Stupid Man Tricks – A Trip Into the Country, Edition!

A trip into the country…

Into the forest?

Should be a nice, relaxing, peaceful event, which promotes a sense of personal betterment and a centering of physical/mental well-being.


I said “should”.

Biker loses control of bike and crashes



BOSS Gifs – Three Sport Combo Trick Shot, Edition!

What happens when you combine…

BMX bikes, skateboards and basketball?

You get one HECK of a trick shot!

BMX skateboard basketball trick shot


This is how you combine three different sports to make an amazing shot…

Like a BOSS!

Stupid Woman Tricks – Fart of Mass Destruction, Edition!

What did she eat to produce such flammable gas?

A deadly fart of mass destruction!


It almost killed her.

And everyone should avoid eating, whatever she ate, that produced that sort of gas.

It could save a life.

Girl fart fire



Stupid Man Tricks – The Socks Are Disturbing, Edition!


Black socks with a bathrobe?

That’s just disturbing.

The rest of the gif?

Yeah, probably would have been more funny if I wasn’t so distracted by the socks.

Oh my gosh!!!! I sat here for ten minutes laughing at this!! Dying!!


It’s like socks and sandals…

Socks and bathrobes?

Pet peeve.

Socks are NOT a fashion statement..

They dress nothing up, now take them the heck off!


BOSS Gifs – Gitting Back Up, Edition!

He never quit.

Despite his numerous attempts/failures…

He just never gives up.

Oh, yes…


Counts for a lot.

Never give up GIF -


If you fall down, get back up and keep trying. By doing so, you will on a personal level…

Like a BOSS!

Stupid Man Tricks – Might Need That Motorcycle, Edition!

An average man runs 8 – 15 mph.

Whereas elephants?

Clock up to 25 mph.

A fact, which makes me wonder if THIS (below) guy?

Doesn’t fully grasp the benefit of his motorcycle, considering:

Stop, Drop, And Run


BOS Gifs – Awesome Bit of Driving Distraction, Edition!

Would THIS (below) be a driving distraction?



But it would also be awesome.

There’s something to be said for balance in all things.

A Transparent Car


This is one awesome bit of driving distraction…

Like a BOSS