Stupid Man Tricks – Helmet Testing, Edition!

One would think…

That there could be a SAFER way to test bullet proof helmets?

Not in Russia.

[Note to self: People are crazy in Russia. Second Note to self: Never move to Russia. Third Note to self: If you do, never try on any helmets, no matter what someone may promise you.]




BOSS Gifs – Make Like Maximus, Edition!

You know…

That horse from the Disney movie, Tangled?



The horse that can do such feats…

As to make you scoff and chuckle:

“I know this is a cartoon and all, but pffft, like that is even possible!”


In real-life?

Found him!

Horse jump GIF











This is how you make like Maximus…

Like a BOSS!

BOSS Gifs – A Bit Less Taxing, Edition!

Snow is slippery.

Some have accidents while shoveling it.

While others, thanks to being sure-footed?

Have near misses.


Just me the accident, cause I think it would have been a bit less taxing.


This is how you avoid accidents in the snow…

Like a BOSS!