Plan, Edition!


I’m curious, just how did the initial planning for THIS (below) stupid stunt go?

Maybe, uh…

Something like this:

Bob: “OK. I got this brilliant idea. Why don’t we get a dune buggy, attach enough hotair balloons to it, so it will go airborne, then, um… *taps chin* When it flies up in the air, while propelling forward at a high rate of speed, I will attempt a matrix flip out of the flying dune buggy, to land ninja style, on top of Mark’s van.”
Mark: “Cooool, idea bra.”
*fist bump*


That’s probably pretty close.

Just add in copious amounts of alcohol and I think that probably pretty much nails the planning process…

Don’t you?

Antarctica jumping fail animated gif