Stupid Man Tricks – Biker Doesn’t Give a %$^#, Edition!

Lamborghini’s can run upwards to about $200K.

That’s a lot of cash.

The fact that THIS (below) biker doesn’t give flying %$^#…

Makes this gif either really stupid (cause what if he was caught?)…

Or pretty darn awesome.

You be the judge.

Biker rides over Lamborghini


BOSS Gifs – Makes Me Giggle, Edition!


The internet is often filled with the garbage that is the majorities imaginations.

But, sometimes?

It just makes me giggle.



This is how some people are impressively inventive, to the point it makes me laugh at the oddest things…

Like a BOSS!

Animated Animal Haiku – Don’t You Leave Me, Edition!

Been alone so long
I don’t like eating alone
Please don’t you leave me…




[via lifewithdogs]Rescue Dog Refuses to Eat Alone (click link to watch video)

Bonnie is a rescue dog with a bit of an odd, but unbelievably sweet habit.  Apparently the poor dog is so afraid of being abandoned again, that she refuses to eat alone.  In the video you can see how she picks up and moves her food bowl next to her brother, Clyde.  This way, no one has to eat alone!

Bonnie was rescued from Puerto Rico.  The island is teeming with abandoned and stray street dogs.  Lucky for Bonnie, she doesn’t have to worry about that rough and tumble lifestyle anymore.

So, what does her brother Clyde think of all of this?  Well, he doesn’t seem to be bothered by his new sister.  In fact, he just keeps right on eating, as if nothing is different.

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Stupid Man Tricks – Bad Place To Trip, Edition!

THIS (below) ranks right up there…

With only being chased my a serial slasher, in the woods, wielding a machete, trying to kill you, topping it?

As one of the worst places to trip over your feet.

Wow, dude…









BOSS Gifs – Loving Your Job and OWNING It, Edition!

He saw the oncoming threat…

And Owned it.


Did this bailiff did a darn good job!

Who needs a weapon when you can SLAM somebody, right?

Bailiff Fight Owns it -


This is how you OWN while executing your job…

Like a BOSS!